The Bag Man

Today on unsolved mysteries and true crimes we will be looking at the 15-year-old case of the kidnapping and murder of Charlie Kim a 23-year-old woman now let’s get into the story

The following digital diary turned over as evidenced from the victim’s family

Help me oh god this guy in a black jacket with in a paper bag mask is standing outside my house with a knife thank god looks like he left I’ll keep you guys updated.

He’s back I called the police okay they showed up they said they didn’t find any one.

He stood outside again but the police didn’t believe me so now I am setting up cameras.

Holy s##t he broke into my room I was looking through the footage and for half an hour he was over my bed watching me then he just left I’m calling the police.

Oh my god he broke into my house I managed to fight him off and oh god I smashed the top of his mask then he punched me took his mask and ran I couldn’t get a good look at him

This was the last message found but more were possibly delete we will be looking into it.
This is Redacted I am posting this online to see if any one has any further leads.

Deleted diary entries have been retrieved by the phone company but they were partially corrupted.

I am going into protective police custody hopefully I will be safe.

This woman never made it to protective custody they found her body 3 weeks later with a brown happy face drawn on her mouth and eye lids the liquid used was found out to be her own blood taken from her throat which had been cut ear to ear the coroner’s report says that her killer cut her jugular and hung her so she wouldn’t have any blood left in the body then the killer used the blood to paint the smile. It was found earlier that on the victim’s door step the rest of the blood was painted into a message for the police the message said you’ll never catch me that was 15 years ago.

Well thank you for reading my blog on unsolved mysteries and true crimes see you all again soon.

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