Lunatic Luna

Luna was born with a rare disorder; she had one blue eye and one green eye. Her farther abused her for this. “Henry stop it! She’s our child!” Her mother, Katie, shouted as she blocked Luna. “Look at that thing! She’s a monster!” He said. Luna was five as she feared her farther. Her long wavy brown hair covered her face, hiding her green eye. They were outside in their garage after picking up her mother from work.

“Daddy?!” Luna asked as he grabbed the gasoline bottle. Her mother tried to stop him, but saw it was no use, so ran to find the extinguisher. He pours the gasoline on her as she shivered. “Get back here!” He shouted as he grabbed her hand, ruining her attempt to run away.

She still tried to run as he dragged her with him to find something to light the gasoline soaking the child with. “I’m sorry daddy! Please!” She shouted as she tried to take off her shirt. She would rather be exposed then murdered. Her farther slapped her, giving her a big bruise. He found a lighter and chuckled as he lit the child. She screamed in agony and pain before her mother ran in and extinguished the flames.

“Leave her to die.” He said. “Are you insane! She’s your daughter! If you don’t love her! I don’t love you! See you in court.” Katie said before laying her dying daughter in the car and rushed to the hospital.

The next day, Luna woke up wrapped in bandages, unable to move. She could see fine, except for the blur from the flames, but the tears of pain hurt rolling down her scorched skin.

“Thank goodness you’re okay. Don’t worry. Daddy can’t hurt you anymore. He’s going away until you go to high school.” Katie said.

“Why does daddy hate me?” Luna wanted to say, but the wraps were tight around her mouth. Her mom went over beside her and smiled. “You do know your farther does love you right? He just doesn’t like to admit it.” Katie said. Luna wasn’t stupid, she knew her farther hated her.

A few days pasted and the bandages came off. Luna had grayish pale skin that was smooth. Luna was shocked to like the new look, a little.

“Mommy?” She asked. “Yes, dear?” Katie asked. “Can we go home?” Luna asked. “Not yet, they need to make sure you’ll be okay. Then we can go home.” Katie said.

After they came home, Luna was on her tablet when she saw a horror book. Luna was able to read ninth grade books due to her love of stories. Her mother would always be at her work and her farther would be drunk, so she had to read herself, and soon ran out of books to read. So she found the next thing to read, her father’s newspapers, then her moms magazines, and so on.

The next year Luna was bullied and called nicknames of burnt foods, but she didn’t care after her mother had twins. Stacy and Tracy adored Luna, and she adored them. One day Katie and her husband, Johnathan, woke up and saw Luna up, feeding Stacy with the bottle as Tracy was asleep. “Honey, what are you doing up this early?” Katie asked.

“Stacy was tired so I feed her.” Luna said. Katie was worried as she rushed into the kitchen and saw the formula and milk on the counter. “You know what the formula is?” Katie asked. “Yeah. It says baby formula on it.” Luna said.

Luna, now seven, was playing her console with Johnathon as she spammed b*****s. Johnathan won as she groaned and leaned back, looking at the ceiling. Tracy started to cry as Luna got up. “What is it?” Luna asked in a sweet voice. “Hungry.” She said. Luna went into the kitchen and made her some Mac and Cheese. “Stacy! Come eat!” She shouted upstairs before going over to Johnathon. “Best of three.”

Luna is now in fifth grade before coming home with bruises. “What happen?” Stacy asked. “Yeah?”

Tracy stands up and walks over to Luna. “I feel on the concrete.” Luna said. “Okay.” They both said before returning to playing with dolls.

Luna went to her room and read a horror book. She enjoyed the violence, being able to relate or not to the characters, from if she would do they same thing or had been in the situation. She laughed as she finished the book, noticing her mom was in front of the door.

“How did you get a book like that?” She asked. “My teacher. She saw how I liked the types of books and she gave it to me today.” Luna said. “Today? That thick book in a day?” Katie asked. “Yeah. I could relate to the main character in a way.” Luna said.

Luna went down to the kitchen and thought she saw a figure in the window, she looked at  the dark figure with wide eyes, not scared. The figure tilted its head and she just stared at him. “Honey? Who are you looking at?” Katie asked. “That.” Luna said. Her mother looked and gasped, seeing the figure.

A girl took off a mask before Luna let her in. “I thought I had you!” She said as Luna laughed. “You got me. Hannah, you have to stop doing that.” Katie said. Hannah had blue eyes and black hair to match her dark tan she got from the beach one day.

“How come you weren’t scared? Your mom was.” Hannah whined. “I’ve lived through my worst fear, and since that can’t hurt me, I don’t care. Plus if you dress the made up character I made last Halloween, I know it isn’t real.” Luna said.

The next year, Hannah had to move to California. “What now?! You’re my best friend!” Luna cried as she hugged Hannah. “I don’t want to leave. Bit this is a big opportunity for my dad. I’m sorry.” Hannah said.

The next week, Luna continued crying. Her mother and sisters tried to cheer her up, but couldn’t. At school, a bully named Luke and his friends, Jake and Gaven came over after she was dropped off.

“Well look who it is. Burnt toast. I wonder if that’s a mask or if it’s her real skin.” Luke said. “Not now Luke.” Luna said. “Oh, you must be mad that your only friend left.” Luke said.

A weird sensation came over her. It was relaxing, but at the same time giving her a pain, making her body twitch where it hit her. “I heard she left because she didn’t want to see this monster.” Gaven said.

Monster. It had been so long since she heard that word to name her. It made her, angry. The feeling got worse as she dropped her books and remembered her torture. All she wanted to do was hurt, possibly kill.

She turned to them and balled her fist, the feeling still in her body. Luke laughed before being kicked back in his pelvis.

“You don’t bring Hannah into this Luke. This is between us. And if they intervene… heh. They’ll know.” She said.

She didn’t know those words. She knew what that meant, bit she couldn’t control herself. It wasn’t her talking. She could see, feel, hear it all. The boys besting her up and her doing the same as the school kids watched. She kicked Luke back and balled her raw fist. Luke looked terrified and the others had ran.

She gained the co to move freely as a teacher came over. Luna and Luke was in the Principle’s office when Luna’s mom came in. “You’re daughter is mean! I was trying to go to my class when she attacked me.” Luke lied. Katie glared at Luna as she just looked down.

“Is that true?” Katie asked. “He wasn’t going to class, but yes. I attacked him.” Luna said. Luke was surprised she told the truth as well as his friends. “We might be able to suspend him if you tell us what he did to make you attack him.” The principal said. Luna knew that if she told them, he would be expelled.

“He didn’t say anything, I needed to get my head off of some stuff and they were the closest to me.” Luna said. Luke was surprised and smirked at her. “This isn’t like you Luna, but you’re one of the best students in this school. Don’t do it again and you can stay at school. But you have detention.” The principal said.

Luna picked up her books and saw Luke beside her. “Why did you do that?” Luke asked. “What?” Luna asked. “Not tell them.” Luke said.

“Because it wasn’t your fault that you were sent to the office.” Luna said. “Yes it was.” Luke said. “I shouldn’t had attacked you. But a dark feeling made me. You reminded me of my dad, who turned me into burnt toast. That’s why he’s in jail.” Luna said before walking away.

“Wait!” Luke said before catching up with her and walking with her to class. “You seem cool. We’ll stop bullying you, but the other bullies I can’t promise.” Luke said. “Thanks. Now I need to get to class.” Luna said.

Luna was now 12, and her mother had been in an accident. Johnathan started to drink to take his mind off of her death, and abused the three. She did everything to protect the twins, which left her with bruises and cuts.

Luke, her best friend, had never been told why she had them, which ruined their friendship over the three months. He started to stay away from her and hung out with her bulky, Kate. She felt betrayed, but found a way to cheer herself up. She was use to being hurt so to cheer her self up, she would cut herself. She wore a hoodie and long pants everyday, even in the summer.

Tracy and Stacy slept in her room as she was in the bathroom in front of her door, cutting her rust, making the twins were safe.

Now 13, Luna had no friends, and only her little sisters to love. She was always bullied. One day, she was at school when Kate and her crew came over. “Hey dweeb, what’s with the bruise?” Kate asked, Luke behind her. “It’s nothing.” Luna protested. She was about to walked away when Kate hit her in the back, stunning her. “Tell me or I’ll give you another between your eyes. You two eyed monster.” Kate said.

Luna sat their, twitching as memories returned, and then looked over to see a book. Kate was about to punch her when she kicked her in the stomach and grabbed the book. She repeatedly hit her in the stomach with the spine of the book as she sat on top of her. “Call me a minster again! I dare you!” Luna shouted as she hit her. Kate went to speak when she slammed the cover of the book to the side of her jaw, breaking it.

The other kids ran away, except for Luke who was to dramatized to move. Luna kept slapping Kate with the hardcover book. “I’ll make sure you can’t call people names again you blonde headed idiot.” Luna said before turning the book to where its spine was faced at Kate and heading to slam in between her eyes. A kid grabbed the book as the teacher pulled Luna away from Kate, half dead. The teacher called an ambulance as three students held the bloody Luna back from her.

The police asked kids as Kate was rushed to the hospital. Luna was in control of her actions and emotions again as she gasped and started to cry. “Kid, why did you hurt Kaye Greens?” The policeman asked. “I didn’t mean too! She called me a monster and I wasn’t in control of my actions!” Luna cried. “Because of some words?” The policeman asked. “The same words my farther used before lighting me on fire in an attempt to kill me. I thought of her as my father and thought to hurt her before she could hurt me. But I didn’t want to actually hurt her. I couldn’t stop myself.” Luna said. “Luna Grace. You’re going to have to spend sometime in juvenile prison for your actions.” The policeman said before they left, with Luna in the back of the cop car.

Two years went by, and since Luna had skipped a grade, she had now been in the same grade as the students her age. “Luna!” Both Stacy and Tracy shouted as she went up to Luna, getting out of the cop car. “Hey guys.” Luna said before seeing who was inside the doorway.

The person who started her rage.

Her father.

“You…” She growled. “I thought you would be happy to see me.” He said. “Tracy, Stacy. Behind me.” Luna said. The two listen as her father frowned. “Girls, I’m sorry.” Henry started. “I would never forgive you for trying to murder me. I’m still surprised they let you out.” Luna said. “In was sentenced 10 years. Where’s your mother?” Henry asked. “She’s dead.” Luna said. “What?!” He asked in rage. “She was in a car accident and died! It’s bad enough you’re here! Don’t remind us of her death! Just know we all got over you and the twins don’t even know who you are.” Luna said.

“She never told them?!” He asked angrily. “She?! What would she say?! Oh hey girls, Luna’s dad is a mad man who tried to set her on fire at your age!?” Luna said. Henry grabbed her by the collar making the twins cry. “You’re still the monster I knew you were.” He said before grabbing the twins and dragging them to a car. “Hey! Let them go!” She shouted.

“I have permission to take them. They’ll live with me while you leave with that guy. Two mistakes in one house right?” He said before shoving the twins in the car.

Luna got the feeling, only it wasn’t relaxation. It was pure rage. She stomped inside and saw Jonathan, drunk on the couch. “He let them. He let him hurt them.” A voice said. She was in complete control as her mind snapped, and she only heard the word she loved the most. “Kill.” The voice said. In the kitchen floor was some cleaning gloves she used to wash the floors as she laughed.

She went to the kitchen, put on the gloves and grabbed a knife, then walked up behind the drunk  man, then stabbed him in his torso. “You let him. You let him hurt them. Now you will pay. They all will.” She whispered to her softly as blood rushed out of his body. She slid the knife to his chest, then pulled it out and stabbed his skull. She went to her room, grabbed a grey hoodie, leather gloves, and blue jeans, then went to the bathroom. “One last round of fun.” She said as she had an idea. She went and carved a smile into her cheeks as it bled to her lips, and all she did was licked it.

She called Hannah one last time. “What’s up Luna?” She said. “My dad is out of prison and he took the twins. I think I’ve gone insane.” Luna said. “You’re not insane.” Hannah said. “I killed my mom’s husband. He let him take the twins. And I enjoyed doing it.” Luna said. “Then don’t stop. I’ll be down to help, hide the body and get your sisters back!” Hannah said before hanging up.

Luna laughed evilly before hiding the body. She dumped it into a lake nearby know for alligator attacks.

The twins were crying when they heard a knock on the door. “Who is it?!” Henry asked. “Open the door you monster!” Luna shouted from outside. “Go away brat.” Henry shouted. “Luna! Help!” Stacy and Tracy shouted. una busted down the door and looked at Henry with her wicked bloody smile. “Go outside girls. I’ll be finished in here soon.” Luna said. The two ran with asking and out the door. Henry grabbed a crowbar and swung at Luna, but missed. “Old man worn out on trying to kill someone.” She said before grabbing three more knives from the kitchen. He charged at her, but she kicked him back and stabbed his hand, pinning it to the wall. She pinned his other hand with a knife before he could take it out and the got two legs from the wooden table. She stabbed one into each of his thighs and laughed. “You’re right. I am a monster. One that will kill you and everyone who hurt me.” She giggled. She got her two knives and stabbed his torso and chest.

She came out of the house cover in blood, scaring the twins. “Is that blood?” Tracy asked. “We need to get out of here and meet Hannah. I’ll explain later.”

(Chapter two; Homicide Hannah, coming soon)

  • Faith Thompson

    It’s a good start and a good plot, however, proofreading would be beneficial. Good job

  • IronMosquito

    This was terrible. The grammar was so atrocious and confusing, I’m surprised one could even consider it literature. It was cliché. It seemed at many moments to be a rip-off of Jeff the Killer. 1 star.

  • Trinity_puppylover

    Not Farther

  • Sandra Brooks

    Rip-off of Jeff the killer, work on your grammar too. If I didn’t know any better I’d say a 9 year old kid who liked Jeff the killer wrote this.

  • Thats_some_crappy_pasta

    THE.WORST. CRAPPYPASTA. IVE. EVER. READ. The grammer is so bad, it wants me want to go 🅱o🅾f. When luna calls hannah, its like “o hi hannah i just killed somone i think im insane.” “Then hannah is like, LMFAO ok il be right there. It makes 0 sence