The Daughter V. The Tracer Ch. 3 “ENDING”

Warning: This series contains multiple Creepypastas. If you believe this will anger you from the author using Creepypastas that they do not own, or the author using these characters in their own vision, you should consider not reading this. Also this series has the origins stories “The Daughter” and “The Tracer”, and it is highly advised that you read those first, if haven’t doing so already. Thank you, and enjoy.

“It is admirable for a man to take his son fishing, but there is a special place in Heaven for the father who takes his daughter shopping.”
-John Sinor

November 17th, Age 6

The sky was clear on the morning when the little girl awoke from her slumber. The sun came slowly through the balcony window… illuminating the dark red room. The little girl had awoken at an early time, just after the sun had risen. Of course, to her knowledge, the king was already on his throne.

Jane had ran to her Father’s office to see him already reading over the daily paper. She smiled the widest smile as she landed next to her father. “Father! Guess what day it is!”

David looked down to see his little girl… his only child… why he awoke in the morning. David smiled, tossing his daughter onto his lap. “It’s your birthday, obviously! I would never forget my daughter’s birthday.” He loved his daughter with all of his heart… he loved his wife… he loved his job. He was loved by everyone… yet just like I… he had met pure tragedy.

Breaking news poured through out the state. The wife of David Flynn, Eliza Flynn, had died in a car accident. David Flynn… the man who was loved by everyone… had suddenly… grew… cold. His workers began to complain of his behavior, yet not to his face. He worked more… to work his pain away.

He blamed his daughter… because superstition and losing his wife… didn’t mix. His superstition took over him… since she died… on his daughter’s birthday.

The manor grew dark and melancholy. It all just felt so… empty. I could feel it… and what he had turned into. His daughter had seen what he had turned into… making her forget all of the happy times. She had thought all of those happy memories… were nothing but dreams.

I stood in that manor… watching everything fade away into nothingness. I watched his daughter… slowly fall apart. I watched as… she slowly turned into an image of myself.

Who am I? Some of you… might be wondering that… and you have a good mind to think that. My name… shall be revealed by the end. So… sit back… relax… and let everything unfold.

“Love is like an hourglass, the heart filling up as the brain empties.”
-Jules Renard

Her neck felt sore. Her shirt and tank were torn. Her pants were on the floor. Her eyes filled with tears… as she stared out into the dark abyss. Her hazel eyes grew puffy… her nose became laden… and from her waist down… she was numb. Her jaw ached as the inside of her mouth filled with cuts of some sort. As she ached… all she could do… was sit in a chair.

If you haven’t noticed already… our dear Jane Flynn… has just been through… the darkest three hours of her life. Jane gritted her teeth as tears fell down her cheeks. “Father… Father! FATHER!!! PLEASE!!! I WANT TO GO BACK! I WANT TO GO BACK! MOM! PLEASE! Please…” She held onto her hands as they wrapped around the seat. “I miss you…”

She held onto her breath… “All of you…”

“SHE DID W-WHAT?!” Toby slammed his fist into Jane’s desk as Sally sat across from him, shaking. “I’m…sorry Toby… I shouldn’t have let Sis go out on her own like that. I didn’t think… it was that serious.” Toby growled, holding onto his legs. “Not serious? M-my partner is out there… with t-that beast who shot her in the f-f*****g torso!”

Toby stood from his chair, turning back to the door. Sally grabbed his arm, trying to get him not to leave. “You aren’t just going to leave for her, are you?” Toby quickly pushed Sally’s hand off of him, turning away from her. “I’m not taking the g-glory of beating that b-b*****d up all for myself…”

Toby sighed… walking out of Jane’s room. He held onto his sides as he walked. Rage filled his eyes as he gritted his teeth. “I’m going to kill him Jane…” He looked up… with anger. “F-For you…”

“There are many ways of going forward, but only one way of standing still.”

“Are you alright?” I turned to her, hesitant at seeing Jane’s face. We sat next to each other on the couch, sharing headphones as we listened to musical soundtracks… which only Jane was interested in. I was never good at talking with her. She asked me again… more serious. “Toby… I’m serious. You seem… off today. What’s wrong?”

What can I say? No matter what I tried… she always saw right through me. She noticed my red nose… puffy eyes… and shakiness. I always wondered how she could spot things like that. I sighed… taking my earbud out of my ear.

“I… have a c-cold…” “Why wouldn’t you tell me?!” She shouted back… obviously worried. “I… didn’t want you to w-worry.” Jane rolled her eyes. “I know you’re numb and stuff… but are you numb in your brain as well? As your partner, it’s my job to make sure that you’re taken care of.”

Of course… she took my temperature and fed me soup for an entire week… like an idiot. I never knew why she stuck around like that. What was so special about me that she had to stay? All I knew was that… there was a reason why I stayed… for her.

And… most people… would kill me for this reason.

The silent and distant sound of dripping water filled her ears as she stared down… almost emotionless and detached. Her hands still were bound together by rope; tied to a chair. She felt… stuck… blank… dead.

The slight sound of tapping and steps echoed to her right. By now… she knew this sound all too well. She could sense a crooked smile… from a mile away. “Hello… my little princess.” A familiar hand touched her shoulder… making her dread what was going to come.

The feeling in the room made her shiver, yet this wouldn’t be the first time. The figure walked around her chair… sitting in front of her… revealing his smirky little face. Max… the only other person in her life. The person… who she was stuck with.

The person… who took her pureness to his grave.

“Come on, Jane… talk to me. I’ll give you a kiss if you do.” Jane lifted her head slowly… holding onto her sanity. “I don’t want any kiss… at least… not from you.” A slight anger grew in Max’s eyes. He didn’t react, surprisingly. He simply sighed… turning his head a bit. “So,” he began, “since we’re on that subject… why don’t we talk about the person who ‘took’ you away from me for a while.” “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Max chuckled… Standing up… starting to walk around her chair once again. “Really? I don’t like lies, Jane. I can see it in your eyes. You love someone… someones… who aren’t me. Hmm… let me guess. How about… the one with the carved smile?” Jane flinched by the very mentioning. Max growled. “A reaction, huh? I’m sure… we can go… farther.”

Max growled… sitting on Jane’s lap… staring down at her as he wrapped his legs around her. “How about… the one who ticks and is retarded beyond belief?” Jane began to sweat bullets… for it made her shake just from this monster mentioning them.

“Oh? Starting to get nervous? Perhaps I can go EVEN FURTHER?!” He grabbed her cheeks, holding her face in place as he looked down into her eyes. A crooked, yet angry smile formed on his face as he whispered…

“The secret. The one… who you feel sinned of loving. The one… who you are ashamed of loving. The one who… dare I say?” He chuckled… leaning into Jane’s ear. “The one… who you are forbidden to love, not just by the group… but by society itself. You wish you could go back in time… and be born different… just so you could be with him. Guess what… society and I… say to him… that he can f**k himself… yet he shall never do the same to you… at least… not like I do.”

Max leaned back… with a sadistic smile on his face. He leaned back… by the site of Jane crying in front of him. Max chuckled… still holding onto her cheeks. He sighed… with a wicked look in his eyes. “I’m doing you a favor, Jane. It is prophesied… you know?” Jane looked up… staring Max in the eyes. “What is prophesied?” Silence filled in the gaps.

Max smiled… letting out another breath. “The seed of evil himself.”

Everything stood still in the dark and reticent room. A single bed sat in the middle… with the only life… which felt like for miles, sat on that very bed. Pills scattered across the floor and dressers… and a mask laid next to a broken soul’s face.

This soul… was Timothy Wright.

I am sure… that you know who this man is… don’t you? If you don’t know who he is… well, his life is a sad tale, indeed. If you remember correctly… the ending to his tale… than you are probably questioning as to why he is here. Dear readers… I am afraid that you will need to wait for that answer.

Tim stared upward toward the ceiling… in utter boredom. His dark bangs almost covered his eye now… since he would rather only see the world in one eye. He stared up toward the ceiling… almost dead looking.

Knock, knock, knock. Someone began to pound on the door outside. He didn’t want to stand to answer the door… at the moment, it seemed like too much labor. The knocking continued with a voice after. “Masky! I know y-you’re in there!” From the stuttering, it was obvious who was beyond the door.

Tim growled… grabbing his white mask; covering his face. “I’m not coming out…” Toby sighed… holding onto the door handle. “It’s… about Jane.” Toby nearly jumped back at the sight of Masky opening the door. Under his mask… you could not see his expression. Even though he could see nothing… Toby could feel the intensity in Masky’s eyes.

Toby smiled… holding onto his side. “I’m… g-guessing you’re in.” “Shut up and tell me what’s wrong… and don’t make me kill you.” Toby nodded. “Alright… just… try not to freak out.”

“Love all, trust few, do wrong to none.”
-William Shakespeare

I was doing fine. I was getting better. I… was better. I don’t know why… I woke up in a bed… perfectly fine. For some reason… I woke up in a bed, up and ready for murder. Sorry… I never was good at explaining things.

So… I was top rank. I didn’t forget anything anymore. Although… some things… I wish I did forget.

It was a normal night. Everything was fine until… I met her. The master comes walking in with a teenage girl with long white hair. I remember her shy smile so vidily. A weird sense came over me once I saw that face. It was almost like… I don’t know. I just felt like I needed to protect her.

The master assigned me and the ticker to watch her and teach her everything that we knew. Toby showed her how to defend herself and attack. I showed her how to have fun with the job. I never really was a fun guy… considering everything that was wrong with me. For some reason… that little sport changed the way I look at everything.

It was almost like… she was a daughter or a sister to me. Maybe I was like a weird uncle to her? That kid shared her deepest secrets with me. She told me things… that she couldn’t even tell Master. Even after all of that… she never mentioned her illnesses to me. She never mentioned… anything to me.

And… she doesn’t know anything about me neither.

It was cold as usual… even with Max standing in front of her. Jane continued to sit in that wooden chair while Max stood in front of her… sort of off in his own little world. He paced back and forth… almost unknowingly. It was almost as if… he was paranoid or unaware of his surroundings.

“M-Max?” Max quickly snapped out of his daydream… turning toward his little princess. He smiled nervously… almost like a troubled kindergarten kid. “Yeah, Jane?” He almost seemed… worried… distant… concerned. It was weird… because it worried her.

“Max… are you alright? You seem shaky.” “Shaky? I’m not shaky. I just… didn’t get enough sleep last night.” Max turned away from her, avoiding the subject. “Just… get some sleep, Jane. I know you must be tired.” Max began to walk away… leaving Jane under the single light bulb. He gripped his fist… until he stopped in his tracks. “It’s this ‘seed of evil’… isn’t it?”

Max turned his head back to her. She held no tears or concern in her eyes. She seemed… quite calm. Max lifted his hand… covering his hair with one hand. Max sighed… walking back toward Jane. “Yeah… it is. He… just won’t leave me alone.” “Leave you alone?”

Max continued to shake… looking almost terrified. “Yeah. He haunts my dreams sometimes. I wouldn’t say dreams… more like visions. He always wakes me up and says to me… ‘The end times are near, child…’ and all of that.” Max sat next to Jane… looking almost distraught. “He talks to me. He told me about you… and led me to that bar. The bar where I met the woman… who claimed she heard about a murder on Lover’s Hill. Reassuring me that… I was in the right place.”

It wasn’t entirely the story that frightened Jane. What frightened her was how normal everything felt in the moment. Max went from obsessed and insane to… scared and lonely. It was almost like… the old Max was shining through.

Max sighed… grabbing onto his hair. “The seed of evil shall spring open from the world. The seed of evil shall take a prize with him… a prize only known as… ‘the last flower’. He will take his prize… and leave without a fight… well, unless he needs to.” Jane sighed. “You sound like a conspiracy theorist… like the old days.”

Max turned to her… almost confused. “The old days?” He had been this monster for so long… it was like he forgot who he used to be. It was honestly… quite sad… even for Jane.

Jane sighed… turning toward him. Jane smiled slightly… remembering Max’s cute little face. “You know… the good old days. You would always watch horror movies before me. When we watched the movie together… you would tell me when it was going to get scary… so I wouldn’t freak out.”

A slight tear fell down Jane’s cheek. “You would call me when I was feeling down. You would pay for breakfast because you knew I didn’t eat… because I hated the way I looked. You would always FORCE me to smile when I was crying! You would… make me little notes in class… which always read out… ‘it’s alright… ‘… and make some stupid joke afterwards!”

Jane quickly turned to Max… who sat next to her. “Max?” Could it be? Could it have been real? She gasped by the sight of… a single tear rolling down Max’s cheek. “M-Max?!”

Max jumped out of his stance… almost tackling her. It was so quick and blurry. She closed her eyes, preparing for what was coming. Suddenly… she felt the feeling of lips touching hers. There was no air… there was no gap in the middle.

She could feel the air reaching back into her lungs as the lips tore away from her. She could feel breathing run down her neck. Her heart began to pound and race. She didn’t want to open her eyes for some reason. She stayed still… not wanting to move. Suddenly… a pain took over her.

“͇͖͉̠͐̆̒̇̀͋̍ͅOͧͦ͑̔ͯͭp̙̻ͫe͂n̊̄ ̣̬̪̮͋͗y͉͓̱̬̬̜̮̿͂̑ͨȏ͚͙͉̆̇u̳͍͔̱̯̥̫͐͂r̤͒͑̋̉ ̣͈͔ẹ̪̿y̰͙͖̗͑͒e̝̯̳̪͇̤s.̔́̏͆̍̑̚.̭͚͓̱̤͗̌͛̅ͯ̽̏.͐ͬ́ͥ͋ ̝̰̞͔͉̏̉̾m̳̌͊͗͂̊̅ͯy̜̰̠̻̼̜͐ͦ͐ͭ̑̚ ̻̬̹̠f̺͓̗ͭ̃ͪ̍ͥl̞͔̺͖͖̈́̑̒ͫ̂ô͙͈͒̂̋̐̈w̮̫̻͇̥̱̐er̗̼͙͌.̟̭̪̳̟͒̾̍́.͍̄̒̑͛̓́.͍̻͕̎̋̚”̽

She quickly opened her eyes to the sight… of Max… with pure… black eyes. A crooked smile formed across his crooked face. The darkness set into her eyes. Tears came pouring from her eyes uncontrollably. “Max?!” Max… kept a crooked smile upon his face. He continued to lick his sharp teeth in front of her. It was… t̝̺͔͎͎̖͙ẹ̦̰͔r͎̣̭r̜̝͔ify̳̗i̬͚̤n̟̭͙g̯͍̥̩̗ ͕̹̤͙̣̳

“̦͕̝̬I.̯.͎̙̲̩̤͔ͅ.͇̟͚̹͍̱ͪ͌͐͊̈̋̾ ͇̝ͩ̊a̖ḿ͙̹̤̣ͯͩ ̘̼͇̤̝͖̊̌̊̑̐̂n̘̖̞̋̆o̺̦̫͚̱ͤ͐͑̈́̉̊ ̳ͧ͋ͨͯ̉l̍ͮő͎̦̰͚͕̺ͨͅn̖̰̹̭̩̙͐̔ge͈͇͖ͯͅr̉̀ͦ͌̌ ̻͐y̏o͔̱̠̫̰̙͙ͧ̿̊̄̽̐̂u̫̙̲̯̠͈͙̎r̘ ͚̱’̥̳͖̤̫ͬF̱͇̪̻ͭ̄̑̄Ṛ̩͍͍̾̾̈̈́̈ͨ̈́Ḯ̜ͥͬ̑E̮̰͍̬̼̞̺͆̽͛̏̑͆N͈͚͈̝̗̊͛D̤̠̥̺̑̐’̘͍̘̖̣̮̻̆ͬ̈̿̀!̘̦̦̩ ͉͈͍̘̞́͛̈́ͅI̞̖̦͈͗ͤ͂̊̉́̈ ̮̦͗́̋ͪ͛ͯ̚Ȁ̒͛̎͂Mͦ͋ͫ̒̋̈ͦ ̽̂̅Ǹ͙̖̯̭̙ͩ͛Ö̰͉̦̻Ṯ̝͓͈̲ͦ̑͋̓́͑̋ ̼̃̅̓ͯ̊Ŷ͇̪̤̦̀̅ͯ͊ͫ͊ͅO͔͔̅́U͈͈͌͐͑R̘̬͇̼̩̳ ̣̖̯̝ͪ̿̔͂͗͊P͍̙̹̈̇Ȃ̩͕̦̅̓ͭ̃̒Ṯ̝̻̰͙̖̱H̘̺͇̖̬̗̭E̓̿̈ͮT̠̥̦̤͕̔ͤͬ̉̿ͅI̩ͬ̎ͮ̀̈́C̠̗̭̜͇̈́ͭ͌̓ͦ ̺̻̬̭W̩͖͇̩̹͖̳ͭͦ̐̆ͩ͗A̖̖̱̤̙͂͒ͥ̉̆͂S̰̭̭̖̝̰͑ͅT͇̹̼̭̭̄̉ͦ͒ͭ͊͒Ȅ̙̖ ̠͐͒ͥ̈́͊O̥͎͙̦̲̭̠ͭͤ̀͌̔ͬF̦̌̅̂ͥ̽ L͖͉̮̝̦͙ͫ̈́̈̊̊ͅI̹̣͑̇ͮ͂͆̅F̯̭̘̘̬ͯE͖͍̭̼̬̣͚!̺̦̑̇”̥̱̜̫͙͛̌̌̉̈́

He put his cold hand over her cheek… sending chills down her spine. His eyes illuminated with a single red pupil in the middle. It was almost as if… his eyes were the only light in the room. He grabbed her hair… pulling it back. She growled as a single tear fell down her face. “Who… are you?!”

The figure smiled his crooked smile. He crookedly opened his crooked eyes. He bent to her and whispered his crooked whisper of…

“͖͍͙̼͖̼͍ͭ̀̈̿͛̏̅̉Ź̤͔̜ͯ͆̇ͮͦͣͬa͚̮̘͖̪̳̩͐̅͆͌ͫ͂ͭͨl̩̰̖͕͛ͤ̄̽͒̚g͍̬̜̤̬̜͕ͥ̒̆̾o̘̺̭̘̫̗̻̓̏ͩ͐̚.̱̟̤̹̿.̱̭̺͔̗̿̀.̩̜̣̥͓̼̇̌͌̄ͩ ̰͙̫͕̬̃̈́̈́̓ͫ̚H͈ͧ̏͗E̻̰̋͐ ̤̆́̏Ŵ̱̻͎̬̖̙ͮ̐H̯͔̩͇̥̙̱̀͋̂̃̍ͬͩ̏ͅO̯̲̳͎̼͍͎̿̃ͭ͂̒ͨ̈͊ ̮͔ͨͦ́̍̽Ẅ͎̥̻̦͎̫̆̉ͨA̠̣͖͈͈̩̮͛̉̇́͂̚I̲̮̞̼̯̍͊̏̅T͓̦̙̥͉̦́̽ͤ̓͊̑S͈͎͖̼̘͐ͅ ͖̗̖̰̠ͬ̈́B̦̥͉̠̳͓̫̦͋̂ͧ̐̍̓ͮE͙̠̠͔̻ͩͧ̌̽H̱̙̝͕̫̝͍̤͑̓̽ͪI͈̠̰̻͎͈̝͌̊ͥ̄ͦ̅ͤ̚N̯̙̞͎̳ͮ̔ͬD͓͖̜̟̣̮̾̅̍ͭ͆ͭ̓ ̹̪̖̠̙̿Ỷ̱̪́̑O̟̤̜̩̻ͩ͒͐̐U͈̹̹̼ͥͮͯ̂̾̆ͅȐ̬̬͎̈́͐̚ ͍̮̲̼ͨ͊̓̾́͑ͦͦW͇͖̪͑ͭȂ̟͔̬̭̦͙̗͉̰̾L͈̯͈̬̒̽͆ͭͅL͙̊!̮͉̣̜̹̰̥̉̉ͣ͛̊ͫ̓”̠̯̞͊ ̤͇̬͐̒

A scorching scream emerged out of the figure, sending him backwards. He held onto his head as he looked down, stomping his foot. “Get… out… OF MY HEAD!” Max’s voice sprung from his body… sending chills down her spine as he held onto his hair while looking down.
His breathing grew heavy. He shook his head… trying to calm himself. In the matter of minutes… Max lifted his head back up… his body… as stiff as a board. Jane watched as he didn’t turn back. He only stood there… his back to her. “Max?” He didn’t move… for he only stood his ground. “MAX! MAX! Listen to me!”

He didn’t move… he continued to stay in place. He was like a statue. “Max! Max… please… I need answers! I can stop this, Max! I can end this! I just need to find the Ammit! Please… I’m begging you…”

Max sighed… turning to his side… walking away from her. “Goodnight, princess.” As he began to walk away… Jane began to shake in her chair. “Max!” She yelled out for him. “Please don’t go! MAX!” Once again… everything went silent.

She could feel the sun begin to rise. There were no windows… yet she could just feel it in her crooked bones. Her eyes grew heavy as she sat in that God-forsaken chair. She felt empty inside… almost dead.

Everything was taken from her. Her first kiss… her dignity… even her virginity. All of it was taken… just from one person. It was happening again. All of those happy memories were erased of her father… and now it was doing the same for Max. Max? Her best friend? Was he really ever a good person? She honestly couldn’t tell anymore.

So there she sat… in a chair… waiting for her to die somehow. Even I… felt her pain. So… as she sat there… and as the sun began to rise… she felt… a feeling she had not felt in a long time. She had felt… failure. It felt as if her heart was about to break into three equal pieces.

So as Jane sat there… almost dead and defenseless… she stopped her tears and simply said. “You were right… Father. I was a mistake… all along.” It truly was a cruel thing to say to someone. Yet… to herself? To have come this far without anyone… it just wrong to have given up now. Even if she felt guilty… she sat there… accepting her fate.

Yet as she sat there… dead… something took over her. It was as if… dare I say? It was as if… something… someone had brought her back to life. “Hello… Jane.” She slowly began to lift her head. Do you know what she saw? Could it be? Did her eyes deceive her? There in front of her… right in front of her eyes… she saw a wonderful yet awful sight. There she saw the devil himself… her father.

He had a smile on his face. This wasn’t no ordinary smile. This was the gentlest smile… a human could probably possibly ever conceive. Jane blinked her eyes… making sure if she was going crazy. To her surprise… no matter how many times she blinked… he was still there.

Jane sighed… turning her head back toward the ground… ignoring what was in front of her eyes. “You’re not real. You’re just a vision. Since I’m off my meds… I’m surprised that I haven’t been seeing dragons.”

David sighed… looking down at Jane. “I may or may not be real. I just… want you to listen to an old man’s word.” Jane sighed… looking up toward her father. It was almost like he was glowing. It was as if… he was being bathed in God’s light.

Jane held her breath… holding back tears. “Listen to you? All of those years I stood by you… and yet you treated me as if I was dirt on your designer boots. Besides give me a room to sleep in… what have you ever done for me? What have you ever done… that wasn’t for your image?”

David nodded… almost in slight agreement. “Yes… after your mother died… I was a different type of creature. Jane… don’t you remember anything before that? I showered you with everything I had, Jane. You were… our princess.” Jane scoffed… tossing his words aside. “Really? I don’t remember such a time. All I remember is all of the screaming and yelling. Everyday… I loved you. Everyday… I would beg you to listen. Everyday… you just got worse than what you were before.”

David sighed… grabbing onto his other wrist. “I’m sorry, Jane. I disappointed everyone I knew. Eliza… Elizabeth… Jack… you… everyone. I trudged over everyone for my own feelings. You can never forgive me for what I did, and I know that. I just… I just want you to know something… whether you believe me or not.”

Tears fell down David’s face. He was crying? If this was Jane going crazy… how would her mind make such a thing?

David growled under his breath… holding onto his arms. “I know that I only s**k the blood out of people who don’t deserve it. I know… that I was an awful… man. I know I treated you like garbage! Jane Elizabeth Flynn… I loved you! I loved you with all of my heart, even through all of those tough times! I don’t care if I was replaced! I want you to live and love better than I EVER did!”

His eyes were like crystals… forming into the prettiest of gems. “I want you… to show the world just how amazing… and talented you are! I want you… to do that… and prove the old, corrupted me wrong. I want you… to run back to… to your real family.”

He sighed… grabbing his eyes… concealing his tears. “The ticking partner… the masked troublemaker… the smiling pervert… the childish ghost… the eyeless cannibal… yes… even the commoner boy. All of them… were there for you… when I wasn’t.”

It was true. He was crying in front of her. Tears fell from his miserable little face as he grabbed onto Jane’s shoulders. “Leave this place. The image of me from before… that wasn’t me. That was only my form of anger. Forget about me… forget everything about this place and what I have done. If you don’t do that… then in death… neither Elizabeth or your mother will be satisfied with my actions.”

He lifted his head… kissing her on her cold forehead. With that warm kiss… her dead eyes began to fill with light once again. David began to turn away… tear stricken… leaving Jane in her chair… with tears in her eyes.

She felt her heart again… her breathing… her very soul had come back to her. With her last bit of strength, she yelled to him, “Father!”

With shock… David turned back to his daughter. His long white hair glistened along with his perfect white suit. Along with his attire… his tears and smile shined along with his God’s light.

“Yes… my daughter?” Was this really happening? Was she… really crying for her father? She looked down… before looking up again toward him. With a broken voice she cried out, “I’m sorry… I really am. I’m sorry I killed you in cold blood. I’m sorry… that I let you go to my head. I’m sorry… that we couldn’t find a way to settle our differences. I’m sorry… that I wasn’t a good daughter.”

David chuckled a soft chuckle. He sighed as he stared out at his beautiful… wonderful daughter. With the last of his strength… he smiled. “No matter how much you change… no matter how much of your identity is altered… you will always… be my daughter. You will always be… the best daughter that a father… could ever ask for.”

David smiled his beautiful smile. With a slight nod… he turned away from her. Their eyes disconnected… and it felt like a thousand oceans had flooded into Jane’s eyes. “Father? Father!” David didn’t turn around. He simply continued to walk. “Father! Please don’t go!”

In the distance… his glowing aura began to fade away. It was true… he was gone from her sight. It was true… she wept under that tiny light bulb… for the person who she had once hated.

With her final thoughts… she grabbed onto the rope which bonded her to the chair.

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I remember it so clearly. The sun began to set once again on this marvelous day. Max… the sinner… was feeling a little down. It was… Q̼͓͕̘U̟̰͔I̥T̺̰̪͕̬̞E͚̩̺͉ ̣͕F̠̖̞U̘͚N̬̯̤͕͇N̥Y̜… well… at least to me. So… there he was. He felt SO down… That he needed a little princess to keep him company.

So… there he went. He came walking on into that little torture room. As he opened the door… and began walking toward the little chair… he stopped in his tracks. His heart stopped when he realized… his little princess wasn’t there.

His mind began to wander. Was he going crazy? Was he insane to the point of no return? Or… D͖̼͉I̬̰͈̗̩D̼͎̻ ̖̩͉̦͎ͅT͚̞̳̬̝̹̲͈ͅH̞̝̼͔͇̰Ḙ̫ ͙̥̤͎̰S̤̣̺͇͈͍̻E̤̞̪͚͎E͈̣̹D̠̙̠ ̘̮̮͓̹C̫̮͇̫̦̯̪L̟A͙I̖͕̥M̝͍̦͕̜̞̬ ̗͓̬̝H̬̰̖̙̼̬I͍̬̬S̰̼͓͇ ͉̦̗̼͕͙̖̳ͅF̭̥̠̘L̳̱̹O͇̖̫̩͇̱̺̼W̭̬̝͇̝̝͈ͅE̥̮̩̙̝͇̠R͇̠̹ͅ?̲̬͎̗̗͇̰ͅ!̤̦̯̱̭͕̲͔̜

What was he to do? Was she in the shadows?! Was she behind his back? COME ON, MAX! I’M WAITING FOR AN ANSWER! YOU WOULDN’T WANT YOUR LITTLE PRINCESS ESCAPING! YOU NEED TO FIND HER MAX! Heh…D̲̠̟̖̼̲͉o̞̖͚͖̗̙̜ͅn̲̱͖͙̟͍͙’̜̫͈͔͚̮t̖̜̤̲̙͕̲͙ͅ ̝̤̙̹͉̮͇̼y̝̻̩̲̻̮̲͍o̜͖̭̻u̩̗?̳̗͈̱͖̮͖͓

He stared outward in panic. His heart began to race. So… as he stared out into the distance… As he… STOOD THERE IN MY UTTER PLEASURE… he stopped… as a single voice whispered…

“Goodbye… old friend.”

A single bullet escaped a pistol behind him. An aching feeling shot through his shoulder. It hurt like hellfire. For a split second… You could see the bullet escape his shoulder.

The aching feeling overridden all other possible emotions. The feeling… was even more painful for the person behind the trigger. Max quickly grabbed onto his shoulder… running in absolute pain. Pressing the green button on the wall, the garage door flung open.

With the garage door open… he began to run away. His arm began to swing back and forth… unresponsive to his brain’s commands. Turning around… in the distance… he could faintly identify… white hair.

The sun began to set over the world. The clouds from the North came rolling in… yet ever so faintly. Max continued to run… all of the motions going through his head.

I knew you could do it.

Let’s stay this way forever.

Stand right there… don’t move. And… got it! Nice picture!

Meghan again? Don’t worry Jane… she’ll get what she deserves.

I missed you Max… please… never leave me again…

He suddenly fell to his knees as the blood continued to pour from his shoulder. He couldn’t breathe… since he had ran SO far… out to the middle of this dirty road. He held onto his shoulder… grinding his teeth together in pain.

In the distance… somewhere beyond the wall… soft piano music rang inside our ears.

A faint sigh could be heard behind him. He stopped… sad… yet relieved… at the exact same time. The sound of a gun cocking filled his ears… making him sigh also.

“This is just another game of tag.” Max sighed once again… before turning his head to see his princess… Jane… with a gun in her hand. He shifted his body… now facing her. Jane smiled… with tears pouring out of her gentle eyes.

“This is just… a game. All of this… is a game. All of this will end with us… falling asleep at a sleepover. Just like usual… you’re going to fall asleep first… and I am just… going to join you later in life.”

It almost put a smile on his face. Remembering everything… everything that came before. “All a game? It was like that all along. Life is just a game… and in this match… I’m losing.” Jane shook her head. “No… I am!”

Max shook his head… avoiding eye contact with her. “Really? After all I did to you? I took everything away from you. I don’t want to be known to your kids as… ‘your first’… And… ‘your worst enemy.’” Jane shook her head. “No… you were my best friend.” Max chuckled… a tear falling down his face. “Same difference…”

Jane smiled. She tried to hide her tears… yet she couldn’t. The angels’ music… the orange and pink sky… the green grass beside the gray road they sat on… how could she not cry?

Jane sighed. “You know what’s coming, Max. Please… make it simple.” Jane pointed to the ground with her gun. “On the ground, Max… please.” He didn’t say a word.

There was no fighting or arguing. He did as he was told. He struggled… but he got on his back… looking up at the orange sunset sky. Uncontrollable tears fell down Jane’s face as she sat on top of his torso.

Max chuckled… almost hazy. “Ever get the feeling of dejavu?” Jane rolled her eyes… sending out a laugh. “Max Himura… Are you seriously making a r**e joke?” “We always did like dark humor.” Jane nodded. “Yeah… We did.”

Max sighed… as the setting sun casted over his face. “Is it… really ending?” “Yeah… it needs to be this way. So Max… any last wishes?” Max sighed… looking toward the sunset. “I… want you to take something off of me. I… Want you to take my coat… And whatever is inside those pockets. I don’t want to be put in the ground or turn to ash. All I want… is to die out here… with God’s sun casting over my face… just like your thoughts always did for me.”

He began to choke on his own words. “I want you… to die in a bed… with the love of your life next to you… holding you as you take your final breaths. Can… you promise me that?”

Jane smiled… tears rolling down her cheeks. Her face became red from all of the tears… along with her nose filling up. She sighed… holding onto the gun. “Of course, Max…”

Max chuckled. “I’m also sorry we were friends with benefits.” “You are making this a lot harder than what it needs to be.” Max sighed. “Fine… I’m ready…whenever… you’re ready.” Jane frowned as she held onto the pistol in her hands. Jane sighed… crying as if she were a waterfall.

His eyes… were like pools to her. So deep… so deep that she worried that if she fell in… she would never want to come back out.

So… she cocked the gun. Staring into his hazel eyes… he held onto her cheek with his other good hand. Now… everything was forgotten on that day. And I am sad to say… That the only person who knew about the tragedy… has died.

So… as she stared into his eyes… she smiled… remembering her friend. And with a final glance… she held onto his hand… and smiled…
“And with the power vested in me… I pronounce you… the greatest friend… or lover… or maybe friend with benefits… that…I have ever seen. And… I love you… Max Himura. May God… or Satan… treat you… like you would have treated me. I hope… they treat you like royalty.”

Tell me reader… have you ever lost a friend? Have you ever… shot them dead? Have you ever tore a coat off of their corpse? Have you ever… walked away… leaving that corpse behind as it laid dead on the ground as it began to rain?

Max Himura’s dead body… laid dead on the ground as Jane walked away… with a trench coat on her shoulders. The cold rain fell on her shoulders as the cold wind of change blew over her head.

Reaching into the trench coat pocket… she chuckled. A single picture rested in her hands. A single boy… with a guitar in his hand… just being himself.

It made her chuckle to see it. So… she walked into the distance… leaving her old friend behind.
Wait… you thought it was over? You ACTUALLY thought there was a happy ending? I’m sorry… but I still haven’t revealed the biggest secret of all.

In the center of the rain… she could faintly see a dark figure. Walking closer… she could see the true antihero of the entire story. In front of her… stood a tall… gray… scary… ugly… dark headed beast with black eyes. There stood a demon. There… stood… me.

She stopped in her tracks… knowing exactly who I was. She sighed… holding onto her sides. “Igno…” So… she stared at me… and I simply nodded back.
“Hello… dearest.”

“I don’t want to do this!” “Stop being such grump! I need something for the scrapbook!” She continued to push me… all for a picture. It was quite weird coming from her. We… were twelve. We were going into Junior High. It was all… a lot of pressure.

With a slight sigh… I smiled for the camera. “Wow! This turned out really well!” I loved her more than anything in the world. I love her with all of my heart. I loved her… with the biggest heart.

Reader… please… don’t be like me. Don’t corrupt the person who you love the most. Don’t… die on her. Don’t lay the world on her shoulders. Don’t force her to… be something she is not. Don’t… be me. I trust you with her heart and soul… and very being.

My name… is Max Himura… and I hope you find someone… just as amazing as her.

TRACK #17: “His Ending Fall”

“Echo – Jason Walker”

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