OK so there is this old tale my brother used to tell me called “Tailypo” and it was one of my favorite bedtime stories, it was about a man who went hunting with his blood hounds and found a weird creature of a sort. He was unsuccessful at catching this strange creature but he was able to cut it’s tail off. Later on that day around sundown the man used the tail to make soup. When the soup was done he ate the whole pot and went to sleep. And in the middle of the night the strange creature showed up, killed the gaurd dogs and then asked for his tail back. Once the man told the creature he ate it the creature became furious and dovowered the man. However I thought this was just an old tale made up by some old guy….. I was badly mistaken.

On September 10th 2012, (my birthday) I thought it would be nice to hear the tale I enjoyed so much as a little kid form my brother again. So while he told me the story I felt a bit of a tug in my gut. Not like a normal stomach feeling but it was just……weird. And that whole day all I could think about is how I would handle things if I was in the shoes of that poor old man. That night i sat on the back porch to talk to the moon like I always do,  (I know that sounds a little silly for a 10 year old to do but hey I wasn’t normal 10 year old girl , I still believe in fairy’s and aliens so with me anything possible.) So while I sat talking to the moon, I seen a pair of eyes glowing behind the bushes. I just brushed it off as it being a cat or something but the little wild voice in my head screamed “tailypo!!!” I know it was a little silly but if I know me I was gonna make sure, so I flashed my flashlight on it and it turned out to be a stray cat. Disappointed form not seeing anything cool I went back in the house to take a shower and go to sleep.

12:20 midnight  9/11/2012 …… “Wake up to that same pulling feeling in my stomach again. I woke up to find my glasses but when I put my glasses on all I seen was a thing that looked like just a shadow with glowing huge eyes and I could hear wheezing and growls coming from it. I couldn’t scream nor could I move I was just shocked. It just stayed by the closet before he could move I squized out the words “who or what  are you?” And the thing just vanished…. But one thing went through my mind…… “Tailypo”. I still don’t remember what happened after that  every time I try to remember its just a blur but I will always remember that night. Now I am 14 and I still believe in those little myths and stories and I won’t forget that night and yes…..  this is a true story

Thanks for reading this is my first story I hoped you liked it!

  • Kaden

    Holy frick my scout leader told the exact same story to me 4 years ago!!!