The Artist

I wake up to go hang out at your house. You are a good boyfriend. I love you and I believe you love me too. You do so much for me. I think you are an amazing guy. Talking with you in the morning is wonderful. You have no idea how much I love you. You are always there for me. I am in my room getting dressed. Underpants are not the only thing I need, I need a shirt, bra, and pants as well. Trees and birds are chirping as I look out my window. Why is nature so happy? It is weird to me. I get in the car and drive over to your house.

I want to do art today. My canvas can be your body, my paintbrush will be my knife. It will be fun, I do art on myself all the time. Maybe we can paint each other. I would find that to be very nice. Your body has the perfect curves and contours, a perfect canvas for my artwork. I want to do my art on your skin. I want to paint my love words on your body. Will you be my canvas? It will show my love for you… People don’t like when I make art on myself. I think it is beautiful and it gives me so much energy and I feel like nothing can stop me. It is taking more and more artwork to keep this energy flowing.

I can’t stop. My art makes me feel so good. When I do my art on others it feels even better than on myself. It is such a strong, beautiful feeling. I never feels as energized as when I’m doing my artwork. I haven’t let you know about the art, I guess I should be more open. I keep my art to myself because people already look down on me when they see the art on my arms and face. People never seem to like my art. I don’t know why. I think it is beautiful. I love your body. Tomorrow I will turn you into a piece of art.

I wake up the next morning. I get my paintbrush knife and start drawing a beautiful picture into your body, it is a wonderful piece of paper. You wake up and start screaming. You can’t move because you are tied to the bed. Once when we were kissing you told me you like being tied to the bed. I am only doing what you like. After you realize you can’t move you stop screaming and just lay there. I paint a heart on your skin because I love you. The paint is such a bright, beautiful red. I am going to draw a puppy next. Dogs are your favorite animals. I love watching the paint drip down people I have done my artwork on. I can’t stop. Their blood is so beautiful. It is so glossy, it makes the perfect painting medium. My art gives me such good feelings… I feel so energized when I see them struggle. It feels so good. I truly love painting.