The Blood Creation

Blood… Blood… There is always so much blood surrounding me. It lurks in my shadow and pours along like drops of rain wreaking havoc through every aspect of my life. I’ve come to a realization that my existence in this world is to inform the human species a fact. The very matter — in which our bodies are full of — is capable of far more treasures, and we’re a lucky beautiful self-creations. Simply put this as the basis and resurrection of what legends and entities are made of. The story in which you’re about to read isn’t for the faint of heart, or if you will… unbelievers.

It all started on a dark highway road. One spooky night when I, the hitchhiker, discovered the carcass of a coyote with its blood drained, bubbling, and mysteriously flowing to the other side of the road. It then settled levitation, molding, and shapeshifting into the very things I fear and naturally hide. Instead of running away, I cautiously watched in terror as the blood rained down. Bright-shaded of matter that lit both sides of the road, and at least fifty feet in both directions. The shape was off a fifteen foot demon with long hair, covering the blood and horns on the head, feat, and ribs. ‘How?’ I thought to myself. ‘Why I was on a dark highway sixteen in Louisiana at three a.m?’

My spouse kicked me out a little after one a.m that night. So how is this carcass of blood turning into a paranormal demon of some sort? Then, just as I stood paralyzed ready to scream, I was silent with legs shaking and still stiff as a rusted chain. With every heart-beat pounding within my body was what seemed to be more strength given to the demon, I thought to myself, ‘Three a.m, the devil’s hour.’ My prayers to satan were more than answered, as it was in fear of his power would spare me in death. I was wrong. I sprinted forward. In ten minutes of staring and shaking, not one vehicle passed. It would literally be a marathon of hell — I was twenty five miles from my parents’ house. I was 25 years old yet I began to run out of breath already.

I looked back and the demon was on my a*s. Then, it suddenly disappeared and reappeared in front of me, elevating my entire body and sent what looked like headlights through my spine… my soul. I saw in what one could imagine in a dream: a beautiful garden. And then, after viewing the scenery for a brief minute, darkness fell in every direction around me and Satan himself torturing my mind with the years of my past. When suddenly, chains ripped through his veins and wrapped around me, breaking in my flesh, staring at me in laughter. I realized it was either all to real or I was dreaming, because at that moment, after burning lava poured down my throat, I awoke on the side of the highway next to the carcass I spoke about earlier. Blood puddled around me in the shape of a pentagram, while I watched bewildered as the demon was still in front of me. It didn’t need the blood anymore.

I laid there. The coyote arose to life, boney and ill-looking. The demon drained into the coyote and both took flight into the night. Healthy as a horse was the coyote. Suddenly, headlights blinded the horror night. A vehicle came speeding then slowing to a stop. The driver asked if I was ok. I realized I was still laying on the pavement. I then asked for a ride to Franklinton where my parents were located. He agreed. Then lost in thought during the thirty minute ride home, I suspected that indeed I was in a ritual. Satisfied with the fact that I was still alive, I then wondered who I can tell this story to. I wondered who would even believe if I managed to relive the horror of the journey if I could muster the willpower to express my tormented soul.

  • Detective Creeps

    Ok, so a few things. Keep in mind I say this to help you as a writer, not to be rude. To start, I like the idea. I think that with more editing, your creativity and vocabulary are there. However, either proofread, run your story through Google docs and scan for suggestions, or have someone edit for you. Punctuation was all over the place, there were redundancies like then, I, ect. The story is there, and I like the idea, but your writing need some fine tuning. Please don’t stop writing, just perfect your craft. Hope this helps, and hope to see a new story. 🙂

    • Matthew Hendershot

      I appreciate your input and will continue to perfect my craft this was my first story and it shows I will improve and will be writing an original soon hope to hear from Yu again thanks…

      • Detective Creeps

        Ok good. And thank YOU for taking my criticism as it was intended, and not as an attack. Lol. I get negative critique as well, and it actually makes my day because now I can write better.

        Can’t wait to see the next one! Message me anytime.