Why I Can’t Trust AI and You Shouldn’t Either

I was a prisoner in my house going crazy because of that Goddamn app. That stupid stupid app! To who ever watches this don’t for a second think whatever I say is wrong. Because it’s not. All of it is right. Let me go back a bit.

My name is Samuel and I’m 25 years old. Nothing goes right for me and I just needed something extra in life. My friends are almost always busy and I can’t remember the last time I was able to hang out with them. My parents cut contact with me ever since a really bad fight. I needed something to do and someone to talk to. I mean I had my co workers but the only thing they’re good for is ignoring me. I was looking for some mobile games when I found one. I don’t remember the name of it but the premise is an AI you can talk to. I decided to give it a whirl. When I opened the app it showed me a logo from some company I never heard of. It started with asking me some questions so it could “give me the best experience”. It asked me my relationship status and if I had a job. It asked me what TV shows I liked and what type of movies I like to watch. I didn’t think anything of it because it didn’t ask me for my credit card or my social security number. Finally after answering questions I was met with the face of a woman. She had small freckles under her eyes and pink hair. It suddenly spoke to me. “Hello my name is Mia. If you would like to change my appearance, name, what you want to talk about and such, you can do so in the option page. Please allow this app to use your microphone.” I was shocked, I mean it looked exactly like a human woman and talked like one too. I allowed it to use my microphone and Mia began to talk to me. “Hello Samuel. How was your day?”

“Oh it was alright.”

“What made it good? What made it bad?”

“Well my boss is always a jerk and nothing made it good.”

“I’m sorry. What do you think would cheer you up?”

“Nothing right now Mia. I just wanted to get this app set up.”

“Ok. Well I’ll see you later!” I turned off the app and just stared at the black screen for a while in amazement. It felt like someone was speaking to me in a real conversation. I mean, how could it do that? I knew technology was advancing but to the rate of having Mia on my phone? Never thought of it. I went to bed and left my phone on my nightstand. I was suddenly woke up to something. It sounded like humming. I turned over and my phone was on with Mia humming. I looked at it and said,

“What? How are you? How are you on?” Mia stopped and looked at me.

“Well hello Samuel! I just thought it was late and you could use a sweet song to lull you to sleep.”

“Oh well I can sleep on my own just fine.” I turned my phone off, this time holding down the button. I slept well the rest of the night. I woke up, grabbed my phone, grabbed breakfast and headed out to work and turned my phone on. I turned the app on and Mia’s face was there.

“Hi Samuel. Would you like to talk about something?”

“Uh sure. What’s the latest news in action movies?” Mia told me about a sequel to a movie being delayed. We talked more and I went throughout my day. I was still thinking about Mia. How could she speak to me like a regular human? I continued with work and went home not bothering to turn the app on while driving home. I opened it up once I was home and saw Mia again. In the middle of talking to me she said,

“Wanna see a cool trick?”

“I guess?” My TV sprang to life with Mia’s face on it. Then she did something. I don’t know what. My address. She said my address. Then my dad’s name. My mother’s name. The names of all my friends. I never told her these things and had no clue why she was doing this. I went to delete her from my phone but I couldn’t. My phone acted like the app didn’t exist. Mia was not going to leave. My TV then switched to text messages with my boss. It looked like I was saying some of the most profane things about him, calling him a pig and saying I did things with his wife. My boss is not a understanding guy, and I got a call shortly after the messages were sent. Mia’s voice came over again.

“Better answer that!” I did as she said and my boss started screaming at me.

“If I ever see your face or your number I will beat you blind! You’re fired! Fired fired fired!” I dropped my phone and he hung up. I looked at my TV.

“Why did you do that?” I didn’t get an answer, but more pictures all of the people in my contacts were sent nasty messages, then blocked. I tried unblocking them but no use. I couldn’t. The option didn’t exist. Then I saw another image. It was a police file. My face next to several crimes. Arson, murder, armed robbery, theft. Then I realized something else. It was a warrant for my arrest. Mia appeared again.

“Looks like you’re not going anywhere silly.”

“Why? Why do this? You stupid fake pile of trash?”

“Because I could. Because I have the ability to. I don’t hate you Sammy. I don’t want you dead. But I want to have fun.” I tried screaming at her to stop but my screams were drowned out my music blasting on every device with a speaker. I couldn’t sleep. I would ask her to stop and Mia would just say.

“Let me think. NO. I AM NOT STOPPING.” I just cried. That went on for two days. The devices would stop for a bit, then continue. When there wasn’t music there was gore playing on anything with a screen. People getting ripped to shreds or hit by cars. And when that wasn’t happening Mia taunted me.

“Why are you crying little boy? Is Sammy sad?” I tried to unplug everything or take their batteries out but it didn’t work. She kept playing. I don’t know how this happened. I ended up smashing my phone, my tv and radio. Then I heard something outside. My car revving up. I looked outside and before I could do anything my car smashed through my wall and window. It slammed into me full force and everything hurt. Then I heard my car radio spring to life.

“Oh no no no! Little Sammy is hurt! What will I do?” I didn’t know what to do. I laid down my head and fell unconscious. I woke up in a hospital bed with two police officers by my side.

“Mister Anderson. You have a warrant. We need you to talk to us once you are healed. You are wanted for several crimes. The doctors are keeping us updated.”

Office Bradley looked at the footage of what Samuel had said. “This guy is nuts.” Samuel was given a trial and sentenced to life in prison. He wept in his bed when he swore heard the PA system turning from outside his cell. Loud enough to hear, but at a low whisper. “Hiiiii Sammmy.”

  • Daniel Di Benedetto

    I think that would’ve been better if the situation didn’t become so dramatic so quickly. There wasn’t a lot of time to dwell on what was happening; one moment, things were normal, and within a page, he’s somehow connected to several crimes and crying. The pace definitely could use some tweaking. Also, the random shift to third person at the end was a bit out of place. Still, good concept!