Satan’s Valley

It was September 21st, and that was the day when I heard about this haunted valley called ‘Satan’s Valley’. The rumors were that whoever used to visit the Satan’s Valley, they would have either disappeared or come back without any legs, eyes, hands, etc.

So, as a paranormal lover since my childhood I decided to give the valley a visit with my two friends named Jake and Zack. From what I could say that Jake was the scaredy-cat whilst Zack was just like me. We were waiting for dusk to fall so that we could begin our adventure.

Finally, after waiting for hours it was finally night-time and the time was 12 A.M. We drove to the valley and we were finally there! After some hours of journey the time was exactly 2 A.M and the valley was very dark, but thank god we brought our torch lights.

We entered the valley and just as we entered we heard a strange sound! We looked back and no one was there. Jake as usual was really really scared, he could barely talk. The valley had dead trees, no water sources and no living things. But, the only thing I had in my mind was to continue the journey until we find proof that the Satan’s valley was really haunted, my friend Zack was doing all the video recording.

After walking for hours, we see this strange woman lying on the ground with a rock in her hand, full of blood. She had no legs, no hands and the head was terribly squashed  up. We went there and saw the message written on the ground, it said, “Help me, before they eat me.”.

I and my friends wondered what did she mean by they? The more steps we were taking, the more we were feeling sick because of the disgusting smell that was there since we entered the valley.

As we were walking, we heard some  noises. So, we decided to check it out and what we saw was the most disgusting thing ever! A woman was tied up and the people were ripping her hands and legs and eating it really raw! They looked like tribal people to us or were they cannibals? It really confused us. But our friend Jake as usual was so scared that he made a loud sound and those people looked at us.

We got really freaked out, we ran as fast as we could and finally we came near a dried up river. My friend Zach was going to look at the river for some water, but what he found out was human dead bodies, half eaten! He came to me, he couldn’t even talk he was really freaked out.

We decided to leave the valley as it was getting really dangerous, but as we were walking we noticed that 3-4 people were following us. They came out of nowhere and tried to attack us; we ran as fast as we could and the worst part was that I saw my friend Jake getting his body ripped apart by a weird-looking creature and my friend Zach getting his head bashed up for like 5-6 times. I however managed to take the video camera and I managed to escape.

It was a really sad moment for me, they were my best friends and I had lots of questions in my mind, were they cannibals? were they some special kind of mutants? were they aliens? were they some kind of demons? It really confused me.

I watched the video till the end, and what I saw at the end really frightened me out. One of the creature was pointing exactly at me with a sign board and a message written on it, which said, “We will come for you.”

I managed to escape, but the only thing is that I don’t know if I will be alive or not because they will definitely come for me. At least I will get to meet my friends either in Heaven or Hell, who knows?

  • Samson Horne

    Honestly way too basic, not very descriptive, ends abruptly….. sorry buddy keep practicing

  • Creeper

    Honestly it was poorly written. There were grammatical mistakes and the story was rushed up. It’s a good story overall,but the mistakes are ruining it.

  • Stephanie Reynolds

    I love the concept. Very original, in my opinion. I do agree that you need to slow down, add more detail, and try not to repeat phrases a lot, like, “my friend Zach as usual was really freaked out.” Overall decent job, please keep practicing!

  • Simon

    Crappy writing and structure aside, how did that strange woman have a rock in her hand when she didn’t have hands?