Creepypasta Uprising – Part 1: The Slenderman’s Son

You may not believe me but I am the son of the one and only slender man. My name you ask? Well my name is Zack. sounds harmless right? Wrong. I killed my first man at the age of 18, but before I get to that I will tell you about my younger days. I was born in slender woods a just a day before my mother was brutally murdered by a mob.

My father was the only one that could protect me until I was old enough to protect myself. By the time I was 17 my father told me about how my mother was murdered. As soon as I heard this I wanted revenge. That very next day I was taught how to move my arms and legs at my own will.

Now I can get to my first kill. It was on a cold Friday night when a young man I am going to say was at least 20 wandered into our woods and I was the first to see him so I swiftly came up behind him. He didn’t hear me so I tapped his shoulder and as soon as he turned around I vanished behind him, and as soon as he turned back around I jabbed him with my out stretched limbs. I aimed for his head and his it came off without a drop of blood. I noticed that he was wearing nice clothes so I put them on. The shirt was a plain tank top, with a blue plaid shirt to go over and some baggy jeans.

My dad saw what I did and said I was ready to take on the world. The very next day I went out of the woods for the first time. The first things I saw was the roads, the people, and the cars. I slowly walked out and instantly I saw a flier that didn’t look to good. I t said that there was wanted man. His name was Jeff the killer. I thought about what it was that he did, so I went to the nearest library and went to the computer and typed in the name.

What came up was interesting: teenager named Jeff was going to a friend’s birthday party with his younger brother when they were attacked by a group of bullies, but Jeff manages to defend himself and hurts the bullies badly leaving them lying on the street beaten up and with their arms and hands broken. After this incident, Jeff realized he enjoyed it and liked to harm people, went insane, and the next night he cut off a part of his face in the shape of a smile, as well as his eyelids so that he will never sleep. After that he murdered his parents and brother to the latter he whispered “Go to sleep” while murdering him and now he is a serial killer who sneaks into houses at night and whispers “go to sleep” before murdering his victims.

I thought about it for a while and said to myself, “I could use him to help me get revenge on all the people who killed my mother. So I ended up thinking what if I could form a group of murderers and psychopaths. So I looked up for some more and the names, and the info I got well I rather just say the names. Here they are: my own father Slenderman, and a couple named Jeff Jane the killer. That is when I logged off and left to start my hunt to find some new friends…

To be continued…

  • Cooper Us

    part 2 soon dear

  • Joseph Quinn

    part 2 will be as soon as I type out the rest of another Creepypasta I am calling Traparks Death Island I am Creepy arze by the way

  • VBlackitty

    Really interesting

  • Zoe Zombie

    I don’t understand the story at all plz explain