Be Careful What You Wish For

Dying Light is a great game. I loved the parkour mechanics, the combat system, the overall survival feeling, but the most exciting aspect was the night. When the night comes and the sun is disappearing over the horizon, game’s difficulty goes to the top. Especially if you’re a low level. I’ve reached the highest level possible so killing Volatiles isn’t the hardest thing to do. After playing for about 70 hours, I’m still not bored and I want to play for a little longer. I sometimes wish that I could go out in the night and kill some zombies, but only if in case of my death I will wake up in my bed the next morning and everything will be as it was. The thing that happened that night, that one night, I will remember for the rest of my life.

I usually wake up in the middle of the night because my body demands water, so this time I didn’t suspect anything to be different. I came downstairs, poured some water in my glass and looked out the window while drinking. I immediately saw that my garbage bin was lying on the ground with all the things inside scattered around. I sighted and said to myself:

“Well, looks like I have to go… for f**k sake…” I dressed up, came up to the lying bin, set it as it was and put all the garbage inside. After doing all of this, I heard a scream. A loud, demonic scream from the end of my street. I got goose bumps all over my body, but being an idiot that I was, I decided to hide in the bushes outside my gate, instead of going back inside. I sat there for like 5 minutes and didn’t saw anything. Then I heard another scream and I saw it. A tall, human like creature slowly walking through my neighborhood.

It had yellow, glowing eyes; massacred mouth, and was naked. Its skin was bloody and looked like meat from the butcher’s store. I felt like fainting from fear, but I tried not to. It walked past me, growling and looking around every second. For a moment I thought it will discover my hideout and kill me. It walked 2 houses away and decided to go into the third. When it was pretty far from me, I started rushing into my house, and closed the door. I’ve put all the curtains on my windows and got upstairs.

From my bedroom, I had a decent point of view of what was happening. I was looking through my window for like 10 minutes, but nothing happened. Eventually, the creature walked out of the house with body of my neighbor. It started eating it. I felt like throwing up but I’ve braced myself and didn’t. I called the police. Obviously, I told them that there was a psychopath with a knife that killed my neighbor, otherwise they wouldn’t believe me.

After 20 minutes, 3 police cruisers arrived. They started shooting this thing but it was absorbing bullets like they were peas. I think you figured out what happened with the police officers. There was nothing else for me to do other than escaping. I packed most needful things and got into my car. I started the engine, opened the gate… and saw the most terrifying thing in my life. The creature was running towards my car, screaming like hell.

I pushed the gas pedal hardest I could and drove out of my neighborhood. I got to my parents house and told them what I saw. I stayed with them for like a week, recovering from what happened. Then, I got the rest of my things back and moved to a different state. When someday I got back home from work, I decided to play Dying Light and realised that this creature that I encountered looked exactly the same as the Volatile from the game. I still play it, but the memory of that night will always be in my mind. And as they say: “Good night, good luck.”