Paralyzing Dreams

After a long day at work, I was happy to finally walk into my small cosy flat. I had moved out of my parents home not long after getting a job. A dream come true. But don’t get me wrong, I loved my parents but I also loved the feeling of independence.

Dropping my bag and jacket onto the soft carpeted floor of my room, I rushed into the kitchen to make myself some dinner. Perhaps a ready meal would be enough considering the exhaustion clouding my mind. Too lazy to make anything too complicated.

When I put the container of food into the microwave I took the chance to have a quick shower and change into my fluffy pink pyjamas (I know, very attractive) before returning to the kitchen to scoop the now scalding food into a small bowl.

Knock, knock.

I turned my head towards the doorway of the kitchen, listening as to where the knock had come from or if it would come again. It caused goosebumps to rise upon my skin. However, when it didn’t return I simply shrugged it off and made my way to my room. Sliding into bed, I turned the TV on and began to munch on my dinner.

Once I had finished my meal, I snuggled into my warm bed, closed my eyes and eagerly welcomed sleep.


My eyes slid open as I was awaken by something yet unsure of what. Blinking sleep away, my eyes scanned the room trying to find the source of what had awakened me. Goosebumps crawled upon my skin as it felt like someone was watching me. And, as if  on cue I felt my bed covers being pulled by my feet. My eyes widened with fear as thoughts ran through my mind. However, the fear only grew when I tried to pull my feet away, but they remained still. I continued to try and move the rest of my body, my hands, arms, legs but nothing would obey my commands. I could only watch as a hand crawled onto my bed followed by an arm.

The moonlight was all I had to see. And as another hand joined the other on my bed, did I notice the skin covering it looked rotten and dirty with mud.

My heart pounded as I watched a head of black knotted hair reveal itself. A monster was crawling onto my bed and all I could do was watch as its hands gripped my legs. It’s nails felt like claws against the fabric, ripping through it and scratching at my legs beneath as it pulled itself up. Sweat ran down my forehead as fear clouded my every thought. If this was a nightmare, I needed to force myself awake. But no matter how much I tried, I couldn’t wake up.

I watched the ghastly looking monster crawl towards me, it’s weight upon me become more and more suffocating the closer it came to my face.

When suddenly…


My body jolted upright upon my bed, covered in sweat. My eyes racing across the room looking for whatever had tried to attack me. I jumped to my feet and turned the light on realising it hadn’t even been an hour since I’d gone to sleep.

I  moved back in with my parents the next day.

  • Emily Maria

    Yes, and this is what it’s like.

  • Stephanie Johnson

    Moved tf out. That’s what I would do fs.