Come Play Charlie – Part 3: The Afterland

“Good day Charlie” said a voice out of nowhere. “What the hell?” I mumbled while still in a daze. Where was I? I was certain I died but here I was. Was this the afterlife? All I could see was darkness. Black and nothing else. I couldn’t feel anything and I couldn’t see anything. “Come play Charlie” I heard. “Where am I?” I yelled. “The afterland” called out a voice. Afterland? So I was clearly dead, the Afterland must’ve been the name for the afterlife here but this afterlife seemed a little plain. If I was dead, how could I remember what happened? “To the light Charlie” called out a voice. In the corner of my eye a white flash appeared and I decided to follow it. I had nothing better to do because you know, I’m kind of dead. I followed the light and was greeted by a strange character. It wasn’t human, it was like a crab, a four legged crab made of entirely flesh. It had three eyes, two in a normal spot and one in the middle of it’s forehead. It stared directly at me but I wouldn’t know how, I was invisible. “Charlie, welcome to Afterland. To answer the question you most likely have, no you aren’t dead yet. You are however not alive.” said the crab. “Allow me to introduce myself, I am Xenu, king of Afterland. You are in the midst of a cycle. This isn’t the first time i’ve met you Charlie White” continued the crab. “What…? How is this possible…?” I stuttered. “I’m sure you’ve seen the striking resemblance between you and that corpse that originally brought you here. That use to be a living breathing you, it was cursed to kill in a sense, you for eternity.” exclaimed the crab, “it needs to possess you in order to escape, but he has in many previous cycles. With each cycle it grows stronger and will eventually have enough strength to break free from its prison and unleash hell on earth” continued the crab. “How do I break this curse…?” I asked “you must break the cycle.” responded the crab. “In a second you will wake up, the corpse has possessed you, stole your body in a sense” continued the crab. “You must prove that you are stronger than the corpse to break the cycle, for it to stop wanting to play…” finished the crab. “How…?” I asked. My question was never answered…

I was awoken by a blinding white light. I wasn’t where I was before, not the hospital, not the cabin in the woods. Not even at school. I didn’t know where I was but it felt oddly familiar. There was people talking around me. I was alive, I didn’t know how I escaped that creature, how I survived any of this, and how I actually got here. The atmosphere felt cheery and festive. I noticed a Christmas tree in the corner of the room so I assumed it was around December. There was a desk with young girl attending it. She was about 20 with beautiful blonde hair and blue eyes. Without warning I walked over to the desk. I asked the lady for directions to room #341, I had no idea who lived there and why I wanted directions to it. The lady said it was on the fourth floor to the left. Without control my legs started moving, I couldn’t stop them. They kept moving until we got into the elevator. My arm raised out of nowhere and pressed on a button labeled with the number four. Then the elevator ascended to floor four. The doors opened up to a long hallway, my legs started moving again against my will. I followed the lady’s directions down the hall to the left and found apartment number #341. My arm raised and knocked on the door, my body crouched down and pulled out a shotgun. I was beginning to fear what was about to happen. I waited for about 15 seconds and the door opened up. A man in a green shirt and brown hair answered. “Hello, can I help you?” asked the man. My arms raised the shotgun to his chest and my legs started walking in. The room, the one from my dream… this couldn’t be happening, could it? As soon as I made the realisation, I knew that was my dad, a younger version of my dad. And there was my mother, she looked better than she ever did in all the pictures I’ve ever seen of her. She was young, seemingly full of life, and alive… “Turn around” my voice uncontrollably said. My dad turned around and got onto his knees. Without warning, I whacked him on the head with the back of my shotgun. He let out a cry and crawled over next to my mother. She went over to help him but then the thing possessing me yelled at her to stay put and on her knees. I looked around and there I was, the baby version of me. He sat there playing with a toy car not understanding what was happening. My arm suddenly pointed the gun at the infant. “NOOOO PLEASE ANYONE BUT HIM” my mother yelled, I proceeded to point the gun at her. Something started to happen. I looked over and there was a strange colorful beam slowly moving towards infant me. My parents didn’t seem to notice but it was clear to me what had to happen. “Break the cycle” I recalled from the strange flesh crab. I realized my whole life was supposed to be used to break the evil that possesses me’s curse. It has done it countless times and I’ve been through this before, although I may not recall it ever happening, I knew it did. Slowly but surely I began to gain control again, I knew now what had to happen. The thing that was inside of me was transferring itself into baby me, I waited and watched as the evil entity slowly possessed the child. Suddenly, I gained full control and I shot the baby.

My parents let out both cries of sadness and disbelief, I wouldn’t blame them. All this time, I’ve been used, I was supposed to of shot my mother, but I didn’t. I shot the baby version of me. The evil entity that was once there was dead, the thing that wanted to play. It was all over. I realize now that nothing is stronger than a mother’s love. That’s why in the cycle, I would’ve normally of shot my mom, but I didn’t. Looking around at the scene observing the gruesome murder I just committed, I took off the black ski mask that was on my head and smiled at my parents. “Mom, dad, it’s over now” I said with tears in my eyes. A puzzled and confused look on came down on their faces. “Good bye mother and father” I said as I faded away from existence.