SCP: Your Fictional Favorite Character’s Shadow

Object class: contained/If uncontained: Keter

Possible Trigger warning: Mention of mental hospital

Do you want to hear a scary story?

This is a made up story and Urban Legend… COMPLETELY FICTIONAL… or is it? The public world may never know…

Title: Your Fictional Favorite Character’s Shadow

There was a man named Andy Fero who rushed himself to a mental hospital in a chilly night. He immediately went to the cashier. It was completely empty except for the person who checks the patients in who is also the cashier who is completely hooded with a thin black jacket and never spoke as he was checked in immediately writing down his full name as patient and reason that he believe he is delusional. He just shrugged after shivering as he felt something was wrong after the figure laughed yet he ignored it and looked at the waiting room behind him and saw a short curly haired thin coated woman who sat alone with another man who was cosplaying as a Star Wars canon version Grand Admiral Thrawn. He knew this, because he was a major Star Wars TV series fan.

He was tall and shaded sky blue. He had dull diamond shaped cheekbones. His eyes were of crimson and pupils of pink bordered red with a dark brown center in almond shaped eyes with thick short eyelashed eyelids up. Above it was a perfect parralell to the dully arched eyebrows and his thin heart-shaped lips of eletric blue. His dark blue hair was cropped and hairline was of a widow’s peak. He had a dull perfect triangle nose which is rectangular to the front which ran up and arched over the eyebrows as a high oval. his shoulders padded with gold. He seemed to cosplay a Star Wars Character in white jumpsuit-uniform with a white rectangle collar with a rewind, pause and a play button consecutively engraved upon it. He had Grand Admiral plaque on his upper left side. (Just look it up please)

All seemed on point. Seemed to be delusional too as it stated in the reason section… he claimed to be him.

“Why are you here?” The woman mused at him as he decided to sit by her as nobody-else was around and almost closed his eyes in fatigue. He winced, yet he looked at her politely. “I thought I saw somebody…” “Hmm…your favorite character?” “How did you know?” He asked completely unnerved. He just started talking to her! “There are times we want to meet our favorite character in many franchises or in any TV shows, movies, books, etc. if there is any in person. Yet sometimes we know we can never could…if it is fictional. It had became just pure fantasy if it is. The closet we can ever seeing the character in real life is another random person acting as one.” The woman said in a weary tone looking at him smiling. He nodded quickly looking to her now eager to get up as she is creeping him out.

“Wait…can I tell you an Urban Legend? And I promise to leave you alone.” “Make it quick!”


“This is the urban legend of the Your Fictional Favorite Character’s Shadow. In this story…you could never speak to your fictional favorite Character if they are serious and claimed to be it if you ever ask who they are, and it isn’t actually them but a figure who can shapeshift into disguises to kidnap or kill new victims in a series of three steps. Luckily this is only a one time encounter if you survive. For example the man right next to me. Pretend he is the figure in disguise of any common character who eyes lay upon it…since people lay upon it one at a time and searches for victims in non-crowded areas…as your favorite character to your eyes.

The first step, the bystander. At this point the figure is just a bystander. You can ask Jim questions and talk to him at this point and leave him there surviving the encounter unless you ask who he is. This brings it to the next step.

The second step, the targetting. After you ask who he is after he approaches you silently. He follows you if you go anywhere without speaking. When he claims he is the character without lying after you ask him and making sure he didn’t by closely examining everything. Look at his eyes and test him. Or if his eyes laughs it isn’t obviously true. Yet if all is sincere run for it. If you don’t carry on your business or stay silent and speak to him or you say anythingelse other than asking who he is. You are doomed to be kidnapped or die by the figure in the following time you go to sleep after it’s eyes turned completely black and vanishes.

In the final step, the determination. The figure will be in a different disguise now in what you consider normal to see in the place you are sleeping and count his victims to see what number you will be and write it down if he luckily forgets on the small white square blank piece of paper. It gives you the opportunity to run if you aren’t a deep sleeper and remain away from that room for at least a couple of minutes as he knows how to count quickly. He will look down at the paper if he didn’t silently yet you are lucky if you are in the bathroom or anywhere-else but your place you sleep at as he looks down and asks a question if you ever spoke to your favorite character before.

You will get kidnapped if asleep and keep you for his own gain and add a number up with a pencil in roman numerals under the pillow symbol. If you are awake ask him an overflowing amount of questions, confuse him, cry, or stay silent and he will leave you alone and if someone arrives in luck. If you say a firm yes and say it is wonderful or anything firmly yes. He will kill you and it looked like you just died in your sleep. Then add a number up with a pencil once again yet this time under the skull. If you run away he will find you again.

In this case. A woman made the same fatal mistake. She spoke to him and laughed as it was a joke as he approached her to sit by her in the park. He looked at her dead in the eyes. It turned black and cursed her. Then it vanished into thin air. She then assumed it was just her imagination and walked home down a couple of blocks to sleep. Yet she disappeared as a black silhouette lurked above her and she was a deep sleeper. She never was found ever again.

Rumor has it… if a person was ever kidnapped… the favorite Character will spawn as the shadow as they are used as bait to lure people to their doom. They are forced to… for the rest of their lives.


“Haha. This isn’t real. Even though the same happened to me. Instead that I am COMPLETELY delusional.”

“The cashier didn’t ask for your ID and reason?” She asked. “No… why?” “He is supposed to if he wrote your name down without asking and the exact reason too without explanation.”

“What do you mean?” “Just run out of here.” “Why?” “The cashier…is the kidnapper of the lady! He is waiting to target you as soon as you go to sleep!” “Really? You should also be a patient here. At least I am COMPLETELY sane in the sense that I know what I saw isn’t true. Who is the lady?” “I am the lady. Grand Admiral Thrawn is my favorite fictional character.”

The man’s eye widened in horror. Then he laughed not believing as the woman shrugged and said it was his grave.

He fell asleep. He then woke up hearing a deep counting starting from 100 that was the figure. He then ran the hell out of there immediately not knowing how many victims he got already and does not want to find out. He never looked back as he drove away.

He called the SCP by dialing its number. He always had laughed at his friends faces when they read creepypastas as he only do it to watch their terrified faces. SCP stories were his favorite as it was ‘realistic’. Yet now…he believes in the paranormal like his friends do. He will also never laugh at their faces again.

He lured it to a local baseball stadium for weapons as asked knowing that it will catch up to him… yet somehow knew its weakness for wood as a person screamed and threw a bat at it during baseball practice and knocked it out since it was LITERALLY her favorite fictional character standing right there and looked like the EXACT ANIME character not in costume. She ran away and lost it, never encountering it ever again.

Later… later the SPC somehow contained him using throwing a wooden-bat to hit its back-head while the man was caught up yet overflowed it with overwhelming questions. It’s prisoners were freed as it was transported into a wooden container unconscious. Labelling it CONTAINED/KETER. He widened his eyes… he just survived one of the most dangerous types of entities that ever roamed the world… a Keter.

(Pure wood and live organisms is its weakness. Powerless in wooden containers and surrounded by only live organisms. Anything combined with that neutralizes the barrier to its powers. Can’t speak any other form than the character form which sounds exactly like the character… only writes in numbers and morse-code. It ironically does not think in neither numbers or morse-code if it can communicate. People who does not have a fictional favorite character will never encounter it.)

/Extremely spiteful entity. It will mark anyone who causes it to be contained in its hitlist for death skipping all steps to that point. They write their names under the skull in morse-code. It remarks anyone no matter what who led to the cause of its capture for death also skipping all steps. If the person was already marked, it will kill the person skipping the remaining steps to a certain doom./

{Holds extreme gratitude for who leads up to its freedom. Spares it’s life from its hit-list entirely and owes the person a debt of any major question being answered if it can solve it. The question will be answered without being on Bystander mode.}

It kills by giving the victim Cardiac Arrest immediately or captures it by touching its victims in its hands while it decides what to do.

The kidnapped victim would be followed by the favorite character for the rest of their lives while luring victims as baits.