The Library Book I Found – Part 2

Author’s Note: Hey. I’ve been logged out of my account for a while but its all okay now. A while back I wrote ‘The Library Book I found’ so if you haven’t read that, you definitely wont understand most of this. Anyway, since then, I took in the ideas from the comment section of that and tried to ‘investigate’ further.

It turns out that ’40X’ is related to the area of a youth group in the building (building part ‘X’) and the number is for the small lockers in the back room of the youth club where they set up meals. I wasn’t allowed in the youth club though so I had to join first in order to get access to this information. This has taken way to f*****g long.

So, after about two weeks of being at the youth club, I finally got the chance to look in the locker 40. But wow, what a surprise, it’s locked. I looked for the key in all of the drawers I could and found none. So, I asked what the lockers where for and if I could rent one. The lady who runs the youth club, Jen, who I asked on the matter of the locker told me that the lockers were used for the staff of both the youth clubs and the janitors-which would explain why there are 42 lockers. And, in a stupid attempt to find out more, I VERY suspiciously asked: “So who owns number 40,” as if it was a completely normal f*****g question! I just blurted it out like an idiot and I’m still facepalming over it.

But- this isn’t the important part though. What really got to me was her reaction. Rather that being awkward or confused she looked around and shifted on her feet. Jen’s a young employee who is very bubbly and optimistic, I mean it’s kinda her job, and I’ve never seen her lose the smile unless one of the older members of the group was caught smoking or something. She seemed almost nervous? Like if she slipped up or was caught talking about it then she would be in huge trouble. Regardless, she inched forward and mumbled, “You shouldn’t be poking around with the staff’s things.” She said this with a stern expression that I’d never seen and honestly was a bit off-put by. I apologized and since then (3 weeks ago) she hasn’t allowed me, or any others besides staff, into the backroom. Weeeird.

Still, that hasn’t stopped me from looking for the key. I presumed that one of the five janitors would have a spare key to the lockers. Genius strikes again, one of them does. The janitor of area ‘X’, an old guy in his early 50s, has them. He’s bald guy who has really shaky hands and is always holding a mop or some window cleaner. His name’s Arther and he only ever grunts with a nod in response to conversations.

Considering there are limited ways for me to go about getting his keys that are realistic without getting caught and/or arrested, I settled on the plan to, you guessed it, just casually f*****g ask this hostile old guy “Do you know about locker 40?” Immediately after saying that I wanted to smash my head into a car windshield. But, to my surprise, when I was about to leave after apologizing for the weird question he gave me an answer that was more that a small gesture.

“Do you know Harvey?” I turned back to him and told him honestly that I didn’t but wanted to know more. He explained to me that no one was allowed to use that locker and after some prying he further told me that ‘Harvey’ has been missing for a while now. Harvey was supposedly a librarian who worked in the library area of the building. Arther told me it’d been a few months since he was last seen and since then on one had spoken of him.

I know what you’re thinking: “Why would this random janitor tell you about all of this stuff just because you asked?” That’s exactly what I asked him and his answer was that he also wanted to find out more. He said that things like mysterys where an old fantasy for him, just like me I guess. He said that if I came back to him at closing hours, of course unseen, then he can let me use the key and take a look inside the locker.

I’m about to go see him now. It’s only 5pm and I’ll probably sit in the library till its 7 to go get the key. I’m writing this just incase I don’t have the time to update later on. IM SO EXCITED. But also really freaked out. This is like a real life mysetryyyyyyyyyy!!!!! Can’t wait to tell you guys, whoever’s reading, the results of whatever I find. I’ll update soon as I can.

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    Wow! That is sooo exciting! Please update when you can!!!!

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    Tried looking for the first part, couldn’t find it.

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    It’s a good story it held my interest however you need to edit the story your grammar needs work. But you did a great job!