Have you ever wondered what happens when you sleep? Many people have recorded themselves sleeping. But where do you go when you are dreaming? Are you going to a different universe? A different timeline? Maybe even our true reality. What if reality was not what we thought? I am here to tell you about an encounter I had while I was “Dreaming”. I was familiar with Creepypasta, I was actually a big fan of them… was.

One night while I was asleep, I woke up, but not in my bed… not even in a house. I was in the middle of a forest. I knew I was awake, but didn’t know if I was in one of those dreams where you continuously wake up. I decided to get up and look around but I couldn’t. It was pitch black and I didn’t know if I was alone. All I could see where the trees.

I got up and want to find some help. I decided to pick up some leafs, sticks, and pebbles to keep track of where I went. I continued to walk for what felt like forever when I heard a voice.

“Follow the Papers.”

At this point I had no idea what to do. I looked down at the pages and they all seemed like the Slender Pages. I followed them. After a bit, I came across a Blinding light, and then I woke up. Then I heard this:

“Is this what you think it is? Is this the reality you actually live in?”

At this point I woke up again. But I didn’t want to believe that I was awake. I got up from the bed and looked around. It all looked normal but when I went to turn on the TV, it went to static and I heard this:

“Do you actually believe you are awake?”

I jumped as I didn’t expect it.

“W-Who are you?” I asked. “Hello…?” There was a long pause. I decided to go to the back yard and there is where it started. When I was about to open the back yard doors, I heard voices. I couldn’t make out what they where saying but knew they where chanting something. I looked out the curtain and I saw a whole cult surrounding a dead animal. It looked like they where sacrificing the poor animal. I didn’t get to see what it looked like because one of them turned around quickly. Sense I didn’t expect it, I froze, and then I woke up again.

Now I couldn’t believe if I was awake or asleep. This time I ran to the bathroom and splashed water on my face, but when I looked in the mirror I saw just pure black. I jumped back not expecting it to be like that. I ran to the back yard and stopped. There was blood everywhere. It was all in some sort of… pattern. Then, there was the light again.

I woke up again and did what ever I could to make sure I am awake… and so far I am! That is how I ended up here telling you this story. I don’t know what caused this to happen, but if you can find out or had this happen to you, please tell me. I should head to bed now.

“How do you know… that you are not asleep?”

  • Kissy

    Great story!

  • Koopicoolest

    Never mention the word creepypasta in a creepypasta. It’s an unspoken rule I think. The story is… ok though. You dont need to explain why you are scared every time. We know it isnt normal that a mirror is pitch black, ect.