Text Story: The Scary & Suspenseful

Timothy & Grace.

Timothy: Hey grace

Grace: Hey Tim

Timothy: hay uhh sorry I can’t come out tomorrow I’m grounded.

Grace: Ok


The Next Day…

Timothy: Hay grace ummm

Grace: Yo.

Timothy: Can you come over?

Grace: No y?

Timothy: Something is in my house.

Grace: Wut are u high?

Timothy: No, Something is in my damn house.

Grace: Ok I’ll SIMD Jacob over.

Ricard & Jane.

Richard: Jane.

Jane: Wut Richard.

Richard: Is dat u at my door?

Jane: No, I’m at my house.

Richard: OMG

Jane: Whats going on?!?!

Jane: Richard!

Jane: Are you there?

Richard: Oh your friend, he is dead


Richard & Jane 2.

Jane: Tell Me!

Richard: Your friend Richard, He was the priest of the church.

Richard: He died because he betrayed us.

Jane: You psychopath!

Richard: But

Jane: But, what?

Richard: I know where you live.

Richard & Jane 3.


Several Hours Later….

Richard: I see you…

Jane: OMG

Richard: Join us

Jane: No

Richard: Join us

Richard: JOIN US!!

Richard: I’m Here!

Jane: W..Where

Richard: Behind You!

Maggie & John.

System Message: You have now joined John’s chat room.

Maggie: Hello?

John: Hello Maggie, it’s so nice to chat with you.

Maggie: Well…

John: Do you believe in secret societies?

Maggie: Well…Yes, yes I do.

The next day.

John: Did you hear the news?

Maggie: What news?

John: There was murder nearby.

Maggie: OMG.

Maggie: I hope the killer gets caught soon.

John: Well I hope he gets caught.

10 day’s later.

John: Uhh, Maggie.

Maggie: Whats wrong?

John: I just killed a man.

Maggie: OMG, I’m calling the police.

John: I have one more confession to make.

Maggie: Whatever, but make it fast.

John: Look behind you.

Police discretion: Attention all residents of Bearville.
Avoid all contact with texting, a few people have been murdered in the past week.
We think this might be connected to a cult.

  • IronMosquito

    This was pretty boring and kind of hard to follow, and it seemed like a rip-off of annie96 is typing. Not terrible but definitely not good either.