Andi Manson’s Disorder (Part 1)

AUTHOR’S NOTE/WARNING: Please DO NOT read this story if you have a WEAK STOMACH or do not like GORE, BLOOD, OR DISMEMBERED BODY PARTS.

If you didn’t expect gore or blood, then you, my sweet reader, you have come to the wrong place.

Have you ever had that one thought when watching a crime show about homicidal logic? I have, I’ve had multiple. But one that has bugged my the most is the thought of ‘When committing a crime, aren’t you also witnessing one?’

You can call me Andi, and I have a major story to tell.


“Andi!” My boyfriend yelled, bringing me back into reality. “What happened? You zoned out. Are you alright? You’ve been doing that a lot lately.” “Yeah. I’m perfectly fine, Ed. I’m just thinking about what happened last year.” I replied, looking back at him with a half-hearted smile.

“Andi. Are you really okay? Every time you think about that… you start freaking out.” Ed asked again, even more concerned than before. I giggled and focused my gaze back down to my booted feet as tears started dropping down to my toes. Ed saw and hugged my form the side, squeezing the life out of my shoulders. “Come here, lovely.”

You see, exactly one year ago, January 25, I was home alone. My only siblings and older brothers, James and Cash, we’re both ending college early and wanted to hang out with friends for the weekend and my parents are both doctors and we’re needed immediately. The only company I had we’re my two dogs, Sirius, named after the Harry Potter character, and Crimson. Both are black flat coated retrievers, with a bit of some brown, and incredibly wild and brave. And I loved Sirius, Crimson, James, and Cash with everything I had. My parents… well not so much for a certain reason, but that story can be saved for a different time.

But was very significant about January 25, 2013. It’s that day when Sirius, Crimson, Cash, and James all went missing and my parents were killed in a drive-by on their way home.

Let’s start off with Sirius and Crimson first.  They both started scratching at the back door, wanting to rough-house in the backyard. I smiled and decided to let them out and while they were at it I’d fix them something to eat. And I did just that. I left the back door open and starting getting the dog food and treats, along with both of their bowls, and set them on the outdoor countertop. I watched them play around as I fixed their meals.

I forgot my phone inside so I went back to get it because I wanted to show my brothers. When I came back, I was so lucky there was a trash bin next to the back door. The food bowls were knocked onto the stone ground of the back porch and the food made a scattered mess across the grass. Both Sirius’s and Crimson’s bandana were bloodied up and torn, one on the left side of the yard, the other on the right.

The thing that made me get sick was the puddles upon puddles of blood staining the beautiful, formerly green grass red. I saw lumps in the blood puddles. I breathed heavily as I slowly walked towards the blood puddle and picked up what the lump was and spit out stomach acid once again. It was a fuzzy black and brown ear.

I screamed and fell, crawling backwards back into the house and locking the door. I grabbed my phone out of my pocket with slightly blood-stained hands and dialed 9-1-1.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is part one of a 3+ part story, maybe if I get enough motivation, I’ll create a sequel. But, if you don’t like this story, I won’t continue it, and you just have to tell me what you do want, and I’ll do my best to give it to y’all.

Also, I do not hate dogs, I absolutely love them, I have three dogs actually and they are all so sweet and nice. Again I love dogs, but stories are stories, and that’s it. They can be used to expand the mind and create love towards topics. This was not meant to harm anything or anyone.

But that’s all I have to say so I will see you in the next thing I decide to write. Bye bye!


  • Qaim

    Good Effort. The story got me hooked as to what did that to the dogs. Please do longer parts.
    I think the structure of the story could be improved:
    You shouldn’t have given away that all of them are going to die in the start.
    Still a solid effort. Keep writing. Cheers!

  • Paulina

    Only thing I can think of are these;

    *bit more detail into the story
    *were not we’re

  • Willow Dark

    *gives motivation* and question: does anyone else see that there are multiple spaces when only one us needed in some areas? Like : Harry. Potter. Is it just me?

    • Sarlic

      It’s a formating thing so that the line covers up to both sides of the page, I think it’s called justify

  • Puddin Tane

    Try using spell check if you have it. I saw multiple spelling errors. You ended your first part rather quickly. Expand on it by giving a bit of back ground detail, maybe. Like about how you acquired the dogs, what made them so special. That sort of thing.