The Abandon Rose

One afternoon Lucy and Liz and Kalya were cleaning up after school due to their teacher Mrs. Blake caught them cheating off their test with another student. Lucy then signs about it of getting an F in the class of history well Liz and Kalya were dusting the chalks bored and talking about their boyfriend Byran and Alex.

Ugh I hate being single. Since it the spring break I went up to my friends Liz and Kayla to ask them something since nobody is around to break the quietness of this empty classroom. So I started the conversation, “Do you guys wanna hang out at my house this Friday weekend during in spring break?” They both look at me and look at each another and said, “Really Lucy? Really? This isn’t one of your dumb scary stories you use to tell us back in 3rd grade? Telling us story about… uh what it called uhh crappy or was it creepy.” I sign then corrected them by saying, “You mean creepypasta right?” Liz was like, “Yes that the one,” giggles and lightly punch Kayla’s arm as Kayla pouts a little bit then look back at me as I smirk and said, “I promise that this story is gonna be interesting and mysterious.” Both Liz and Kayla rolled their eyes at me and Liz said, “Look Lucy, I know we been childhood friends for a long time but am tired of dumb and fake stories for what you are telling me,” then Kayla speak and said that it true getting random stories from the internet is so not healthy for my own good.

“But come, you guys I promise this the last time I never tell a scary story ever again,” as I beg to come with me because I don’t have anything do at home so that I told them by saying that the story what am about to them is a true story of Marilina Grecia. My two friends look at me saying some stereotyping of her by saying is she one of that spoil rich girls that their family lose their heads or something like that. I told them that she isn’t those type those rich girls. I even told them how she is nice and kind she was and I talk too much about her that Liz and Kayla look at each other and talks for a minute and looks at me and said, “Fine. If I and Kayla come to your on Midway Av street at your house Friday night at your background telling us your last scary story, okay?” I smiled at them then grabs my bag and told them to bring foods and drinks at her place for tonight. We both nodded our heads as we walk out of the school building texting to our boyfriend on their way home from school.

Later that night Liz and her boyfriend Bryan and Kayla and Alex came along and show with some pizza and drinks and them on the table as they all seated down and wait for Lucy to show up. Lucy show and sits down as they started to eat pizza and drinking soda as their starting a normal conversation which each another as when everyone was having a good time. Lucy now look at her watch to see what time is it and 11:00 pm she turned to with a creepy look at them as she rubs her hands to keep warm from the cold air.

Lucy: Alright ready to hear the story of the abandon rose?

Liz: Ugh fine. Just make this one quick. You know I hate scary story, Lucy. Right?

Bryan: Hey babe it’s okay. It all be over soon enough. Relax a little will ya?

Liz: Ugh! Fine whatever baby. *hugs herself to keep herself calm down*

Bryan: *smirks at her* That my brave girl!

Liz: Oh well I guess so. *giggles*

Alex: I am going for a quick walk around the sidewalks.

Kayla: I am coming to Alex. *holds on to his arm as they both walk out*

Lucy: Alright I have to make this story as short as possible okay. Let me talk now this about what happened to Mari how she becomes a nature monster…

Liz: Wait what? This must be a joke right? There’s no f*****g way that a true story Lucy! It must be out of your damn mind Lucy!!

Bryan: Liz! That enough calm down. Let Lucy finish her story. Quit overreacting. It getting old. Now sit down be quiet please.

Li: No! It all Lucy fault! *goes up to Lucy started to hurt her* You f*****g witch!!!

Bryan: Enough!! *pushes Liz away from Lucy* Lucy finish your story. What happen to Mari did she die?

Liz: Fine Bryan, I am done with you! It over between me and you! *runs out of the backyard into dark sidewalks at night looking for Kayla and Alex*

Bryan: I have to go and get Liz so wait right here okay?

Lucy: O-okay… *looks at her and reads it one last time*

While Bryan was looking, Liz and Kayla, and Alex where they ran off to as he kept on searching for them in the woods, he chooses to look at the sky. For some reason the skies were looking a little red. It gives him the spooks as he holds his mouth as he tries not makes a sound as he stops in his and looks down at the ground. There was a lot of blood and human flesh everywhere and it was Liz and Kayla and Alex were wrapped in vines and were eaten by huge flocks of crows pulling out both of their eyeballs and eating bits their skins until what left of them. Bryan sees Lucy and Liz their neck were both stitched together with their mouths wide open with bugs.

Bryan: Omg!!! What just happen?! No, she not real isn’t real! This all it all dead to me!! *before he could ever say another word he was shot in the neck as he fell on his knees and dies out*

The cops founded the four dead bodies of the students they shut down the woods and parks for the guest and student and family.

Mari: *Laughs evilly* They all wanted to die so I did them all a favor besides they are all dead to me. Your dead to me. It runs the family.

The End

  • Donte

    Grammar checking and proof reading are helpful tools

  • Daniel Di Benedetto

    This sucked.

  • InternetCritic94

    Not only did I have a stroke trying to read this because you were too lazy to proofread it, but when I did realize what was going on I realized this is the worst story I have ever read. Playing with a pile of donkey sh*t would be more entertaining than reading this. I mean seriously, the entire story was anticlimactic and the plot made no sense whatsoever.