Flip the Coin and Make a Wish!

Relates to a weird/creepy dream I had a few nights ago, and I have no clue how I feel about it…

“Ladies and Gentlemen! Boys and Girls! Today, and just today I will give one of you an amazing opportunity. A coin, but not just any ordinary coin. A coin that will grant you as many wishes as you want! You all laugh? Haha! I can see how some of you think I am joking and how I may be lying. But I will show you how I am not. A free demonstration then, I shall need a volunteer.” The man who wore a dark purple and black suit spoke then points to the town mayor.

“A powerful man like yourself may have some hard times running a lovely town like this. There has to be a wish you must want? Would you like to flip the coin, sir?” The man asked with a warm smile.

The town mayor scoffed, but his people cheered him on to give it a try. When the mayor stood on the small stage, the man put a nickel in his palm. He looked down at it with a scowl. “Give it a try sir, just flip the coin and make a wish. But do not tell us what that wish is, everyone knows wishes don’t come true if you tell,” the man said with a wink.

The mayor rolled his eyes. With his thumb, he flipped the coin in the air. He just wanted to amuse his people and himself. When the coin dropped back down on his palm, nothing happened. The mayor got a cocky smirk and looked at the man who was looking down at his pocket watch. “The mail should be here in three, two…” As the man points to the side of the stage, “right on time!”

“Sir, sir, I have a letter for you,” a mail carrier ran up the stage holding a small envelope, the mayor curled his eyebrows up as he slowly takes it the townspeople look on. He opens it then reads the letters his eyes widen. “MY DAUGHTER HAD A BABY BOY!” He yelled and held the letter up in the air, “I HAVE A GRANDSON! MY WISH! THAT WAS MY WISH!” The town cheered with him, but the mayor stopped he looked at the man who was flipping the coin between his fingers. “Now which one of you will get this coin to keep?” He grinned.

The once lovely and peaceful town became a chaos of screaming people, shoving and fighting to get to the small stage where the man stood still grinning and still flipping the coin between his fingers. The chaos stopped when someone from the crowd shot a gun in the air then they point it at the man’s head.

“You better give me that damn coin, or I’ll kill you!” The gunman yelled. People backed away from him. The man complied with a kind smile and nod. He jumped off the stage and walked towards the Gunman. “Hold out your hand sir. The coin is yours.”

With his free hand, the gunman held it out as the man dropped the coin in his palm. The Gunman flipped it then waited for a few minutes. “It didn’t work!” He snapped then points the gun at the man’s head again, who kept smiling. “Check your pockets, sir,” the man said. The Gunman did so, bills and more bills filled them. “I’m rich! I’m rich!” He cheered but his happiness was outlived because a woman hit the back of his head with a rock, she picked up the coin and the money from his pockets.

The man walked away and sat on the stage to watch the chaos continue, wishes after wishes were followed by bloodshed. He watched and kept smiling. When the only one standing was just a young woman, she was tearing up and holding the bloody coin in her shaking hand. The man stood up and walked over with his hands behind his back.

“Congratulations! You are the lucky one to keep the coin and make as many wishes as you want!” He claps his hands. The young woman looked at him, breathing heavily with tears rolling down her cheeks. “I really get to keep it?” She asked, the man grinned and nodded. The young woman smiled a little. She flipped the coin. The man frowned. He grabbed her throat and caught the coin before it dropped.

“I’m sorry my dear you can’t make that wish, once death occurs it can’t be undone. What the people have done here today was their doing, and one little wish isn’t going to fix it, understand that?” He grinned and let go of her throat. The young woman started to sob.

“But I’ll make a deal with you, my dear. Since you care so much for these greedy useless people who in reality didn’t give a damn about you, I’ll reset the day. I won’t come into this town. I won’t show my wishing coin. I won’t have the mayor make the first wish. It will be like I never even showed up! BUT you must come with me and swear your loyalty to me. Deal?”

The young woman closed her eyes and swallowed hard. “Deal,” she spoke lightly. The man smiled and held the coin up between his middle and index fingers flipping it as a flash came from it.

  • CreepyPastaED

    I like this story! I personally could have used a little more detail about the town’s people killing each other and a few more wishes just to make the story longer, but still a great story!

    • UneaseFeline

      Kind of tried going along with the dream the best I kind which was already kind of vague, sorry ^^” But I’ll add onto it when a few ideas come to mind 🙂 Thank you for liking it those