Jane The Killer 2 Meeting Jeff

I’m in an alleyway. Not like I’m living here I’m actually just bored and I want a soda but I’m broke as hell so I’m waiting to kill someone and take their wallet. Aha! I grab my knife and gut them. I take their wallet and walk to the gas station nearby and buy myself a soda. The cashier makes a rude comment about my appearance and I stab him too. Because I have a bad temper and a knife. I smirk and leave. I notice something in the shadows but I’m not afraid of the dark. So I just take a walk and kill anyone in my path. I pass by an abandoned amusement park and hear some horror-movie laughter. Typical. Probably some random people trying to scare the locals. Well I’ll show them. I go into the amusement park. Something a sane person would never do. But I’m not sane. I see nothing out of the ordinary in abandoned amusement park standards. I still hear the laughter plus the dripping of blood from my knife. I leave because this is boring and I go kill people. Again, I see something in the shadows. “Wtf?” I say and walk over to it with my knife held threateningly, I see nothing but then again that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s empty. I go in but look over my shoulder at least once every five seconds and when I reach the end I smirk and turn around to see Jeff The Killer. “Well then. Looks like they weren’t lying.” I say and wipe the blood off my blade “Perfectly good blood wasted” he says as I do that “Perfectly good sanity too” I say with a smirk “Well what do you want?” I ask and start walking toward him “I want to know who the hell you are” he says “I’m Jane formerly known as Josephine” I say with a grin “I see. And why are you killing on my turf?” He asks “Let me think, let, me, think… Oh yeah, I want to.” I say with another smirk “Hmph. You’re lucky still to be alive” He says and his grin grows wider “Mhmm. On the outside. I have to ask, why the hell do you have that smile?” I ask “Because I wanted to” he says clearly mocking me “Very funny.” I say and scowl “Well why are you out here all alone?” He asks “Because my dad’s an a*s. But a dead a*s.” I say and regain my smirk “Ah so you killed your family too.” Jeff says and smiles wider “Yeah your point?” I ask and raise my eyebrows this guy is getting on my nerves. “Just curious.” Jeff says with a really big grin “Jeff that smile is really getting on my nerves” I say with a scowl “So?” He says and grins wider, I swear he was trying to spite me so I just ignore it and walked past him, I know he’s following me but I just ignore him and look for people to kill. “Jeff you should really get your own life. I know I’m cool but you don’t need to stalk me.” I say and look over my shoulder, yep he’s following me. “Stalk you?” he asks and grins wider then goes to the other side of the street “Jeff going to the other side of the street doesn’t count as not stalker-ish” I say and smirk “How do I know you’re not stalking ME?” Jeff asks with a big grin “Because you’re following me and also…” I duck into an alleyway and notice Jeff immediately turn to the alley “Yep. You’re waiting for an opportunity to kill me, you’re just a creepy stalker or you want to see where I live.” I say and turn around. Jeff is standing there, his knife still in his pocket “Scratch option one” I say and walk past him and walk to the apartment I’m living at taking a few intentional wrong turns along the way trying to lose Jeff. Creepy stalker. I grimace and enter my apartment locking the door and all the windows. “At least I don’t need a job. I can just kill people to make the rent!” I say to myself and flop onto the bed when I see Jeff’s giant a*s smile out the window. That’s what I get for renting an apartment on the first floor. I get up and close the curtain then go to my fridge and munch on some food then go into my bathroom and cover the tiny window and take a shower. After that I flop onto the bed and go to sleep. Not in the Jeff way, the normal people way. When I wake up I munch on some random stuff from my fridge and go outside for a quick early-morning killing spree, I see Jeff and look unimpressed as I walk up to him “Dude what the hell do you want?!” I ask annoyed “Why would I tell you?” Jeff asks and grins wider “BECAUSE YOU’RE STALKING ME!” I shout in a burst of anger “Stalkers don’t tell who they’re stalking why they’re stalking them.” Jeff says with an impossibly wide grin “Jeff. Stalkers also don’t get caught by the stalk-ees. So tell me. Why the hell are you stalking me you pale a*s creep.” I say and pull out my knife “You’re interesting. And you have guts.” Jeff says with his signature grin “Something you’re gonna be missing soon.” I say with a scowl “Unless you leave me the f**k alone.” I bring my knife up and Jeff just grins “Fine I’ll leave you alone, for now.” he says and walks away. F**king creep. I grimace and walk back to my apartment. I’m bored now. I guess bye. I’ll be back.