The Demon

There’s been a demon haunting me for 17 years.

This story is completely true, Read and enjoy. Let’s start with a little bit of back story, I am a 26 year old female who has always had empathic abilities I can sense energies and emotions that people and spirits give off, I can feel it as strongly as I feel my own emotions. I have been “haunted” for as long as I can remember my first memory being at 9 years old.

I woke up with cliche large black shadow standing at the end of my bed, reaching its long growing fingers out towards me when it attempted to grab me by the leg I recoiled quickly pulling my knees up to my chest I remember feeling a burning pain on my right leg I ignore it and just close my eyes tight and force myself to fall back asleep so morning would come quick.

I wake up the next morning relieved that last nights events
were “just a dream” until I saw my leg with 4 long scratches down the length of it. From then on I was hyper aware of everything around me, this is when I remember my empathic abilities starting. I’m sure they were there all along this was just the pivotal moment that made me aware of it.

I have had a million experiences since this but I’m just going to tell you of one for now. The one that scares me the most.

Fast forward 6 agonizing years later my father and mother had divorced when I was 11 my father got custody remarried and moved us into a new house. Where my brother and sister had their own rooms on the main floor and me and my two step siblings had bedrooms in the semi finished basement.

Now my father was extremely abusive. He was abusive in every way you can be, I know

what you’re probably thinking and yes even that way, that’s a whole other story. So I was extremely depressed all of the time, and I always felt that dark spirit that attached it’s self to me in that apartment when I was 9 looming over me like a dark cloud feeding on my pain, making it grow into absolute despair.

I would hear stomping in the middle of the night above my room and running up and down the stairs over and over amongst many other experiences. but I was the only one that heard these things so I didn’t bother mentioning it to anyone. As the black sheep, I didn’t want to be seen weirder than I already was.

About 6 months after we moved in my father installed light sensors into the Hallway of the basement, you know the ones that will turn the lights on when you walk by a shut

off automatically after 3 minuets of no movement. Because we always forgot to turn that light off ourselves.

So another year goes by and the activity I experienced in the House was constant but all the same so I was pretty used to it. One night I was asleep in the basement and at 3:03am I was woken up by light scratching at my door and In my sleepy haze I thought it might be my little wiener dog trying to get in until I started listening more closely and realized the scratching was up towards the top of the door there was no way it was the dog.

So I assumed my stepbrother was messing with me there was no light coming under my door from the hallway though, I assume he manually shut it off to freak me out. so I yelled out “Dan stop I’m trying to sleep” and the scratching gets harder and the doorknob starts jiggling and there’s violent banging on the door all at the same time. at this point I’m terrified it just keeps getting louder and louder and faster and faster with each “stop it” I yell out.

So I swallow my fear stand up slowly and quietly walk to my door, it’s still being banged on as I grab the handle. I take a deep breath and quickly open the door the banging stops and the automatic light turns on.

Nothing was there, no one was there. There was no where for anyone to hide and no way that sensor wouldn’t have sensed them while they were banging on my door. I quickly close the door and don’t sleep for the rest of the night. This happened at 3:03 am without fail for a week straight then just stopped. I never spoke of it to anyone.

A few months later I have a friend stay the night with me. I wake up and she’s laying next to me with her eyes wide open I ask her what’s wrong and she tells me nothing so I just go back to sleep. She goes home and Instant messages me and says she’s never staying at my house again and describes what happened and why she was awake. the same violent banging and scratching on the door had woke her but not me. She never came over again.

Fast forward another year, I’m 17 living with my mom now, my brother and sister come over for visitation once a week. My brother had moved into my bedroom in the basement at my father’s house. we somehow got onto the subject of ghosts so I tell them the story of what happened to me in that basement, since I don’t care anymore whether they believe me or not.

As I’m telling the story my 16 year old brothers eyes get big and he starts sobbing telling me it happens to him all the time I have never seen him more scared in my entire life as he was speaking about that with me and he’s definitely not the type to cry. He was genuinely terrified.

Now, I’m 26 years old and it’s getting stronger I now suffer from sleep paralysis regularly, & I don’t think it’s a coincidence. That evil thing comes to me in my sleep, I wake up paralyzed with it just standing over me I fight as hard as I can to move or scream all that moves are the tears that roll out of my eyes, and down my face. I start to panic and it makes me feel like I’m suffocating.

Then I will “wake up” again thinking I’ve woken up from the paralysis only to find out I haven’t And it will happen over and over and over again like a song that skips mid way and starts back at the beginning.

You haven’t felt fear until you’ve had sleep paralysis, it feels like being buried alive in a straitjacket, the claustrophobia of a tiny coffin closing in on you, the struggle to breathe under 6 feet of dirt not to mention that suffocating anxiety of not able to move or do anything about whats happening to you.

Sometimes it will just stand there at the end of my bed, or I will feel it shake the bed violently, or it will pull my blanket off and grip my ankles tightly like it’s going to drag me somewhere, but almost all the time I hear it speaking my name over and over and over in a low raspy almost growling whisper.

I know it’s not me just dreaming because when I do wake from it I still feel it there. Taunting me. Waiting for the day it’s strong enough to execute whatever it has planned for me.

If you have any suggestions that might help me get rid of it please let me know. I’m getting desperate.

  • Jhokerion

    Contact the one that goes by the name Necron

  • E. J

    Why not put a cross around your neck

    • Rose Liner

      It didn’t work.

      • Dathan Tillman

        Find Jesus and quick

  • Rose Liner

    You’re not alone.

  • Puddin Tane

    Your punctuation needs a lot of work. This was hard to read although I could kinda see where it was going.

  • Mylifestory

    Find and investigation team like a ghost hunter or something. If you don’t what to, you can find someone to do a retual to make them go away.