The Woods

Giggling, laughing, screaming. That is what I hear in my head. I see blood or is Kate’s tears? I’m in my white cell alone… for now. It’s been 10 days since it happened. Since I was put in this asylum and, it’s all because of the woods.

My name is Alice Velvet. I was your average blonde hair and bright blue eyes and I’ve been an orphan since I was 3. My father left my mother and I when I was 2. My mother died from hanging herself soon after. It was Halloween and Mississippi air was thick that night. My friend Kate and I decided to go on a walk in the woods off the path.

“This is going to be fun!” Kate giggled fixing her dress, we were both 16 but Kate still acted like a child sometimes.

“Yeah,” I piped half heartedly.

We started walking to the woods. “This is not a good idea,” hissed the voice.

We walked for 2 hours and then we realized we were lost.

“Great we’re lost!” I groaned frustrated.

“Oh no,” whined Kate.

“This is your fault!” I exclaimed with rage.

“No I-I…” Kate stuttered fearfully, “did you take your medication today?”

I take medication for depression and bipolar disorder but the voice says I’m just fine.

“I DON’T NEED MEDICINE!” I screamed enraged,

Kate jumped back terrified tears streaming down her face. “Please calm down,” she whimpered timidly.

“I-I I’m sorry Kate and no I didn’t…” I whispered ashamed.

Kate, still shaken and scared, whispered to me, “It’s okay, let’s just keep walking.”

We walked for another hour and we talked about small things like how Jim got adopted and Mrs. May’s cat died.

Kate looked worried like something was wrong. “How are we going to get back home?” questioned Kate.

“That’s not our home-” I breathed gritting my teeth. Kate was a good friend yes but she didn’t understand the orphanage was NOT our home, it was a prison, a place where you can never leave and you’re alone forever.

“Oh but we lived there together all our lives,” Kate cooed happily.

“That’s because no one wants two teenage girls… No one wants us,” I said grimly. Kate looked depressed now, I hated seeing her like that, but she has to understand the truth; we were unwanted. The only one who cared is the voice and she has to, no, she will understand one way or another. As we walked I started to giggle yes… giggle.

“What’s so funny?” Kate asked giggling a little herself. My giggles turned to laughs and I was laughing like a mad woman.

“I-I want to… die-” I laughed tears rolling down my bright red cheeks from laughing so hard.

“What?” Kate squeaked horrified.

I went silent for a little bit, you know thinking out my life and what I’ve done and if people would miss me. Probably not, turns out I was silent for ten minutes and didn’t hear Kate calling my name, “ALICE!” She screamed trying to get my attention.

“Oh… sorry I was in a daydream…” I whispered sad to be lost from that wonderful daydream.

“Kate is too perfect,” grumbled the voice, “she must go.”

My heart was broken, my life shattered and my sanity gone forever, tears rolled down my face.

“Maybe if we…” I thought, “Yes- that would work, tonight… Will be my… no our last night…”

“Alice, are you ok? You’re crying,” she wondered.

“I’m fine, you know I’m your best friend right, and I only want what’s best for you right?” I chimed.

“Of course,” she cooed.

I started to cry and grabbed my dagger and walked slowly to her and I-I.

It’s been 10 day and I and sit alone with her, they say she’s dead and that I killed her but that’s not true.

“See, say hello Kate.” Alice says sweetly. Something says hello, but that’s not Kate, it’s something terrifying, something that will horrify your never-again-pleasant dreams. Something that when you close your eyes she’s there. Something that you look from the corner of your eye. Something that is moulted and dripping in blood. A dagger in hand. Something that is right behind you. You can feel her breathing on your neck. Don’t turn around… don’t turn around… now… turn around.