There is a game I got a while ago called STICKS. I would just go ahead and explain what the game was about, but honestly I want to explain why I got it in the first place.

11:30 PM

I was surfing on the deep web because I was feeling ill and was bored. So I saw a couple of fake websites until the title STICKS came up. “I do like things doing with stickman…” I thought. Opening it I saw darkish black text that was hard the see. It said, “You can build your own colony of stickman! To zombies to normal ones!” I loved games like this so without thinking I downloaded the STICKS-GAME.exe.

11:52 PM

I was using a Surface and some logic tech stuff by then to play it. When the game loaded, it made a ringing noise as of a siren and I held my ears instantly. After 5 minutes, it finally stopped and I looked back at the screen. Retro music played and the graphics were retro as well. A button on the screen said PLAY. I clicked it and it took me to the nations menu. It said: 1Zombies 2Humans 3STICKS

I tapped the 3 key on my red glowing keyboard and it shifted to a screen that was all blank and the retro music stopped. I heard my door creak and jumped up. I swear there was a figure that disappeared the moment I saw it. I looked back at the screen ignoring the thought of the door and the figure, hoping the screen would change.

12:00 PM

It was midnight. My screen had changed while I fell asleep. I was only asleep for about 8 minutes because of a sudden noise breaking the silence. The screen was now still blank but with a black stickman that was of coarse, retro styled. He then grew white eyes and a mouth. He then said something in a distorted and deep voice that I could only make out as:


I felt a chill up my spine but nothing really happened after that.

12:25 PM

My Surface starts to heat up. I hear its fan blowing harder and harder. I run through my house and then I make it outside. I look in my window and on the screen is a dreadful text: “STICKS SAYS: WHY YOU?” I try to get a better few but it starts to smoke and before I can make it out, my house is on fire. Then I look at the time.

1:00 PM

I twist my watch around and it makes out a stickman. Ever since I have had a fear certain drawings including ones with stickman. Now you must choose…


Author’s Note: Not a real story but you already knew that. Also sorry for bad grammar, I’m just crappy like that cause I’m bored.

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    ‘Why us?’
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