Thank You For Letting Me In

I can’t let it know I’m telling the world about it. Its watching me. I can feel its cold glare from across the room. Its…its unnerving……for you to understand I have to tell you from the beginning. It was a warm summer evening but something was off about today but I couldn’t put a finger on it. It was weird the only way I can explain it is that today feels sad. But I just continued my day not thinking anything of it. I had a routine I get up take a shower shave brush my teeth wash my face. Then I go to the kitchen put something together to eat. When I’m done I always take the garbage out to the garbage can. I opened the door to go outside the worst feeling came upon me it sent shivers right up my spine. I….I feel like I’m being watched…thoughts rush through my head of what could be there in the dark watching me…waiting for me. The only logical explanation is that its my mind playing tricks maybe I’m just to tired. “Nothing could be out there I live alone in the middle of nowhere. But it still bugged me so I quickly made my way to the garbage can. I Threw the garbage in and ran back in my house. I shut the door and locked it in case something is there.

I continued my day as it usually goes I turned on the TV to get my mind off everything that just happened. I tried everything I could but I couldn’t shake the feeling the same feeling I got when I was outside. I’m probably just tired. so I shut of the TV and I walk up the stairs to bed. I got about half way up the stairs to hear a knock on my front door. I got a really unusual feeling like someone stuck there hands inside me and twisted my stomach. I went back downstairs walked to the door me being as stupid as I am without think opened the door but to my surprise no one was there so I shut the door and lock it. It was strange though the feeling like I’m being watched came back suddenly my body went cold I heard a voice I can never forget it still ……it still echos in the back of my head….in a deep dark voice it said “thank you for letting me in”. Why…why… Why did I have so stupid and open the door. I should have known I never get visitors. Why would I answer the door. I ran upstairs to my room and locked the door. I think I’m safe now.

I heard footsteps coming up my stairs I slowly inched my door open to see what was there but there was nothing . I just figured it was just my mind playing tricks on me. So I shut the door and walked to my bed. I suddenly went cold I felt sad I heard a voice say “thank you for letting me in”. It’s in my room now I Yelled “get out of my house”. It disappeared I’m safe now . I’m writing this down now just in case it comes back while¬† sleep. Whoever reads this…..never open your door when you hear a knock at midnight. I’m going to bed now I need to sleep.

I woke up with a crushing pain in my chest I opened my eyes I instantly went cold it sat there watching me smiling. It was a terrifying smile and its said “Thank you for letting me in”. I screamed then blacked out. When I came to I felt sad I felt cold. I feel like I’m being watched ha-ha ill never be alone…..ill never be alone……ill…never….be…..alone

  • Phone

    Its pedo bear
    2 stars

  • Thisstorysucked

    This story sucked

  • Clare Reel (Gamergirl)

    I don’t like how you kept switching from past to present tense, and you didn’t use any commas or apostrophes. I understand that you may not be a native English speaker, and if you aren’t that’s fine. It was a good storyline!

  • andres vigil-gurule

    It was a good story just a lot of typos but over all it was a good story

  • Aspen Thehappyspider Baker