Twisted Laughing Jack


It started as any other day. I was sitting in the kitchen drinking my morning coffee and worrying about my son, James, who had become somewhat reclusive ever since his father had left us for a h****r. As I was drinking my coffee I heard James giggling outside. I wandered outside to investigate and found him sitting on the swing set, holding a giant swirly lollipop


“Who gave that to you, James?” I questioned.


“Jack did, mom,” he replied with a look of absolute honesty on his face, pointing towards a tree on the other end of the yard. After searching for Jack and finding no-one, I sent James to school.


That night after tucking James into bed and turning on the new security system I had bought that day because of the look of absolute belief on James’s face when he told me about Jack;, and to be honest it kind of scared me. I lay awake restlessly reading a book because of a bad feeling that sent shivers down my spine and turned my blood to ice.


Suddenly, James let out a blood curdling scream. I jumped out of my bed and stormed into James’s room and my vision was filled with a grotesque sinister face with long blood stained needle-like teeth and razor sharp claws. He was striped black and white like some gothic halloween candy cane. As I was processing this, the lights suddenly  flickered off.


After what felt like the longest three seconds in my life, the lights finally flickered on again and he was gone. James was lying unconscious on his bed with blood gushing from his neck.  At the same time as I was trying to stop the flow of  blood I hastily dialled 911.

I spent three hours in the waiting room while several doctors tried desperately to stabilize James. I came to the conclusion that I needed to step up and defend our family so as soon as I was told that the doctors had successfully managed to stabilize James I jumped in my car and drove straight to the nearest camping goods store and bought a pump action shotgun with a lock breech and flashlight attachment  and set up the old baby monitor in his room so that I could hear the b*****d if he tried to hurt my baby boy again. When everything was set up I returned to the hospital.


When I returned I learned that James had Improved drastically  and that they would only need to keep him in overnight for observation.


The next night I tucked James into bed and turned on his baby monitor and climbed into to bed; as I picked up the first book that came to hand, I heard James giggling to himself  and saying, “it’s ok Jack I know that you didn’t mean to hurt me.” I hastily snatched up my shotgun and I heard a thud and a ear piercing scream that chilled me to the bone.


I burst into James’s room and that thing ‘Jack’, or whatever it was, flicked out his tail and hit the gun from my hands, warping the barrel and rendering it useless. I heard a groan come from the blood splattered wall and I saw that James was hanging from it by his hands which had been nailed into the wall, his intestines dangling from the gaping hole that was his stomach. Jack snapped me out of my stupor by saying ,“Don’t worry Ellen he is still alive. But not for long.”


“What do you want from me, you b*****d, and how do you know my name;” I screamed at him.

“Just the fun of the kill,” he whispered in a sinister growl .
“I’ve been watching you; planning, just waiting for the kill Ellen. I know more about you than you probably know about yourself.”  


“You fu-!”  I exclaimed.


“Sssshhhh” he cut me off. “This is my favourite part,” he says as he clicks his fingers and James’s  beautiful glacier blue eyes roll out from his head. I let out an almighty scream that was bound to let the neighbors know that something was wrong.


5 years later

When I opened Piper’s door to tuck her in I am suddenly consumed by the darkness that almost seems to pour from the room out onto the floor in front of me and I can hear a heavy guttural breathing. I become sick to my stomach with dread and finally I stammer out, “wh-who’s there?” Suddenly the lights flash on, chasing away the darkness. My eyes focussed on the bed and Jack was sitting there stroking my daughter’s ebony hair lovingly. “What do you want from me? Why can’t you just leave us alone!” I begged of him.

“Now, now, none of that. I just wanted a chance to see how well you were recuperating from last time; and by the looks of things you’re recuperating a little too  well,” he sniggered, gesturing to towards Piper.

“Don’t you dare touch her!” I shrieked at him

“Now, now, I don’t need to touch her, I can do it like this if you would prefer,” he said as he lifted his hand and suddenly Piper flew from her bed slamming into the roof with a bone breaking crack…

  • Brooke-Lynn Burke

    It leveted me on a clifthanger oh… and um s-sorry for that it m-ust hav-e ben d-devastated i would 2

  • Haylee

    The story didn’t quite have a nice introduction. I couldn’t read all the way through the story without commenting this before I continued. I would greatly appreciate if there was slightly more description of Jack’s character in the beginning and if you had an exposition along with rising actions. Pleas don’t take this as criticism but as a suggestion for improvement. Thank you for putting time into this story to entertain us. 🙂

  • NightFury

    I luv Laughing Jack! He is almost just like me. Only I’m a girl and I don’t kill people. XD

  • brianna

    what kinda ending is that

  • Alex Bauschard

    I enjoyed it. But I agree the with description part of the story. I want to be able to paint the picture of what Jack looks like to James earlier in in the story.

    Otherwise a great story by far.