The Final Plague

Throughout all of history, mankind has been in constant warfare with bacteria, viruses, parasites, and all other microscopic creatures driven to infect a host. All though mankind has come with cures for illness provided by said bacteria and viruses, some cures have still not been made to stop deadly certain deadly microorganisms such as malaria, HIV, Ebola, and Tuberculosis. The year is 2019 and currently, it’s the end of the world.

Today is a normal average day just like any other, the sun shines through the blinds on my window in my room, and the morning birds singing. It would be a beautiful morning to sit on the porch and watch the sunrise… except the time is 7:00 am and my alarm is waking me up for school. I’m tired as hell and I don’t want to get up, so normally I don’t see the beauty in bright early sunrise and the sound of the birds isn’t very pleasant to my ears. However its a school day, a Tuesday to be specific and I have to get up non the less. I slowly get out of the bed like molasses falling off of a spoon. I put on some jeans, a t-shirt, my usual hoodie, my socks and shoes, and now I’m ready to go. I get my stuff and head out the door, walk to the bus stop, look at the time, walk back home realizing the bus doesn’t arrive for thirty more minutes.

I decide to have breakfast even though I normally just eat the school cafeteria breakfast, and sit down to enjoy a nice quiet (except for the birds) morning. Until the rest of my family gets up, and the house becomes chaos. The TV is turned on to the news for my mom and my younger siblings are yelling and running around. So I finish eating and wash my dishes, so I can head out and leave. As I’m leaving I hear something from the news about a new sickness spreading. Peaking my interest, I go to check it out and see what’s going on. To my surprise a fast growing virus with similar symptoms to the common cold is going around. The only difference to this new virus and the common cold is that the new virus doesn’t give people fevers, and head aches.

This new virus honestly doesn’t seem very newsworthy, so there must not be anything interesting to report. One thing that does appear odd is that over half of all people in the united states has contracted it. I shrug it off and head to the bus stop, wondering if I’ll catch it. I wait about five to seven minutes and my bus arrives. I get on the bus and sit on the only seat left available near the front. I would try to sleep on the way to school but the other students are constantly talking so it’s nearly impossible. Today, however the bus was filled with coughing and sneezing, I come to realization of this when the person sitting behind me sneezes on the back of my neck, absolutely disgusting.

About half way to school I notice the chaos outside the bus. A convenience store is on fire and people are running around with a variety of items. I then get chills when I see people dead lying all over the ground, blood and guts everywhere. There’s no way that this is real, it’s impossible. I scream and cry out to everyone on the bus, but when they look out they see nothing and think that I was messing with them. I shake off the bad feeling and tell myself that convenient store fires happen all the time, but it doesn’t explain all the people dead so it could have been a shooting. When I get to the school tons of kids are sick and coughing and sneezing all over the place. I come to find out that they were all sent to school because they didn’t have a fever and for whatever reason the other symptoms were ignored by their parents. That’s when I remembered about that new virus the news was talking about.

The bell rings and I head to my first period classroom, biology. Sickness is all around me, and I’m surprised that I have caught what’s going around. I enter the classroom and take a seat, soon after my teacher stands up and begins a lesson of ancient deadly virus sealed in ice caps. What a coincidence considering that a new virus is being spread around. The lesson continues on, and I learn that these ancient viruses that have been discovered frozen in ice, could eventually one day melt and spread. A deadly virus never to have been in contact with human beings, and without cure. If said deadly virus were to be leaked to today’s world it would wreak havoc and could possibly lead to the end of the world. One of my classmates asks how the virus could spread to the world, and my teacher suggests that it could be brought in from an excavation team, any people or living creatures that come in contact with it. That gets me thinking, what if this new virus is something ancient, but it doesn’t seem to be deadly.

The silence of the classroom and the teachers lesson was interrupted by the sound of giggling. That giggling soon turned into hysterical laughter, and the student cries out that something is tickling them and it won’t stop. Almost immediately after saying that the laughter stopped, and what followed was way worse. Suddenly the student’s chest burst like an explosive had been set to blow, their eyes began to bleed and then collapse, they threw up blood and all sorts of other things. As soon as the mayhem began it ended, or so I thought.

People everywhere were experiencing the exact same thing and if the blood even touched your skin then you’d be infected. The school went into immediate locked down and everyone was trapped inside with nowhere to go. Where could you possibly escape in a school with tons of infected and dying students? Maybe the teachers bathrooms or a storage closet, but as long as you are by yourself. Other people are a risk and could get you infected so it’s best to stay away from them. Signs of infection is coughing sneezing and cold like symptoms except for a fever, and then is followed by gruesome death. This is the last I write because my allergies are acting up and I don’t want to sneeze on the paper. If you are reading this, and are somehow alive, good luck don’t give up on hope like me. Everyone I know and love have been wiped by this plague.