From as early as I could remember, I had this girl in my class. When we were kids, we use to say she looked like a zombie. The bags under her eyes were basically engraved there, not to mention her skin was a sickly pale. She would have a hard time focusing and seemed to be extremely paranoid of anything. It was always like this with her from 4th grade on. Her name was Alexis. She never spoke to anyone and when she did it was in a soft, near whisper. Nobody knew what was wrong with her. Once we reached middle school, Alexis began to get bullied by some classmates. They called her a zombie again, and even went as far as assuming she got beat by her parents. It never seemed to affect her though, she seemed to be too caught up in her own thoughts all the time.

It was our junior year of high school. Alexis hadn’t been at school for about 2 weeks. Some kids mocked her saying she probably killed herself or her parents beat her too bad. It was p*****g me off, Alexis was clearly just judged too quickly. The following day she came back and looked awful. She had a slash across her right cheek and she was shaking. Our home room teacher asked her what happened but the poor girl couldn’t even speak. She eventually spat out some words that told us she just got cut by her cat. Everyone brushed it off and went on with class. I suddenly felt a note being slid into my hands. I saw Alexis take her shaking arm back after. I raised an eyebrow and opened it,

“he’s watching me”

I looked over at her in confusion. I wrote back on the paper asking who. A note slid back to me again,

“If I tell you, he’ll be after you too. Please help me”

By this point I was ready to wave her off as a crazy lunatic like most of our school. Out of the corner of my eye I saw someone standing outside our classroom window. It was just a black figure with a white bird like mask. I blinked and it went away. I looked back at Alexis only to see her eyes were glued to where the thing was. She slowly turned back to me, tears in her eyes.

“Whatever you do, don’t let him in” she whispered aloud to me.

I was actually pretty scared at this point. What the hell was that? Did nobody else see it? I looked at Alexis for some type of answer only for the bell to ring, making me jump. I stopped her by her locker, demanding an explanation. She looked at me with sad eyes.

“If you say his name out loud he’ll find you” she said.

She got out a pen and notepad and wrote something down. I looked at it and foolishly whispered it to myself,


She seemed to panic and quickly slam her locker door and nearly run away from me.

“Alexis! What is this?!” I called going after her.

She began to cry as I chased her.

“You’re such a fool, Jack!” she shouted as we stood right beside the road.

“Who or what is this?!” I asked.

She looked behind me, her eyes going as wide as dinner plates. She pulled at her hair and began to hyperventilate.

“I can’t play this game anymore! Leave me alone! Stop screaming at me!” she whimpered.

She looked as a semi truck was barreling down the road. We made eye contact, my heart dropped as I realised what was about to happen. Alexis than jumped right in front of it, instantly being killed. Some of her blood flew and hit my cheek. I couldn’t move, I heard screams of other people, it became white noise.

Later that evening after talking to police about what happened, I decided it was best if I just tried to sleep. I was nearly asleep when my eyes shot open. I couldn’t move though, all I could do was look around my room. Suddenly, I felt a warm, heavy breath in my ear. Fear ran through my body. I felt a cold, sharp thing running down my neck, pain following. It all stopped randomly until I heard something terrifying whispered in my ear,

“Sadoeti was invited? Sadoeti wants to come in.”

I couldn’t move at all. Without any answer given, the thing growled harshly, started to violently shake me and began to scream in my ear,

“Let Sadoeti in! Let Sadoeti in!”

I began to cry until it all stopped. I was suddenly able to move again. I sat up in a cold sweat, tears streaming down my face. What was that. I felt my neck only to feel warm liquid. It was blood. After wrapping my neck, I rushed over and opened my laptop then searched up, Sadoeti. I went through endless Google search results until I found a certain page titled, “Sadoeti, your new best friend.” A best friend? That’s pretty far off. I clicked on the page and the website began to load. It was a black background with red and white font. There was a greeting page that read,

“Sadoeti! The only friend you’ll ever need! Let him in and you won’t sleep! Turn him away and he’ll be in your dreams! Say his name and he’ll appear, deny him entry, he’ll scream in your ear, Sadoeti will never leave or disappear, Sadoeti will always be near.”

My heart sank. What the hell is Sadoeti!? I went searched through the site and found another page titled, “I want him dead.” I clicked on it and saw a picture of myself. My heart sank. I read the caption it saying,

“He killed our best friend and won’t let us in, Sadoeti will be the end of him.”

I quickly clicked away and onto another extension to find a page called, “Want Sadoeti gone?” I quickly clicked on it. On that page was an explanation as to what Sadoeti was. Sadoeti was a nightmare demon released onto the physical level. He needs “best friends” so he can feed off their fear and pain then he kills the host. Why hadn’t Alexis died sooner then? I’m guessing she avoided Sadoeti for years until she caved and offed herself. I then saw instructions on how to banish him back to hell. I shook my head and slammed my laptop shut. This wasn’t happening, it wasn’t real, there’s no Goddamn way! I looked over at my mirror to see the same creature I did at school standing behind me. I quickly flicked my head around and saw nothing. I turned all the mirrors around. I couldn’t fall asleep again, not after all this. Too much has just happened.

It’s been three weeks since Alexis killed herself and three weeks since my torture with Sadoeti began. It started with the games of him putting me in sleep paralysis and screaming at me. It then went to showing up in all my mirrors to the point where I broke all of them. Sadoeti then began to cut me, scream at me nearly every hour of the day shouting,

“Let Sadoeti in! Let Sadoeti in!”

It was driving me insane! I couldn’t escape him, not in the dream world or real world. He was always there, screaming at me with his raspy voice. He would leave me alone sometimes. I knew he would be coming back when I heard the sadistic song he would whisper,

“Sadoeti comes to play, Sadoeti comes to stay, Sadoeti will never go away.”

I haven’t been sleeping at all. All he does is loom over me, demanding I let him in at all hours. What’s so bad about letting him in?

My parents began to worry about me once they saw me lash out and scream back at him, begging him to go away. They watched my mood drastically change. I was on edge all the time, snapping at everyone and everything. Sadoeti began to get joy from this. Each time I would explode on someone, he would stop yelling and chuckle, congratulating me. Those were the only times he would stop so I started doing it more. It got to the point where I got into a fight with my brother, nearly beating him bloody. Sadoeti left me alone for a near hour that night. I kept doing things like this, my parents growing very concerned.

Sadoeti asked me again to let him in one night. I couldn’t keep this up, if I let him in would he stop this torture? He grinned when I accepted. My mind didn’t feel right when he went into my body. I began to lose control of myself, as if I wasn’t my own person. I couldn’t move my own arms, Sadoeti could though. I watched him murder my parents and brother as they slept. I was trying to make him stop but he wouldn’t. He cackled as the blood sprayed on my face, me begging him to stop this. He then looked into the mirror of our bathroom after the horrendous acts. I saw myself but it wasn’t me. My eyes were black with golden irises. I watched him make me grin,

“Sadoeti is in, Sadoeti won’t stay. Sadoeti doesn’t like this body anyways.”

Fear ran though my body. I watched helplessly as he filled up the tub with cold water and went to grab the toaster. I tried to stop him but I couldn’t move! He was going to kill me! I can’t die! I don’t want to die! I began to sob violently as I saw what was to come. He sat me down in the bathtub and held the toaster above me before cackling at my cries. He dropped it. It was the most immense pain I’ve ever felt. The electricity surged through my body making me scream as it rattled my brain. I watched as Sadoeti left my body leaving me to die. The last glimpse I had of life had him grinning at me as he left me for dead.

A word of the wise from one beyond the grave, do not speak his name or he will find and torment you, and whatever you do, do not let him in.

  • Daniel Di Benedetto

    This was pretty good, it just seemed a little rushed. A little more detail and layering of significant events would make this story a lot more suspenseful. Good work, though.

    • Nightmare_fuel

      Thank you for the recommendation and I completely understand what you’re saying, I actually plan on making a rewrite of it sometime soon.

      • Daniel Di Benedetto

        Awesome! Looking forward to it

  • Kittenpuddin

    This pasta is one of my personal favorites now! I was actually reading this in my dark room (alone😭😅) and got creeped out. I won’t be saying that name anytime soon. Great job, very tasty pasta if I do say so. 5/5 stars from me.

    • Nightmare_fuel

      Thank you so much for reading!

      • Kittenpuddin

        That was MY pleasure. Thank you. Are you going to b or already have more great stories for me to read.m?

        • Nightmare_fuel

          Of course, more stories are in the works.