Raven’s Music Box: Make A Deal

“Once we make this deal, there is no going back. Once you want to forget, you mustn’t remember and mustn’t break the rule!” Raven spoke as she sat in front of the mother who started to weep. She held the picture of her son tightly, then nodded slowly. Her black eye was just a new edition to the other marks left behind from the boy’s father.

“When the boy is in the better place, no one will remember him, and you and his father will no longer be together. But again you must forget your son! Which means don’t talk to him, don’t interact with him, just act like he’s not even there. I will be his only friend. His father already doesn’t want him, so it’s up to you. Can you follow this simple rule?” Raven asked the mother looked up at the strange woman. The crow that remained quiet this long ruffled its feathers and made a small sound.

“Yes… If it means my baby boy doesn’t get hit anymore, I’ll forget him…” The mother whimpered. Raven closed her eyes then looked at the crow with a small nod. “Rook if you would be so kind.” The crow jumped off the chair and hopped over to the mother. It takes the picture from her hand then hops back to Raven. She takes the picture from its mouth. “What’s his name and how old?” She asked.

“His name is Kyle. He’s nine.” The mother said. Raven closed her eyes again, sighing before grinning. “You just made yourself a deal. Poor little Kyle has a new friend. BUT again don’t interact with him or severe consequences will be paid!” The mother stood up as Raven turned she picked up the music box. “And another thing before you go, my music isn’t for your ears, it’s just for your son. If you or the boy’s father play it,” Raven smiled at the mother, “your souls will be joining the others that are trapped inside this box!”

As the mother left Raven held the music box up and smirked. “She won’t forget, they never forget. Even if it means saving their own child’s life, come along Rook. We have a new friend to meet.” Raven giggled and turned the metal handle it begins to play the haunting melody which was mixed with the cries of children.

The crow took the box in its talons and flew high into the night sky letting out a loud caw.