The Alice Dream

Alice was her name. Anyway, me and my family lived in a house on a hill and one day we were told to move out.

Once we were settled into the new house me and my mum decided to go for a walk to check out the area. Me and my mum had a huge fight and I ran off. I ran to our old house which didn’t sell when we moved out so it became abandoned I decided to peep through the window there were 5 people 2 boys and 3 girls. One of the boys said there’s a girl at our window.

The mother told me to leave, “Go away little girl,” she said. She took me to the back and punished me then took me inside were I never saw my real mother again.

Many times I tried to escape with another girl ‘Alice’. She was held captive too.

We ran and we ran and we ran but we would always get caught. But one day she took me to the back and I grabbed the – Ouch! I called it and pulled and pulled until it broke. Then I ran as fast as my legs could take me and Alice of course. Shortly after… Alice got ¬†tired of running so she surrendered. Vivian was still chasing us.

And I said, “Alice KEEP RUNNING!” she stopped went up to Vivian and cried. I kept running and running until I saw a car a silver car.

I ran into this woman’s car and I said sorry but… I’m being chased drive me away back to my real mothers home. I told her the story of how it happened. Finally we reached the place I used to call home. I reached out to my mother and hugged her tight then said. Lock the doors. David (the dad – Husband of Vivian) followed us and then said I have been running too.

He had a little girl, “Grace”, his little girl before Vivian, was his wife grace hid in David’s car for 4 years. David came in the house we locked all the doors but the back. OH NO! the back door is still open.

We put the lace on the door but didn’t lock the actual door. She was here. Suddenly the lace broke and we ran. Ran into my room. With David and I said, “What happened to Alice?” David replied, “Alice is dead.” I said, “Who killed her and where?” David said, “Vivian,” “Where will I find her…?”

David said, “On the walls of our house.” I said, “What do you mean? *crying*.” He said, “Vivian cut her and hung her!” I couldn’t speak I accidentally let go of the door and Vivian came streaming in.

We screamed.

I took her to the ground stabbed her and said, “I’m not scared of you anymore,” in a calm voice. She closed her eyes… She was dead…