STitCHeS pt. 3


Zacc gave Elizabeth a black inked pen. Elizabeth took it slowly from his hands and wrote on the contract, ‘Elizabeth J. Wildwood.’ Zacc smiled at Elizabeth and took the pen away from her and simply said, “Now that you’ve signed the contract,” he looked into her eyes, “Do you want to get started with the fun?” Elizabeth gulped, “Uh…” She looked around the room but still darkness around except for her and three other guys. She finally said, “Okay, I guess we can get started.” Zacc smiled happily and cheered, “Splendid! Eric and Cody, take her to the room.” The two guys untied Elizabeth’s hands and grabbed her arms hard and took her off to the room. She looked back and saw Zacc standing there, smiling creepily with his hands behind his back. As she kept staring, it seemed like the light was shrinking and getting duller and duller, until you could barely even see it anymore.

The two guys took Elizabeth to an operating room. She felt a cold breeze going up her spine as she saw the room. It had blood on the walls, blood on the table, and some other tools on the bloody table. Elizabeth heard the big metal door shut and locked. She gulped hard. The two guys slammed onto the table and strapped her down. She tried kicking them off but they grab her feet and strapped that down as well. She knew this is going to be the last day of being a virgin. The guy on the left went to get a gas tank and a mask so they can put her to sleep. She tried to move but the straps were too strong. She asked what was going on and why is she in here being strapped. The guy on the right said, “Honey, Cody’s going to go get the mask so you can sleep, peacefully.”

“So, you’re Eric, and he’s Cody?” Elizabeth asked, being curious of any hazards that might occur.

“Correct,” he replied, “Why would you ask? We are going to fix your memory so you won’t remember any of us except Zacc. Or master I should say,” Eric said as Elizabeth heard Cody coming in with a gas tank and a large bottle of pills. Elizabeth felt oozy and felt a hand on her face, covering her eyes as they put the mask on. Cody turned the gas on high and as soon as Elizabeth tried to warn them to turn it down a little bit, she heard laughter and fell asleep.

Soon, Elizabeth woke up, feeling odd, feeling nothing but string. She sat up, feeling a slight pain to her face and arms. She looked down to her hands and saw stitches on her arms and on her fingers. No one was in the room and the mask that she was wearing was still on. She took the mask off and walked to the door. She tried to open it, but the door was too tight to open. She looked around the room to see if there was any way to escape, but there was nothing to be found. Suddenly, she found a mirror, and she was curious of what her new look looked like. She walked up to the mirror and was absolutely shocked. She wasn’t beautiful anymore, she was in stitches… Her hair, was light brown, purple bangs, and blonde tips. Her outfit… Ripped up shirt that showed her belly button, her necklace was still there when her mother gave it to her for her 10th birthday (Her mother told her grandmother to give her the necklace when she was turning 10), and her stomach was stitched up, looked like a large cat scratched her. Her face… One left eye missing, and her face was covered up in stitches from mouth to her forehead. Her neck was covered in stitches, her legs, her ripped shorts, everything. She was now known as Stitches. ‘I knew I shouldn’t have trusted that moron! He is gonna get what he deserves,’ Elizabeth, no, Stitches thought. She quickly thought it was gonna s**k but it turns out that she could have fun with it. Somehow, when she woke up, something snapped inside her. She felt like she was thirsty for murder and insanity. She looked at the pill bottle and notice that they were all gone. She started to twitch randomly. She kept twitching and wouldn’t stop. Stitches suddenly felt a rush of energy, feeling like she was going to go on her bad side when she notices a little note on the table next to the pill bottle. She picked up the note and it said…

“Elizabeth, you seemed to take long to wake up, even Eric and Cody tried to shake you awake, until Cody mentioned that you still had the mask on. Until you wake up, I just wanted to see your look on your face when you come out. There is a code to the door so you won’t have to struggle to open it. The code is 334562. Good luck getting lost in the depths of the lab! -Zacc and others.” There was a little heart toward the ending of his last word ‘lab!’. She thought that was ridiculous.

Stitches entered the code and the door opened automatically. She walked out and saw the room she first woke up in. She started to have flashbacks of the crash for some weird reason. Like those flashbacks that you won’t ever forget until the day you die, or like you just thought of and started to bawl into your hands that you wanted to get rid of, forever. But that accident wasn’t ever going to fade away in her head. She started to have a sharp pain to her back, like a bee sting, but infected. She screamed and tried to run her hand through her back, trying to find this “sting” on her back. Suddenly, she heard something loud, like some kind of a thud or a boom going off in the other door across the chair. She walked to the door and opened it, slowly to see if there wasn’t anything bloody or gore-ish. She found Zacc siting in the middle of the room, nothing was there except Zacc just sitting in the middle of the room. She heard sorrows from him, like he was crying. She grew curious and walked in. She tried to stay quiet as possible until he jumped and turned around. The horror on his face was quite horrible, his head was bleeding, like a knife just randomly cut him. Stitches blinked a few times and asked in a crackling tone, “Are you okay, Zacc?” His eyes grew enormous and replied, “No, sweetie. I’m not okay, I’M GOING INSANE!!” He grabbed her neck and started to lift her off the ground. She was trying to break free but he was still choking her, the harder the grab, the more she’s choking. She finally kicked him off, and when she did, he was sent flying across the room. She was finally free from that maniac that was trying to kill his own “project.” He stood up, all covered in dust and bruises. He took heavy breathes and said, “So…you wanna be a little brat, huh?” He stood there looking at her. “No,” she replied, “I don’t want this. Why are you being a jerk? Snap out of it.” Zacc ran to the door behind Stitches and opened it. ‘Let’s hope he’s not grabbing a knife,’ she thought and ran after him. While she was running, she felt weird running while her legs were in stitches. She didn’t feel like the original her anymore, she felt like a killer that hadn’t killed any thing yet.

He finally reached the table that had all the little tools on it and grabbed the knife from it. He turned to her and she stopped running. He looked at her, dead in the eyes. She was sent chills down her back as he kept staring at her. He finally started to run towards her but she stood her ground, waiting to see what happened if she tried to stand there until he finally reached the spot.

Author’s Note: Hey guys! I’m so sorry if I hadn’t uploaded ANYTHING this whole week. I was REALLY busy with school and all of this homework. Trust me, it’s not easy to deal with school and all the thinking I have to do to finish the first series and start on the second series. I’m not sure when though, maybe some time next year. Anyways, enjoy!!

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      lol thank you!! Its really hard to keep on track of this. Especially when I have to think of what she is gunna do in the series. Its really complicated.