Déjà vu?


As the night grew darker, I felt hope peeling away from me as I heard my dad snore – doesn’t help when you’re preparing for an examination. I tried to mug it all up- numbers, formula, definitions – as I contemplated why this education system had turned me into a data crunching machine. So much for philosophy.

Before I delve into the series of weird, creepy events that would take place, I need you to know about my house –  yes, it took place in a house we had moved into sometime previously. It was quite a sight- a living room connected to three bedrooms, and a kitchen. The only reason I’m not mentioning the balcony is because it wasn’t involved. And again I’m hoping you’d remember this throughout this tale – the house has zero holes. You’ll know why quite soon.

So as I was crunching up everything, I heard a mew. Yes, a mew. I was quite startled, as I was sitting down on the floor – and leaning on the table, remember – and the sound came from directly behind me, yet somewhere from below. I looked at the clock – it showed 11:45. I knelled down and bent myself to take a look, but it was quite dark under the table. As I stood up and walked towards the room where my mother was sleeping, I felt a tingling round my neck. Strange.

“Ma, there’s something under the study table”, I said. Quite frankly, I felt neither scared nor afraid – just curious. And so did my mom. She lethargically rose and dragged herself onto her feet, and I followed her.

Now, there’s one more thing – there are three bedrooms, of which one is my study and the other one is exactly opposite to the study. And there’s the other room where Ma slept. So, as I followed her, we heard a mew come from the opposite room. I looked quite puzzled as she lit up the lights and moved the sofa. Quite weirdly, there was a hole under the sofa, inside of which there were two black eyes staring outside from a white ball of fur. It mewed.

As Ma took it outside, I felt the tingling around my neck again. I moved against the wall, and intuitively, peeped into the study.

There was a black hand covered with blood and hair, with nails sharp enough to slice off any neck, trying to g***e at something. Strangely enough, it was roughly at a height that would’ve matched that of my neck had I been sitting there.


Shocked as I was, I woke from the slumber. Quite a nightmare, thought I. I then realized I had an exam to prepare for. I had my books open and I started to crunch down all data I could lay my eyes upon. As they searched for information, they locked onto the clock. And then came the strangest part- as the clock struck 11:45, I heard a mew.

  • SkullNboNes

    Very interesting story, I like the concept.

    • Vikram Venkat

      Lel thank you bro. But this was a nightmare I had about 3 years ago.

      • SkullNboNes

        Oh really? That’s interesting.

  • Mr. Phase

    I like the concept, I myself have had encounters like this with “Deja Vu”. I look forward to more stories~

    • Vikram Venkat

      Sure, Mr. Phase. I’ll creep readers out pretty soon xD. Thanks a ton.

  • TheOppai_Guy

    Interesting concept but why did you censor that word ?
    Is there a policy to censor out words or something?

    • Vikram Venkat

      Thanks, TheOppai_Guy. Look out for creepier stories ;). And yeah, that’s an automatic censor protocol or something that just censors words that are too, um, “awkward”.

  • Monika Manickam

    Aw this is nice 💜