Shadowman at the Foot of the Bed – Part 2

So things have been a little calmer as of lately, till the newest baby got here. She looks at something in the corner of the living room that none of us can see. While her other daughter crawls to her brother’s room and sits and laughs at the corner of the room. Things have been coming up missing in the house, and you know how it can get sometimes when you are like, “I didn’t move it or take it, so where did it go?” I find it harder to sleep at night, like I just can’t get comfy, feeling drained all the time and my mood changes, when I am not around this place I am happier, but as soon as I walk right back into the home, I get really agitated and snappy. Now my besties boy’s are acting out, not listening, crying at all hours of the night and even wetting the bed and they are 4 and 5 years old. Besties oldest still has night terrors and still comes to me telling me of Jason the shadow man.

It is scary to think about some dark force scaring a child, but me and bestie don’t talk about it, but me and besties sister and baby sitter that lives across the street from us has talked about it, and from what we can gather is that Jason may have been the creation of anger and stress caused by arguing and fighting in the home before bestie got this place. Bestie is so afraid of things like this and I tell her all the time that she needs someone to come in and bless her home to rid it of bad vibes and so forth, but she has not listened to me about it yet.

This will be the last post of the shadow man here, because bestie plans on moving her mobile home to some different land, I just hope when she does that all of this will be gone, and not attached itself to her home, I hope that it’s the land and not the home. I may write one more depending on if I am here when the home is moved or not, but I tell you this has been quite the experience.