Stupid Bloopers with Janesupter

Warning: Stupid and useless information ahead. The author of this series is quite stupid and only bestows useless information onto the actual smarter people reading this. They told me to say, “Hope you enjoy”… Even though… well, you won’t. Good luck…. You are REALLY going to need it.

“The author is not to be trusted… like seriously… run.”

Ah… may Narrator-Kun rest in pieces… yeah we aren’t going to be seeing him for a while. Hello everyone! My name is Janesupter! If you don’t know me, I created The Daughter V. The Tracer series, The Daughter, The Tracer, and The Cursed Day, and definitely not in that order.

If you don’t know who I am, well good for you, I’m not good at this at all. If you do know me, than God bless you… unless you’re Atheist and that goes against your beliefs.

So why am I here? I wanted everyone to see me not for what I write. I also wanted people to see me for me, and I hope to do that by making these Trollpastas which are just me… being stupid and showing you memes and talking about what was behind my series.

Has anyone ever actually made a Trollpasta like this? If they haven’t… well looks I was the first. So without further ado… here are some of The Stupid Bloopers of Janesupter.


1: Jane Flynn
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Birthday: 11/17
Race: White/Caucasian
Bloodline: American/European
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Hair: Long and white
Eyes: Hazel

So let’s talk about our main character. So Jane Flynn was never really based upon anything. There is a story behind her name though. So, I always name my main female characters Jane for some reason. I have a story behind it, but I really can’t say it. I don’t want to say it… because then you guys will know my gender… And I really don’t want you guys to know. Oh well… something you guys can talk about

2. Max Himura
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Birthday: 2/15
Race: White/Caucasian
Bloodline: Southeastern Asia/ European
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Hair: Thick Black
Eyes: Hazel

Max is a little different when it comes to inspiration. So, Max was heavily based off of a certain character from a certain musical and movie. For all of you theatre nerds out there, you probably guessed who he was based off of.

Max was based off of J.D. from the musical and movie, “Heathers”. J.D. from “Heathers” was Veronica’s boyfriend. He loved her so much, and was so crazy for her, that he killed her three enemies. After a while, J.D. wanted to blow up the High school which him and Veronica attended. Of course, like a sane person, Veronica didn’t want any part of this.

There is something about Max which was the opposite of how J.D’s character was. Remember how Max got away with blowing up Lee High? In the musical and movie, J.D. doesn’t get away with it, and actually kills himself willingly by wrapping his bomb to his chest. Yeah… for a musical… it’s pretty dark.

Oh God, can someone please make a remake of that one vine? You know, by Danny Gonzalez.

Older Max: I’m you from the future
Young Max: Oh my God!
Older Max: I know!
Young Max: You’re so ugly!
Older Max: Wait, what?
Young Max: *starts crying*
Older Max: *starts crying* It’s forever!

3. David Flynn
Gender: Male
Age: ???
Birthday: 4/24
Race: White/Caucasian
Bloodline: European
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Hair: Long white
Eyes: Blue

David does not really have any other inspiration as well. When I put him in The Cursed Day, it was like a last minute decision. The Cursed Day was actually planned to be totally different. It wasn’t actually supposed to be about vampires or David or even in the Victorian Era.

The Cursed Day was originally going to be called “All of our Chromosomes”. It was originally going to be about a woman in the medieval ages who falls in love with a werewolf. In the original idea, the townsfolk would find out and burn the werewolf to death, and later the woman would learn that she was pregnant with the werewolf’s cursed child.

Aren’t you glad I went on a different route for The Cursed Day?

4. Igno/The Ammit
Gender: Male
Age: ???
Birthday: ???
Race: White/Caucasian
Bloodline: Germany
Sexuality: Bisexual
Hair: Thick black
Eyes: Pure black

Of course, I can’t say that much about Igno/The Ammit at the moment. I can’t be giving spoilers for a future backstory creepypasta. BUT! There is some pretty cool inspiration for this character.

My uncle came to me and said that he wanted to make a character. After some debating, we came up with Igno. My uncle mentioned to me that he wanted him to have supernatural powers and eat people, thus consuming their “souls” in some sense. I got to researching, and stumbled upon a type of creature from Egyptian Mythology.

In Egyptian Mythology, when you die, your heart weighed on a balance. Whether your heart was good or not, you would either be sent to the afterlife… or face The Ammit. If your heart was corrupted and not worthy, you would face Ammit. Ammit was a demon with the head of a crocodile, the torso of a lion, and the back of a hippo, since these were the animals which were most feared by ancient Egyptians.

So you would face Ammit and plead for your death. If you could convince Ammit, she would let you go to the afterlife. If you did not convince her… she would devour you. So… that, my friends, is the inspiration for Igno.

My uncle always thought it was weird for a guy who’s German to be based off of an Egyptian god… but there is a reason for that… so just hang tight.

5. Elizabeth Davis
Gender: Female
Age: 20 (as of in The Cursed Day)
Birthday: 3/2
Race: White/Caucasian
Bloodline: Western Europe
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Hair: Long brown
Eyes: Brown

Elizabeth Davis was quite a fun character to make. She wasn’t really based off of anything, yet can we just take in how freaking relatable this girl is? This girl literally hates everyone except the one girl who is a witch! Choose your buds carefully, my dudes, or dudettes… don’t get offended, please.

I swear to God, if someone relates Elizabeth to Bella from “Twilight”, I will come after someone. My mother was a fan of “Twilight”, and I was forced to watch it… every… movie. I know… help me.

6. Meghan Lee
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Birthday: 6/17
Race: White/Caucasian
Bloodline: Ireland/Europe
Sexuality:(secretly) Bisexual
Hair: Long blonde
Eyes: Blue

I’m sure most of you guys don’t remember this character. In The Tracer, Meghan was the one who welcomed Max into the football game. Now… you are probably wondering why I am including this random side character? Well… I am thinking of making Meghan… a little more important to the story.

How would she be important to the series? Like… Max blew up the school and killed… like everyone. Well… maybe.


Oh God… let’s talk about ships. If you’re like me… than you understand that a love interest is more important than the actual story itself.

So there are many possible ships when it comes… To Jane for example. Like… there is Toby. Toby is cool and all! Like… he obviously cares for her. Another possible ship was Masky… but I don’t think Masky feels the same way. Well… Max was ugh… kind of friendzoned… so yeah.

If I put Eyeless Jack in the series later on, he might become a possible candidate, like, who knows? Jeff had something going for him as well. Maybe Igno will become a possible candidate… since he probably does care for her.

I’m not going to be talking about this for long. All I ask is for another opinion and… maybe some fanfiction, fanart, and/or comic. You have no idea just how much that would make my day. (Please do it, I would love you forever and give a free shout out? Jesus, I’m desperate)

The Universe

No, this is not a Bill Nye video. I want to explain what I consider… canon in my CreepyPasta universe.

So… I hate to say it… but I don’t think I would make Ben Drowned canon. Perhaps if someone gave me a good reason to put him in… then… I might just do it. I also do not want to add in Nina the Killer… just because… I don’t consider it canon with the creepypasta universe in general. Also… no offense to the original person who came up with Nina the Killer… but, I just don’t like her character.

God… I sound like such a jerk. I might add Ben Drowned, but I will absolutely not add Nina, so don’t kill me over it.

One thing I sort of really want to do, is add characters like Offenderman. I don’t know why… but I thought it would be really cool to add some of the other Slendy Family.

Jesus, I’m probably going to cringe so bad just from making Offenderman’s lines. Girls… Guys… don’t have a boyfriend or friend like Offenderman… please!

There are many Creepypastas that I really do want to add. Yet… you know what my biggest fear is? My biggest fear is me getting something wrong or doing something different than the original creepypasta. Like… a total creepypasta nerd will say to me, “ACTUALLY! These two characters should not be in the same universe! This one didn’t join the proxies! This one is, blah, blah, blah!” I am SO scared of that!

I feel like… someone will say I’m disrespecting the original authors/creators of that certain Creepypasta. I don’t want to disrespect anyone or anyone’s work.

So… just understand that, please. Anyway, if you have any ideas for the series, type them up. If you don’t want others to see your ideas, you can contact me on Twitter or Instagram. I will put those at the bottom. Now… let’s go on to something a little more interesting… hehehe.


Oh yes… you read that right. I’m a Meme King, so… let’s get to it. My series isn’t entirely sad and depressing. So… let’s get started.

Things that disappear when you need it the most. And… I’m sure Max would really love this meme.

Poor Max… nah

I was crying so badly when I wrote that

Change his mind… I dare you

We all know it’s true

First mistake

Ugh… who’s gonna tell him

 This isn’t even a meme, it’s just relatable.


I hope you guys liked that little meme section. You have no idea just how much fun I had with that. Meme King, boys. Nah… the meme king is Trump… I’ll just face the facts.


Thank you guys so much for going through this long and agonizing form of misery. Ah… that was what she said. So… maybe I can make this a series in itself? I don’t know, tell me what you guys think.

So, here is my Twitter: _Janesupter_

And here is my new Instagram: _Janesupter_

I’m sorry, but I can’t reveal my old Instagram, because it does reveal my gender/sexuality. So… I don’t know… there may be a day where I feel comfortable revealing that to you guys.

This project might go completely overboard. This could go overboard and no one cares about it. Like, I barely got any views on The Daughter V. The Tracer Ch. 2.

Most of you probably don’t care. For all of those who do care… I say thank you.

Thank you guys so much… and I hope you enjoyed the first episode of Stupid Bloopers with Janesupter.

  • teresa robinson

    I really enjoy your writing! I’m usually not a big fan of the original creepy pasta format (kid is bullied and or abused, kills their entire family, and joins slenderman as a proxy and everyone lives happily ever after murdering everyone in sight) but I really enjoyed your take on things. I really felt Jane was relatable and I enjoy the spin you put on the original stories! Please continue the series! I love the aspect of the possible romance. As for the bloopers, I loved it as well! I really enjoyed it because I feel like I understand you not only as a writer, but as a person as well! You’re very talented, please keep up the great work!

  • JaneTheReader

    I enjoyed reading these bloopers- a mixture of jokes, personal feelings and an explanation of characters for good measure. Well written and witty. Well done 👍

  • JackyBY


  • I_Am_Emz

    I enjoyed your series so much and I hope in the future you do more 🙂 I wouldn’t worry about the original authors as loads of folk have done fan fiction in their own way! I enjoyed your blooper, was an unusual but welcome change!

    I must ask though, what gave you the courage to write the series? I only ask cause I have an idea for a story of my own but doubting myself as I’ve never wrote before!

    Anyway, hope to read more 🙂