The Apocalypse

The pain of losing someone through this disease was tough, but what was hard is making sure they stayed dead, and that meant shooting or stabbing them in the head. That was hard, watching my family go through that sickness, dying and then coming back alive, as different people. What would you do differently if your entire family becomes zombies? What would you do if they try biting you, so that you can become one of them? to be honest, I wouldn’t have changed anything that I have done because they should rest in peace, instead of fighting with everyone and trying to get them to join the apocalypse. Not me, I will fight and fight until there’s no dead person walking the earth.

Today I watched my daughter, my very last family, turn and my heart broke. Not just because she turned but because I have to completely kill her. That killed me inside, but I cannot watch my five year old, going around turning others into zombies. I had to do what needed to be done and that was shoot her in the head. I cried hysterically, with my best friend comforting me and telling me that I had no choice but to do it. But what if I did have a choice? What if this is just a bad dream?  I just shook those questions out of my head and went to bury my daughter. I may have killed her, but she deserves some respect, and I will give that to her.


“James!” I heard screams, waking me up from a peaceful sleep. “James!”

“I’m awake, John. What is it now?” I asked, rubbing the sleepy out of my eyes and pulling myself out of the bed.

“The zombies are pushing through the gates, what do you want us to do?” John, my best friend of three years, asked. I let out a sigh and placed my hands on his shoulders.

“We have to get out of here, and I need you to gather everyone before they get through the gate. Okay?” I said, rushing over and waking up my pregnant girlfriend. “Come on baby, we need to get out of here.” I whispered, helping Grace out of the bed and placed a hand over her swollen belly. “Zombies are pushing through the gates.” I said, seeing her eyes bolt open and she started to panic. “Sweetie, don’t stress yourself out, that will cause you to go into early labor and we don’t want that,” I replied, walking her to the bus and laying her down on one of the seats. Then helped everyone else pile up on the bus. After making sure everyone was on the bus, I told the man who was driving, to go ahead and go.


Throughout this journey, Grace gave birth to my son, and others died. No matter how tough things get, I will continue fighting until every dead person isn’t walking the earth.