The Angel

Elizabeth was young, yet beautiful. Her mother loved her, and helped her learn to read, and taught her to always be kind.

Her father, who got drunk very often, left her every now and then to go to a bar and get drunk with his friends.

He would come back, a sobbing mess every now and then, and Elizabeth would help him, even if he was rude.

Elizabeth would spend time with her mother and one day, her mother came down with a fever, which the doctors could never do anything about it. On her mother’s funeral, her father didn’t come, so it was only her.

When she drove home, her father was laying there, dead… She broke into tears screaming, “Daddy!”

Elizabeth had to take care of herself. She refused to be put in a foster home. She was already 14, so she could take care of herself.

Elizabeth walked to school, it was a nice morning and she felt happy about herself.

Elizabeth was still upset, but she wouldn’t let it ruin her day. Elizabeth walked to her class, she sat down drawing.

Elizabeth saw everyone walking in, she stopped drawing.

Elizabeth waited until one hour later, she got up and walked out of class.

Elizabeth walked out of the school for a break. She walked into park, but something was strange. It was so quiet and it was only her, she ignored it and sat down reading.

Soon as she started reading, three men were standing in front of her, one of them had dark hair and a black jacket. The two others had brown hair, and a black jacket too. The black haired boy looked at her with a smirk, “Hello there little lady, what’s your name?” Elizabeth looked at them, “Why do you need to know?”

The black haired boy looked at her, “Well, I was wondering if you wanted to have a little ‘fun’.”

The two men grabbed her and they ripped her clothes. She couldn’t scream because one of the boys covered her mouth.

The black haired boy smirked evilly, she was half way naked.

As she closed her eyes, she heard the men scream. She quickly opened them and saw her best friend Liliana and she started crying, “Liliana!”

Liliana hugged her, “It’s okay, it’s okay,” and Elizabeth looked at her, “No it’s not!” she yelled.

Liliana helped her in the car, “Let’s get you to the hospital.”

Liliana drove quickly to the hospital.

Elizabeth and her made it. A few moments later, they said Elizabeth was fine. The men didn’t do anything to her yet. They just ripped her clothes. The men got away though.

Liliana drove Elizabeth home, “See? You’re fine.” Elizabeth looked at her and stayed silent.

A few days later, Elizabeth never went to school for four weeks. They wondered where she was. Elizabeth stayed home and would cry feeling like it was her fault that it happened.

Soon Elizabeth went back to school. She looked down still upset. Elizabeth stayed silent well the whole class did.

Elizabeth would stay silent every day. She wouldn’t get sleep. She would stay away from everyone, and she soon got so tired. She took therapy. She went everyday, and they said she had anxiety, bipolar and personality disorders.

Elizabeth would spend hours not coming to school. She would stay home in bed or trying not to harm herself.

But the pain was too much. She ran into the forest one day and she walked to a cliff her and her mother used to be at. She looked at the splashing water and jumped…

But that’s not how a story ends… right?

  • Hubz

    This is creepy how?

  • Crystal Rose

    Is this the story of Chara?

  • Stephanie Reynolds

    There was the start of a good story there, then you ruined it. She killed herself because some guys ripped her clothes? That’s just stupid. And children don’t have a choice of whether or not to go to foster care.

  • Dante

    I’m sorry but there are too many holes in the story. This doesn’t work.

  • Gemma

    Despite the holes I loved this story. Especially the last line…