Show No Fear

This is Justin



Positive dreams are the only thing that always takes me away from this harsh reality.

This one is different tho. All I hear are faint whispers saying “Show… No… Fear”.

What does this mean?

Well… I’m just a teenager who never really shows much emotion at all. People think that I’m rude… I’ve heard people say things like, “Oh… That’s probably a disrespectful kid, I mean he is cute but he just seems so rude and boring.”

But I’m actually a good kid, I just don’t like showing emotion… but… “Show no fear?” Strange, it’s not like I would be scared of something anyway.

After that weird dream, I wake up and stare out the window… I think I’m getting depressed more and more every day.

You know… sometimes I just feel like breaking down, because both my mother and father left us. When I say us, I mean my younger brother and I.

I don’t know why… but they just left 2 years ago without saying anything…

I am only 15, but I’m doing my best to keep my 5-year-old little brother safe.

I love him so much, he’s the only person that I care about. He has such an adorable smile.

This is Max

Eventually, I get up and walk into the bathroom to get a brush.

As I brush my hair I decided maybe I should put it in a ponytail.

“Hm. Not bad,” I say as I finish my hair.

After getting ready I went over to my little brother’s room to wake him up. I thought maybe we could just go somewhere early.

But as I walked in… he wasn’t in his room.

“Hmm Maybe he’s just up early,” I whisper before walking and checking each room.

I started to get worried as I couldn’t seem to find him anywhere.

Where is he??!

I then ran outside and looked around the house for him. I just couldn’t find him anywhere! I went towards the back of our house and looked forward. Just a bunch of trees and grass.

“Oh no… He couldn’t have went into the woods,” I whispered.

I just had a strange feeling that he was there. Worried, I ran deeper and deeper into the woods until I spotted a piece of paper on the ground.

The breeze blowing through my soft hair.

I picked it up, and it read;


He tortures his victims slowly.

He marks their necks, with an X.

He will eat them if they die.

The victims who survive,

Turn just as evil as him.

They play tricks and act so friendly,

Before ripping you to shreds.

Do not trust,

No matter how good they seem,

But the most important thing of all, SHOW NO FEAR.



“W-what… This is a joke. Stupid kids, leaving this here to scare people.”

 I started feeling a bit mad, but realize I should focus on finding my brother. Before I could take another step, I hear some type of tapping noise on the left side of me. I turned to see this creepy looking guy.
He was just tapping on a tree? He literally looked like a freaking dark shadow thing. I don’t ever think I’d call it a person.

“Okay… Okay… just keep going and ignore it,” I whisper to myself.

I slowly kept walking, trying to be calm. I heard a twig snap, it caused me to gasp a little. I quickly turned to see that shadow figure closer.

My dark eyes widen a bit, because he looked even more scary when he came closer.

At this point, I just ran forward. Those voices came back… Once again it kept saying, “Show no fear…” over and over.

They must be right. Seems like when I calm down he would stop coming closer, and would just stand there. Wait… he doesn’t even move, he freaking teleports!

Okay… Okay… Stay calm Justin. Just keep looking for your brother.

As I kept going I actually heard growling noises which was gonna make me freak out soon enough.

N-no… just keep going. I kept walking until I stopped at a sign. It said, “DON’T GO BEYOND THIS POINT”.

No way. My brother wouldn’t go past this. But I swear… something is telling me he’s around there. Someone could have taken him there.

The growling kept getting louder from behind me. I couldn’t help it. I started shaking a bit. I never get scared often… but this was dangerous.

I run passed the sign because the growling got louder and I was way too afraid to turn around.

Stupid me. I shouldn’t have panicked. Because… someone grabbed my legs and forced me to turn around. It was just a human… but then what was the growling?

“Why are you here, boy?” the person says. It was a lady.

“O-oh um excuse me I have to go. Don’t grab my legs like that either,” I replied. I was feeling a bit angry. Who does this person think they are?

“No! Don’t go!” she yelled.

“Ma’am stop, let me go,” I say as she kept grabbing my legs. I got so mad that I kicked her off of me and got up.

“W-WHAT THE-” I yelled as she turned into some type of red creature.

“DoNT gO,” her pitched turned dark, and she had a X mark on her neck.

I was freaking out, and I started to run. I turn back to see that this red creature was gone. I was catching my breath as arms popped out of the ground and started scratching deep into my skin. I groan in pain as the red creature comes out of the ground and attacks me. It started ripping my skin and bit into the flesh on my arm. My eyes were so wide and I couldn’t even make any noise. I thought I was going to die.

I turn to the side and saw a large rock. I carefully slip my other hand away and grab it, and started bashing the creature’s head over and over until it stopped biting, and died.

I can’t believe what just happened. I couldn’t even move, and I just lay there with this red creature dead, right on top of me.

Wait… a… second. If I just showed fear, where is the shadow thing, wouldn’t this mean its closer?

It was getting dark… I needed to hurry. I slowly lifted my head, and sure enough. The shadow figure was… right… in… front… of… me.

I started to cry, something I haven’t done in 5 years. This must be the end.

But then I heard my brother. He wasn’t around me, but I heard a faint scream. He made me not want to give up.

“I have to g-get up…” I whisper and slowly crawl toward the scream of my brother. Not having strength in my voice, I whisper faintly “D-don’t worry brother… I’m coming.”

The more I crawled, the closer the shadow figure came. Don’t… Panic… I thought.

I finally gather enough strength to get up. I slowly make my way forward. My arm is losing blood… I need to hurry!

I saw a cabin ahead. Is my brother in there?! I turn around to see the shadow figure far away, because I calmed down.

When I reached the cabin a disgusting smell was there. I slowly opened the door…

Oh god… I saw a bunch of dead bodies, and my brother in the back corner tied up. I screamed seeing that horrible scene.

My brother was alive, shaking and had muffled screams since his mouth was covered. He looks at me, in a way of saying, “TURN AROUND!”

Shaking, I slowly turn to see the shadow figure right behind me. Now he had a knife. I’m so weak… I can’t fight.

He swung his knife at me, but I dodged it. Being weak, I was a bit slow, so the blade cut a small bit of hair.

“I’m… Not… Giving… Up… YET!” I yell and punch the dark figure in the stomach. I grab the knife out of his hand in a fast gesture and stab him 2 times before he fell to the ground.

I can’t believe it… I killed him. That was horrible. I think I’m getting a bit of energy. But we have to go now.

Not wasting time, I quickly went and untied my brother.

“Justin!” he said crying and hugging me.

“You’re safe now Max! I’ve went through HELL to get you! L-Lets just get out of here!” I replied while hugging him tight.

We walk past the dead bodies in the dark. “God… I’m so weak… Max I need to go to a hospital when w-we g-get back,” I say faintly while trying my best not to faint.

“Don’t worry, you will go!” Max says while wiping his tears walking with me. I can’t even see him clearly in the dark.

1 hour later of walking we finally reached our area.

I was losing so much blood I couldn’t believe that I didn’t faint or DIE yet.

“Yes! We are almost at the hospital,” I say faintly but happily.

Then I heard a giggle from Max. “Hm… Why are you giggling?” I ask.

As we went past a street light I could finally see properly.

“Nothing *giggle*” he replied.

Hm… Okay…

Oh… God…

I turn to Max and start shaking.

Max… had an X mark on his neck.

The words flooded back into my mind.-

(“He marks his victims with an X, Do not trust, no matter how good they seem.”)

His eyes turn from green to black with a white pupil. Blood leaking from his eyes.

Max then turned to me and said, “Whats wrong… brother?” his pitch became dark.

After all I’ve went through, this is truly the end for me.

(picture/art credit to me)

  • Belen

    Damn, that was really good.

    • CreepypastaJack

      Thank you 😀 💕

  • Sarita Tinsley King

    I enjoyed the theme, but it seems lacking. Like it could use more descriptive words and like it moves too fast. Also, the main character’s reactions seen mostly unbelievable.

  • CreepypastaJack

    Note: (i really apologize if you dont like the story). And i know the art doesnt look good its because i was rushing and i didnt want to spend like over 15 mins on each one :/. But anyways if you enjoyed and/or you would like to talk, my instagram is creepypasta_videos. If you want a different social m. from me then let me know. ^-^

  • CreepypastaJack

    (i would appreciate more ratings, and check out my other story called the shapeshifter!)

  • Maya

    Holy bejeesers i just figured it out and JSJDCNNCNCNCNFJFIJRU4HFHFBBFBCCURI73IR7FHCHC

    And great art bro

    • CreepypastaJack

      aYY thanks ;D

  • Daniel Di Benedetto

    Work on editing and verb-tense agreement. Also, when writing, try to adopt an intelligent tone. If you write as if you’re texting this to someone (i.e. using statements like “it was actually” and “this freaking”) you dramatically lessen the intensity of the story. This type of writing may work for humor, but for horror or something intended to evoke an emotional response, it’s not the most effective. Just some suggestions for future writing, man.

    • CreepypastaJack

      Oo i see