The Darken Dreams – 1

Jamie was up at night. He couldn’t sleep after what happened earlier. His parents were still fighting. They didn’t love each other anymore. Jamie was about to fall asleep when all of a sudden… BANG! Jamie was frightened yet he still found the courage to see what happened. When he opened the door he saw his dad lying on the floor. His head lay in a pool of blood. Jamie’s legs began to quiver in fear. His mom looked at him and said, “Don’t worry honey daddy’s just um… just sleeping. Go to bed now mommy has work to do.” Jamie knew his mom killed his dad but knew if he tried to avenge him her meet the same fate. He opened his door and played in his bed unable to sleep due to his experience.

The next morning Jamie had to head off to school. When he arrived he was greeted with the friendly face of his best friend Ashley.

“What’s the matter buddy,” asked Ashley.

“I don’t wanna talk about it,” Jamie quickly responded. Ashley has beautiful green eyes and usually wore a purple shirt, accompanied by torn jeans. Jamie always felt happy around her. Suddenly the bell rang and Jamie had to go to class. He always had science first so he went there with his textbook.

“Sorry I’m late,” said Jamie.

“That’s the 4th time, one more and I’ll have to give you detention,” responded Mr. Krows. When Jamie sat down he was next to Eric. Eric was a Mexican with short hair and dark green eyes.

“Look who showed up,” chuckled Eric.¬†Jamie acted like he didn’t hear.

“Now class,” Mr. Krows began, “you’ll want to add salt, water, and chemical 92 carefully not to mess up mistakes my cause injury.”

Jamie was good at paying attention but Eric always made him mess up. “Look lamo an eagle is outside,” Eric lied. Jamie being a fool looked to see it as Eric added another chemical that caused it to light fire! “AHHHH,” screamed Eric in pain. Mr. Krows tried to grab the fire extinguisher but he slipped hit his head and fell unconscious. Jamie felt like it was all his fault.

“GET THE EXTINGUISHER!” yelled a student. Finally they put it out Eric wasn’t recognizable anymore due to his 3rd degree burns. All of a sudden the bell rang and a few employees checked Eric as the students went to lunch.

“Hey, I heard what happened,” said Ashley.

“I feel like it’s all my fault” frowned Jamie.

“Hey you’re a good guy but I don’t know who did it still, I know I’ll do d out who though,” Ashley declared. This made Jamie feel better. All of a sudden the speakers turned on and the principle said, “Due to an incident school is canceled for the day you’ll have make up work tomorrow.” Ashley was happy school was canceled but Jamie knew had have to face his murderer of a mother.

End of story 1

  • Puddin Tane

    This is really bad. Your sentence structure, grammar, and punctuation all need work. I dread reading part two.

  • Daniel Di Benedetto

    Yeah I’m sorry but this has to be a troll. I can’t tell what grade Jamie is in. When it started out, I thought he was like seven years old because of how childish he acted and the way his mom treated him, but toward the end it seemed more like he was in middle school? Unless you were trying to make a seven year old girl sound attractive. This was funny as hell if it was meant to be, but if this was for real… Uh… needs a lot of work…