STitCHeS pt. 10 (Season Final)

Author’s Note: This, my friends, is the last episode of the first season. FINALLY FINISHED!! Yeah, I know I said that season 2 was going to be released until Christmas but, I had really not much in mind, so I reckon I was going to release this episode and get started with Season 2 next week. I’m really stressed and tired because this month and stuff like that it’s been pretty wacky and what not. And one more thing, EVERY SEASON FINALS WILL BE EXTREMELY LONG!!! Due to it, I’ve decided just whatever and put it really long. So anyway, grab some popcorn, find you a comfortable spot, and enjoy!!

Stitches held the knife close to her chest, being leery of Jacine appearing out of nowhere and attacking with a sudden hit. The ground below her seemed like it was rumbling, but suddenly, it shot up with rocks, stone, dirt, and more Earth. Jacine laughed wickedly, “You’re nothing but just a pile of shame and strings. I could tug on your heart any day!” Stitches grabbed onto a limb of an old tree, looking down as how high she is. ‘Oh. My. Dear. Mother. Of–‘ Somehow, she wasn’t floating anymore, like gravity was playing with her because she was now dangling from the tree branch! She was hoping and whispering to herself that it wouldn’t suddenly snap, but her luck went out. The old tree branch snapped and suddenly she was falling.

With her screaming for help and falling, she closed her eyes, just preparing for when she dies. Until she was so close to the ground, she stopped falling, but continued screaming. “SHUT UP ALREADY!! YOU’RE LUCKY I DIDN’T KILL YOU! Like I should have…but oh well,” Jacine yelped. She, then, somehow turned the gravity off. ‘How is she doing this? How is she controlling gravity…by turning a switch or something?’ Stitches thought. She opened her eyes and looked up to where Jacine was standing there, like the gravity was on for her. “My eyes can control the gravity of any place and any person. It’s not normal for a ghost to have powers, but I guess I’m the only well-known ghost to have powers,” Jacine grabbed Stitches by her right leg and dug something sharp into her leg, causing her to scream in agony and to bleed. “You’re a useless little girl. Your blood must be delicious,” Jacine licked her lips in delight. She looked into Stitches eyes in a k***y way. Stitches tried to get back onto her feet, but it was useless by every minute she tried. “Aren’t you that stupid? You can’t walk. I turned off gravity for you, dumb a*s.”

Jacine let go of Stitches and turned on the gravity. Stitches wanted to just attack her, but there wouldn’t be any point into trying if she kept getting fooled by Jacine. She sighed, “Look, I just want to get this over with. Can I just go home?” She put her knife away, trying to pull her stitches tighter so they won’t come undone. “I would, but…” Jacine tapped her chin, “…I’m afraid I cannot do so,” Jacine looked up into Stitches eyes (well…eye) and smirked. She walked towards Stitches with the same stupid smile on her face. ‘Get closer,’ Stitches thought, ‘I freakin’ dare you.’ She gripped onto her knife that was in her back pocket while Jacine tried to play with her bottom lip, still having that smile on her ghostly face. “You know something, you must have tasty blood…” Jacine trailed off with an odd groan. ‘What the f**k. DID SHE SERIOUSLY SAY THAT MY BLOOD MIGHT BE TASTY?!’ Stitches thought, paranoid. “Wait, there’s something on your face,” Stitches pointed out, lying. “I do? Where?” Jacine oddly turned human in an instant, then Stitches grabbed her knife and stabbed her neck. With Jacine staring in horror and blood dripping, Stitches tried to move the knife across her neck to slice it but it was stuck in one position. “Damn you, woman,” Stitches muttered under her breath, “Damn you.”

After dawn started to hit, Stitches tried to search for Lily, who was still missing. Calling her name for the millionth time, a car pulled up from behind. She heard the car door slam shut then turned around. “Excuse me miss?” asked the voice behind her, “May you tell me where the nearest–” Stitches turned around, showing her only eye and her huge bang covering the stitched one. “Oh my, oh my! I’m so sorry, my dear,” the old woman patted Stitches shoulder, smiling sweetly that Stitches couldn’t help but to smile, “You must be a strange person to have those stitches all over your face. Would you like to come over for something to eat?” Stitches couldn’t just say no to this sweet woman, but slowly thinking it might be a trap. “Hmm…” she tapped her chin, looking at the old woman standing there looking at her, “…I might come over. What would you make?”

“I can make whatever you want, sweetheart,” she smiled, “I am an excellent baker.”

“Can you make chocolate cupcakes?” Stitches lifted her brow.

“Anything, doll. Anything to fill that tummy of yours.”

“Hmm…I might count on it. Where’s it at?”

“Oh dear. You mustn’t ask that.” The woman put her hand to her chest like she was in shock.

“Uh…why not?”

“I don’t give out my information in public, only to doctors. That is when I can trust them,” she pointed out, not making it obvious.

“Oh, alright,” Stitches turned around, accidentally revealing her stitched eye and face, “Take me there, then”

The old woman’s eyes widened like the size of an orange, “HOLY S**T BRUH, WHAT THE F**K ARE YOU?!”

“A person,” she replied, not caring about the old woman’s reaction. “F**K THIS S**T I’M OUT, BOY!!” the woman raced to her car with such strange speed and dashed away, driving side to side. Stitches sighed and continued walking. She looked down at her dirty converses, kicking the little rocks along the side, making a little pathway. Awaiting for another adventure to begin.

  • Simon

    I’ve read through your series atleast twice now and I’ve gotta say… What the hell is going on? What the hell is this? Why is any of this a thing? And why is most of said thing scored at atleast 4 out of 5?
    Everything about your story is freaking terrible, from the grammar to the nonsensical plot that goes all over the place, ditching characters and ongoing plotlines on a whim, to the unlikable characters, none of which have any motivation for their actions whatsoever, just… everything.
    It feels like you either purposefully wrote the whole thing in such an awful way, or you just didn’t actually care about putting any sort of effort into making a coherent story. This series is literally one of the worst things I’ve read here. Please, either change your aproach to writing the series entirely, or just don’t write it at all.

    • Simon

      Whew, that ain’t mean at all……

    • Kittypasta

      Hey don’t be mean! I loved it and it may not make sense but when you make a story what do you do? When I make a story I have to read what I posted then Figure out what to put for the next chapter or whatever

      • Simon

        Well, this is a 2-year-old comment you’re replying to, but yeah, I agree it’s pretty mean.

        • Kittypasta

          Oh lol I didn’t even see how long ago it was XD But Yeah it was pretty mean and I sounded like a f-ing 4 year old saying that comment XD

          • Simon

            Nah, it’s good that you’re calling things like this out. I wrote that comment at a somewhat difficult time for me in real life, during which I was subconsciously venting my frustrations through shallow and mean “criticism” of stories which were themselves the venting of other people’s feelings. It might’ve made me feel better at the time, but it was ultimately an unproductive and bad way of spending my time.

          • Kittypasta

            Dang, Well I am going a difficult time right now. I have Depression, Anxiety, ADHD or ADD, And Pretty sure Retardation. So my life is crazy and on top of that I have 6 siblings (2 Step and they are older) The younger 4 s**k and makes do stuff to myself. I had to talk to my school counselor because it was bad. I have to go to a dr. soon for medicine

          • Simon

            Sounds like you’re going through some pretty rough stuff. Hope you manage to figure things out. You’ve made it this far, so I believe you’ll be able to make it through. If things ever start feeling too tough, don’t worry about hitting me up to vent if you have a Discord or something.

  • Ray Ramirez

    This series was great, will be reading the second part as soon as its posted

  • Kiraaa

    I like this story. Although.. It could use a little more of a background story.. As to why this is occuring. Oh and you gotta bring zacc back because i dont wanna think he is dead just yet…

  • Pinkypie

    I love your series I have read it with my mom who would usually hate things like this but she loved all the way until the end like I did It was my honor to read your series❤❤❤❤

  • Kittypasta

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I NEED MORE!!!!!!!!! ToT IT’S TOO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY DID YOU END IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????? Can you make another story like I need to know if she found Lily and if she just started life (Like she got a boyfriend then they adopted a kid and stuff) but they were all killers (DUH KITTY!) but I need more it was soooooooooooo goooood!