Secret Message

“There is someone rather annoying in your life that you need to listen to.”

It was supposed to just be a fun, outing with her friends, or at least, that’s what Maire expected when she stepped foor into the dully lit room. Candles were spread out along the back wall and she supressed a giggle, glancing over at her friends. Josh and Greg were glancing around with mixed expressions. It was their first stop in Lillydale, a town in New York that was said to be home to psychics. Against her mothers requests, they packed up and drove from Texas to New York, finally stopping around five in the afternoon and starting their journey at the small building with a plain sign in the front.

The words of a lost voice echoed in her mind. “There is someone rather annoying in your life that you need to listen to.” It whispered softly, before fading away, leaving her unable to grasp the source. The vaious thoughts in her mind scattered as an elderly lady shuffled out of the back of the room. Sharing a qustioning glance at her friends, Marie started to speak up.

“Uh, hello there. Me and my friends were wondering if-” She got cut off by the strong voice from the lady as she sat down in a plush arm chair.

“You want fourtunes,” The lady’s rough voice seemed out of place against her innocent appearance. “I will give you one question answered each, for no charge, after that though, you must pay.”

Marie glaced at Greg and Josh, nodding in agreement. “Alright,” Josh stepped forward first, “Will I get accepted into the collage I applied for?”

The tight lipped woman smirked and nodded, “Yes,” she confermed, “Your application will be accepted Monday.”

Next was Greg, who was less blunt about his question, “Am I going to have a good life?”

The woman shrugged, “You wont be any less happy then you are now.”

Last was Maire, though she hesitated slightly before asking, “When and how will I die?”

The woman raised a questioning eyebrow before responding, “You will die in a plane crash, six days before your seventy-third birthday. Be careful throught your young life child, don’t to anything risky.”

Marie scoffed and ignored the calm, annoying responce from the lady, she had nothing to worry about. After all, she was sixteen, and here to have fun, she wouldn’t have to worry until she was older. Though she nodded hesitantly and they left, climbing into their car and turning up the radio, with Marie in the backseat. John, who was driving, started singing along, taking his attention off of the road, not seeing the truck in front of them until it was too late.

A little over five decades later, the nurses helped load a seventy-two year old woman in a coma onto a plane, After a car crash when she was sixteen, her two frieds dying and her stuck in a coma, the docters through it would be fine to send her, by plane, to a larger care hospital, a gift for her seventy-third birthday that was only six days away.

The though echoed through Marie’s scrambled mind one last time. “There is someone rather annoying in your life that you need to listen to.”

  • Sam

    This would have been great if there was a little more detail. Keep up the good work though!