Beyond The Light

So before I share my tale with you I just wanna say how sorry I am, I could have never expected things to turn out this way nor could I have foreseen what hell would be unleashed upon the world. The horrors I have seen have mutilated my mind, I have enough sanity left to only write this as an apology letter to the whoever reads and you will know how this darkness fell upon us all.

I had recently moved to a small town in Alaska which will remain unnamed to protect those that live there although I doubt they will be safe anymore, I had gone through a very tough time in my life and I need a fresh start away from all the b******t of city life and through some miracle discovered this town that seemed perfect but I should have known that if something seems to good to be true it probably is. It all started a few days after I had finally got settled into my new place, a hard knock came to my door in the morning, as I open the door I see no one standing there but someone left a package at my welcome mate, it seemed odd considering I hadn’t even lived there for a week. I take the package to my kitchen table and open it, I find a completely black orb or ball or something with some odd markings lined around the object with a note nestled underneath it, it reads “hello newcomer welcome to our little slice of heaven please accept this as a peace offering, we think you will find your stay here an interesting one” with no name or return address to trace the package to I never found out where it came from but I would later discover I never wanted to know.

As the day slowly descends into night strange noises and muttering begin to emanate from the dark corners of my house, I just think I’m hearing things but I was so wrong. It was around midnight that I hear a loud bang come from my kitchen, I was asleep at the time so needless to say it scared the s**t out of me so I went to investigate. The orb was still on the table however all the furniture was now on the ground, plates and all kinds of stuff from my kitchen lay strewn about on the ground “what the f**k happened in here?” I think to myself, did someone break in? Just to mess my house up? That doesn’t make any sense suddenly I hear an indistinct voice emanate from around the kitchen, it sounds like chanting or something in a dialect completely foreign to me, something is definitely off here. The chanting becomes louder and louder to the point where it sounds like someone is screaming out loud, my heart is racing, where is that voice coming from? Then I see it, a faint shimmering light is being emitted from the orb and I now realize that the chanting is coming from the orb to and before I have any time to react the orb radiates a blinding light and I suddenly blackout.

I awaken to a still darkness blanketing the room, I can hear a low growling noise coming from the other side of the table “who is there?” I demand, two piercing yellow eyes begin to shine out the darkness “I must thank you, you have done what no one has done in a very long time” it speaks with a shrill, sharp voice, it barely sounds human at all “what are you talking about? I haven’t done anything” I exclaim “you accepted our offering, you brought it into your home and thanks to you something beautiful will happen”. The beings words fill me with a sense of dread and despair “who are you? Tell me right now!” For a few seconds all I see are those eyes in a silence that seems to last forever “I am the darkest nightmare made flesh, I have come to swallow the light and shed an everlasting blackness across your world and it is all thanks to you my friend now I will you show you what true suffering is” suddenly the eyes bolt toward me and I blackout once more.

I awaken again in my kitchen and when I look at the table I realize the orb has vanished, was it all a dream? It must have been that couldn’t have been real. Something feels different here, I don’t know why I didn’t before but it should be night but I can see light coming in but it’s a strange color I need to see what’s going on and what I see I was not prepared for. The sky is a black, smoldering void now, the ground is lined with mutilated bodies and is stained red with the gallons of blood that has been spilt and I can see a massive creature off in the distance, it stands well over the mountains. As I write this I am being hunted by the otherworldly beings that now roam our world, life has all but vanished save for a few pockets of people and the horrors that trample the corpses in their wake, civilization has fallen to ruin and our world is now a grotesque playground of horror.

To whoever finds this I am so sorry for the suffering I unleashed, the only helpful advice I can give is that I discovered that these beasts came from somewhere beyond the reach of light and that it is possible to send them back but as for how I am unsure and I don’t know if it would even be worth it considering there is barely anything left of humanity, maybe it is time to let go of our world because it is not our anymore, it is theirs. I can now hear a demonic growling from all around me, they found me and it is time for me to meet the fate that I brought on this world, I  truly sorry for what I have done.

  • teresa robinson

    It’s a really good story but the structure and grammar definitely need work! You have a lot of run on sentences and grammatical errors that, if fixed, would really make this story stellar. Next time read your story out loud to yourself and when you finish a thought, put a period there. Keep up the good work😊

  • Nancy

    Good story, it needs punctuation correction.