I woke up as I do every morning, taking a shower, getting dressed, the usual. I went downstairs for some breakfast and noticed my computer open, the screen glowing a whitish green. I went to check, but was met with the familiar tone of a notification. There was a file asking to be opened. It was titled “README.txt”, so I thought it was something from one of my friends, or maybe an important document from work.

I opened the file, my computer freezing for a moment before resuming. The document wasn’t from work or anyone I knew, seeing as it was worded much like what I assume to be either a threat or some kind of suicide note. I only got through a few lines before my computer crashed, going completely black. I don’t remember what happened next, but what I can remember is hearing a click, then a scream. It was faint, and my neighbors didn’t seem to hear anything. Ever since that day random files will show up on my computer, some reading childish words such as “doll” or “sweet”, but then there will be days when I’ll get violent messages in all caps reading “MURDERER” or the sentence “YOU KILLED THEM”. That’s when the pain starts.

It differs each time, but a constant is the outer skin on my throat. Some days it’ll be worse, as if someone cut my throat with a rusty knife. Other times it’ll just be annoying, a dull pain. I could never figure it out, but I’m guessing it has to do with those missing memories and that strange file…

  • boiOhBOI

    This explains marble hornets. But in a weird way. Like totheark made it

    • aquatickid

      marble hornets? sorry, i’m pretty new to all of this! ^^;; but they sound interesting! i’ll check them out, thank you!

  • Grace Olson

    This is chilling in a way I can’t explain. I hope there is a part 2!

    • aquatickid

      ah, thank you! this is just a dream. that i had, so we’ll see!

  • Kittypasta

    I just wish it was longer

    • aquatickid

      we’ll see! (: