Frown Fox

“Tap Tap”

“Tap Tap”


“Who could that be?” I asked in a tired tone, raising from my bed.

“Allyson, be quiet and go to bed!” My sister, Lana groaned.

“Alright, but if I hear it again, i’m going to tell mom.” I said, slouching back into my bed, pulling the covers over me. I dozed off into the night.


I woke up to the sound of the pots and pans clattering in the kitchen downstairs. I rose from my bed, rubbing my baggy eyes. As I was about to head downstairs, I looked at my window. The window was…dented, only a tiny bit. It was as if some one was tossing rocks at it. I leaned in, scanning the surface dents. “What are you looking at?” Lana asked, curiously with a stubborn tone. I jumped, turning around. “Lana.. have you been throwing rocks at the window..?” I asked, lifting an eyebrow. As she made her bed, she looked at the window, then at me with a questionable face. “Nope, probably some acorns or something?” She said, walking out of the room. I rolled my eyes, walking out of the room with her. We both walked downstairs and to the dining room. As I entered, I pulled back a chair and sat, then scooting my self towards the edge of the dining room table. Lana did so as well. My baby brother was sitting on his baby stool, splattering syrup around with his small hands. Mother walked in with two plates in each of her hands, as she set each one in front of us. I sniffed deeply, closing my eyes. “Mmm, French toast and bacon..” I said, sniffing. Lana looked at me with an odd face, then dined. I opened my eyes and dove in.


I wiped my mouth, pushing my plate away from me. “Finished!” I said, burping. Lana ignored, swiping through her phone as she stuffed pieces of french toast into her mouth. I picked up my plate and walked towards the kitchen. I dipped my dish into the sink and washed it. I began Whipping my hands around, drying them as I walked out of the kitchen. Seeing my father, I walked up to him, pecking his cheek. “Hi Dad, how are you?” I asked. “I’m okay Ally.” He replied, scuffling my hair with his hand as he walked passed me. I walked upstairs and into my room, closing the door. I sat on my bed and looked out the window. The sky was grey, just how I like it. Something caught my eye, as I looked down the corner of the window. A fox was looking directly at me, not breaking eye contact or movement what so ever. I stared, covering my mouth in shock. The fox was hauntingly 7 feet tall, his paws having sharp claws digging into the grass to keep his balance. His fur was riled up, it was black too. His face looked like he was frowning, since it bright white upside crescent moon laid below his trout. His eyes cried for help, as they stared into my soul. He then revealed his teeth, giving me a big gaping bloody smile. His razor sharp teeth thirsts for blood. He sprinted away into the forest. We lived far from the suburbs so there weren’t a lot of houses in range, only trees far as the eye can see. I thought about the fox for the rest of the day.


“Tap Tap”


“Tap Tap”


I tossed and turned, groaning loudly.


“Tap Tap”

I rose out of my bed, annoyed. The room was dark, but I could navigate where to go with the help of the moon light. I rubbed my eyes as I walked towards the window. I opened my eye’s and couldn’t really see anything in front of my since my pupils weren’t adapted to the brightness yet. I squinched my eyes until I was able to adapt from the brightness. I opened my eyes. The fox stared at me, his teeth dripping blood onto the window. His hot breath blowing onto the surface of my window. I fell to my knees, screaming and crying. Lana woke up and ran to my side. Usually from all the horror movies I’ve seen, I thought once Lana looked up there would be no wolf, because it would always disappear but surprisingly, Lana saw the fox.  She held me tight as she screamed for our parents. They burst into the room scanning us on the floor then darting their eyes at the fox. Mother held her mouth in shock as my dad held her shoulders, not believing what he was seeing. We stared at each other not knowing what to do in the heat of the moment. The Fox jumped off the roof area where my window was and ran towards the woods. “It’s going to come back.. by the look of its eyes, it’s going to kill us!” Lana said, panicking. “She’d right dill, we need to move now.” Mother said in a serious and quick tone. “I.. I saw it earlier today..” I stuttered,  I couldn’t find my voice because I was trembling so hard. “Were moving first thing in the morning, we’ll pay extra for the moving people to pack our clothes for us..but I am not staying here for another minute.” She said, running to her room. “Lock your windows and doors, and get some rest..” Father told us, before walking out. I locked my doors after he left and closed the curtains. I pushed my bed next to Lana’s and slept next to her, having her comfort there calmed me as I slept. I looked the closed curtains and saw the dew of recent hot breath. I closed my eyes hard and turned around facing the wall.


I woke up from the feeling of being shook over and over. I looked up and saw my mom. “Let’s go, the cars packed, we’ll send for our furniture.” She said. I got up with Lana, and walked downstairs. I passed the living room and outside towards the car. The sky was grey like usual. I got into the car still barely awake. Mom sat in the passenger seat, as we waited for dad to come out of the house. About 5 minutes passed before my mom became inpatient. She got out of the car to check where he is. I looked and Lana and she looked at me. “Wh..” My mother screamed from the inside. I looked at Lana with a gaping mouth. I saw mother sprint towards the car as fast as I’ve ever seen her run. “WHAT HAPPENED?” I yelled. My mom turned on the car and stepped on the petal with no hesitation. She had tears in her eyes and she looked unstable. “Mom please talk to me, your scaring me.” Lana said, her voice shaking. “YOUR FATHER AND YOUR LITTLE BR-BROTHER…THEI..I..R DEAD.” She managed to say, breaking down as she drove at fast speeds. My eyes widened. Everything was happening so fast I couldn’t process anything. Lana looked through the back car window and screamed. The fox was charging towards the car as his mouth gaping wide. His long claws dug into the concrete as he ran towards our red Chevy. “MOM IT’S COMING!” She screamed, trembling. I hugged her. I felt our car come to a complete violent stop. Mother crashed into a tree out of panic. I looked at mom, that was barely conscious. I saw a claw stab into her stomach, dragging her out of the car. “RUN, PLEASE RUN!” She yelled, as she was dragged. Me and Lana looked at each other and got out of the car. We saw the fox tear our moms head off as we ran. I ran for my life, tears in my eyes, my voice trembling, the feeling of being chased overcame me. I heard my sister call my name and I turned around. She tripped and couldn’t get up from her massive trembling. I had no choice, I saw the fox sprint towards her.. I had to keep running. The sounds of my sisters screams and agony as her flesh being ripped open, caused me to trip on the floor.  I couldn’t get up.. what;s the point? I can’t be running my whole life, especially now that my family’s dead.. I’d rather die then live with out them. I heard the fox’s massive claws dig into the concrete as he approached me. I trembled but managed to show no fear. The fox slowly got into my face. We were face to face for a while.. He huffed in my face and dug his claw into my chest. I felt the life being drained out of i grew weaker and weaker. His frown was the last thing I ever saw before dying on that curbside road.

  • Pilar

    This was pretty awesome 😃

  • Clowa Jeske

    Holy hell, the description of the fox had me scrambling to cover myself with my blanket. At first I thought this story wasn’t going to be good, but damn this ones pretty good.

  • I Giggle

    Was not expecting that ending holy crap!

  • Creepypasta queen