The Bone – The Beginning

Way before the events that took place on January 6th of 2020, the bone wasn’t what you thought it was. It was a much more darker story than anyone could stomach.

The year is 1693, the year of the Salem witch trials, one witch survived every torture method the villagers tried. Burning at the stake, hanging, even a shot to the chest… everyone was confused.

“WHY WON’T SHE DIE!!!” screamed and angry old man.

“Why deary? I cursed myself with a spell where I’m the only one that can take my life,” said the witch.

So how do you kill a witch that’s immortal? Know one knew how… until one villager whispered to another…

“Why don’t we just force her to end her life?”

So for the years ahead, the men creeped, annoyed and tried everything to get the witch to end her life… to no avail.

One stormy night, the witch fell ill like she couldn’t stand, and barely eat. She decided to end the pain along with a ritual before she bled out due to her slicing her throat.

The villagers thought she would come back and kill them all, so each of them cut off a hand and a foot, including her tongue. So if she did come back, she wouldn’t have a literal foot to stand on. What they thought they stopped, only decades later made stronger and much more angry.

Flash forward to an auction down in Texas. The man was bidding off an old box sealed with candle wax. A man, by the name of Carlis Stokes, bought the box for only $200. While on the way home, the box started to whisper.

“Open… open please.” For some odd reason Carlis thought it was him thinking about it. Once home, he proceeded to open the box. Once open, a scent of foul, disgusting, decrepit odor filled his house.

There was nothing in there but dead flowers, chicken bones and… a playsize bone. Later that day, cops were called to Mr. Stokes residence. Once the police entered, written on the wall in the man’s blood; “open… open… open”

Flash forward to a few weeks.

A man is walking in the rain with his dog…

  • Tater Nugget

    Still not a great read, but have to give the author credit for trying again.

    Keep writing!