The Dream

Wtf just happened.

Tonight is just so weird, so I was reading some fanfiction until I noticed it was like 2 AM and I decided to go to YouTube and listen to some music before I sleep.

It took about half an hour doing so, I don’t really remember how much videos I’ve watched and I don’t clearly even remember what I watched. Anyways it was like 2:35 AM and I got kinda tired and decided to try to sleep which most of times don’t work so I just close my eyes until it’s morning.

(Btw right now while writing this, I’m having a weird headache and my chest hurts so much like I was running of something)

Anyways as I said, I’ve put my phone and closed my eyes thinking of things that could lead me to a dream, so this is where it starts, my mind decided to make my ‘dream’ spooky, it goes like this. I was running through the woods as I heard footsteps behind me following me. Suddenly I remembered that this is all what I made up to make me fall asleep faster so why not enjoy it. As soon as I stopped running, I wanted to turn around and see who was chasing me. Suddenly I felt something smack my head and I fell unconscious, everything went black and I got so confused as why I couldn’t control my dream. I wasn’t even asleep I can still feel my surroundings and hear everything yet. I was stuck in what my mind decided to show me. So after the smack I woke up regaining consciousness and my vision becoming more clear. I could feel I was laying down on a bed but it wasn’t mine at all. After few minutes I realised I was in some operating room, only it was darker and had some kind of metallic smell which I knew it was blood’s smell. I looked around to see if there’s someone or something to help myself with but I was completely paralysed.

Suddenly someone walked from behind me and stood beside me but I couldn’t see their face. I could feel their breath as if they were right near me in real life. I was so confused and scared but that feeling grew when that person took some kind of knife and started opening my stomach. I swear I could feel every little cut they made as if it were real and I could feel the blood dripping right by my sides (if you remember, I said that right now I have a weird pain in my chest) I tried to scream but no use. I tried to move but no use. I kept feeling the pain and watching myself dying slowly.

Suddenly, I felt like something poked my back three times exactly and tapped on my shoulder then I woke up from that “dream” I was having, completely afraid and shocked. I started to check if I had some wounds but there was nothing, yet I can feel the pain in my chest and stomach as if it was open.

The story isn’t done here, I was actually even more scared about the fact someone poked my back, because when I woke up I swear to god I could feel like someone is watching me really closely and every now and then I can feel some breathing behind me.

Well, remember when I said it was only 2:35 AM when I decided to sleep? Well in that dream it felt like only 15 minutes passed because there was nothing that long, but I was shocked to the fact that when I checked my phone I noticed it was 5 AM, like how is that even possible. I wasn’t asleep for the long, in fact I wasn’t even asleep I could still feel my surrounding and it only felt like only minutes passed before I woke up.

I don’t know what was the cause of all of this, I don’t think it’s insomnia. I’m fact I think I have insomnia because stuff like this happens to me at night.

Well anyways I think I’ll never be able to close my eyes again… I just wanted a good dream ffs…