Some Hallucinations are Real

When Dominic was eight, he was in a car accident. He hit his head and was lucky to be alive. It took him about five months to recover. He started to have hallucinations for the rest of his life. Nothing big. A random girl standing in the corner of the room. Sometimes a cat meowing in his room. It wasn’t until he was 20 and moved from Chicago to Pennsylvania when things started to get strange.

He was sitting in bed one night, when a tapping was at his door. He was startled by it, but he just kept going. Then his door opened. Dominic jumped out of bed, adrenaline shooting through his blood and into his legs he ran over to his door and slammed it shut.

“They can’t open doors! They just appear,” Dominic thought. He grabbed a baseball bat and opened the door, when a thin hand grabbed him. He finally saw the face of a hallucination he had seen for years. He called it The Hat, because of his long hat. His face was deformed and one of his eyes were split in half. The Hat grabbed his throat and pulled Dominic towards him. It spoke with a deep and gravely voice.

“I got you.”

Dominic woke up in bed and walked to the bathroom. He grabbed his razor and shaving cream. He looked in the mirror and had a red mark of a hand on his neck. He shaved his growing beard and walked out. He saw a cat sitting on a shelf in the corner of his room.

“Hey kitty. You’re a hallucination, aren’t you?” the cat meowed and knocked over a vase. It smashed on to the ground. Dominic ran over and picked up a shard of the vase. He pricked his finger and he bleed. Dominic was startled, and cleaned his finger.

“How? No windows are open!” he cleaned up the mess and went to work. As he was driving, he looked in the back of his car and saw a little girl. He swerved after he got scared, and kept driving. At one point, he saw The Hat. It grabbed his shoulder, and Dominic turned around.

“Leave me alone!” His co-workers looked at him. When he got home, Dominic’s apartment was trashed. He ran to his room to call the police, when something grabbed his leg and pulled him away. He was on his closet, and The Hat was in there with him.

“You’re not real!”

“Then how can I do this?” The Hat grabbed Dominic’s neck and bent him over backwards. The Hat threw Dominic backwards and broke his neck. The Hat left Dominic’s body there and left the apartment, but not before changing into a cat. He looked over at a car and there was a car driving down the road. Another victim to haunt.