STitCHeS pt. 8

Author’s Note: Okay, so I’ve made a deal to myself that at most times when I have school, I would have to focus on school and not the story. Yes, I know, it’s tragic, but on the weekends, I shall try my very best to continue the series. Yes, at times I will quit writing, but that doesn’t stop me from entertaining you readers. Remember that day I asked for some readers to pray for me, I felt thankful of that. My series is still gaining views, but my short stories, not so much. I know, I should be a writer someday–actually, no I’m just gonna continue, I’m just going to shut up and just type the story while I still have time to spare. Enjoy!!

“Uh, alright,” Stitches sat down as Emmi walked over towards her and sat in front of her, not being unaware of what might happen if Stitches getting caught talking to air.

“Okay, so this is the story. Since Zacc was little, his parents was the richest, spoiled people ever known in this town. Even rumors said that Zacc was an artist ever since he was 6. Every often, they would put up Zacc’s art on their fresh ‘cut’ grass, since he grass was painted so that tours can see how ‘beautiful’ the grass is. But, one terrible night, Zacc spotted me in his kitchen. Yes, I was in his kitchen, looking for something… I can’t remember. Anyways, he spotted me in his kitchen. When he saw me, he wasn’t scared, he was happy.”


“Why are you happy?” Emmi asked Zacc as he gave her the cutest smile she has ever seen since her older friend who had passed away in 1989.

“Well, it’s because I’ve never seen a little ghost girl like you before. What’s your name?”

“Emmi,” she replied, scared of what Zacc might say to his parents in the morning, but when dawn hit and explained the story of him spotting her, they weren’t surprised.


Emmi froze, looking out into the horizon, “Dusk is rising, I…I–”

“Hey, aren’t you gonna continue the story? I was interested into it,” Stitches yelped, also begging Emmi to continue the story.

“I would love to but I can’t,” Emmi replied, “the curfew is 8 p.m. Unfortunately, you’re gonna have to survive the police by yourself,” Emmi said, looking like she’s fading away to leave Stitches by herself. “I’m sorry.”

“N-No! Wait!!” Stitches said, seeing her fade away as the sun was starting to set and the cloudy night comes. “Please tell me it’s 7:55 and I got 5 minutes to run again,” Stitches whispered aloud as she pulled her phone out. 7:59 P.M.

“Well, that’s just great…” she said, putting her phone into her almost ripped shirts. She could hear a car coming towards her so she started to run for it. Passing trees, playgrounds, stone and wooden picnic tables, and solid logs of wood. Her phone felt like it was going to fall out of her pocket, so she kept her balance and trying to make her phone stay in her pocket until her phone would stay in her pocket. Until she stopped running and forgot about Lily. “Oh. My. Dear. Mother. Of. My. Marshmallow’s. Why did I forget Lily?” Stitches whispered to herself, feeling guilty of herself. “Should go get Lily and get caught? Or just leave her behind and live?”

“FORGET IT! I SHOULD BE A LOYAL PET OWNER AND I WILL BE ONE! LILY!! I’M COMING!” Stitches yelled out on the top of her lungs, not caring if those police heard her. She decided to go through that process of searching and running back to the park. As soon as she reached to the park, she felt a tense that she had before, that was something similar that she couldn’t bear to know what it was. At one point, she felt a presence of a lady with the same hair color as her, nothing more than three stitches, a long summer dress, with no shoes, hair flowing through her hair as well as Stitches hair flowing through the wind. The woman didn’t notice the stitched up little girl standing behind her. Finally, the woman turned, seeming like she knows Stitches. Giving her a smile, a smile that looked like it was snatched off of a famous celebrity, or the most beautiful woman in the world. Stitches could feel her heart pound in her ears as the woman began to speak. Further more, she couldn’t help but to stand there, in silence.

“Ah, so you finally came, Elizabeth,” she said.

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