Never Alone

This story will be short, however this story is also from my personal experience with a malevolent spirit in a few different encounters at childhood home.

These encounters started at a younger age, some of the first around age 8. I remember around that time I felt a little different. I always liked being alone, however I never truly felt alone. Things started out as simple as hearing the nobs on my dresser shaking. As though a train were going by, however we did not live near a set of railroad tracks. Soon after this I began to experience voices.

I remember playing in my room one day when all of a sudden I heard, “Junior!” Thinking my mother needed me for something I would go down stairs. Everything seemed normal at first until numerous times my mother would say she had not called for me.

After this went on for a month or so I would begin feeling a tug at me feet. Normally when almost at that point of slipping off into dreamland. At first I would wake up, never really felt scared. Just thought maybe my foot had slipped off the bed. That or my brother playing tricks on me.

Soon after that went on I began feeling truly scarred when I would wake up at night. Like I said before I never felt alone and as first never felt threatened, that of course did not last.

After a few weeks of feeling the tug at my foot, one day my mom and dad were leaving to the store.

“We’re leaving Jr, want to come?” she asked.

“No mom, I’d like to stay here if it’s not gonna be too long.” I said. This being a decision I would soon regret. As it would lead to the biggest sense of dread and a feeling I would not soon forget.

Soon after my parents left I remember playing with some toys on my bed. I had that somewhat uneasy feeling since they had left. I decided if I stayed quiet in my room I would be OK until they came home.

As I sat on my bed I felt this comfort one I knew all too well, as it normally allowed !e to fall into a short nap. As I laid there for a few minutes I decided a nap sounded great. I would just get up when mom and dad came home.

Fought as I began to drift off I felt the tug, or at least I thought it was a tug. For as soon as I woke this little tug kept it’s harsh grip on my foot. It did not let go this time, I was then drug off of my bed and across the floor out of my room. I knew two things at that point. It was in fact not my brother pulling a prank on me. As well as I was not alone. For someone or something had pulled me a good 20 feet across carpeted floor, and I knew at that point I could always feel when so!etching was there.

After that day I didn’t feel that tugging feeling anymore. I am not sure why it stopped after that day. But I know one thing for certain. From that day on I will always tuck the covers under !y feet before bed time. I cannot fall asleep if I don’t.

So when you feel like someone is watching, when you feel like you are not alone. Trust your gut because there is always something hidden, even in plain view. Watching you, waiting for the opportune moment to strike fear into your heart.

This is the first time I have written, and the first time writing about this experience. Feel free to provide feedback. I would love to improve my writing skills. For now this is a hobby and my story.

  • Hey, there were quite a few mistakes on your first story, I would recommend checking your story again before publishing. Apart from that the story was an alright story compared to the other Creepypastas. Alright because you said this was a real life experience and I believe you. Goodluck on making other stories! 4/5.

  • Liz Peksenak

    I thought it was great! Few grammar and spelling mistakes because t other than that I have felt the same feeling and it scares me!! I’m glad u have not been hurt . Plz continue to write ur experiences

  • Blitz

    If it makes you feel any better, I’ve thought I’ve heard my parents call me when they didn’t when I was younger.