Sunday Dinner

I counted all the way to 10, with the children it would be a full 13. Everyone was there, and now I felt so nervous. Some looked tidier than others but I could tell everyone was hungry for some of my famous grilled steak.

As music played in the background I cut my way through the meat and smothered it with my secret sauce which I had of course prepared beforehand.

Everyone watched in awe as I skillfully cut, seasoned and then lay the meat on the grill piece by piece, some even gasped in amazement, while others blankly stared as if hypnotized by the smell and beauty of such a fine-cut.

It had taken a while but the meat was about to be ready. As I waited, I sipped on some red wine which I had attempted to share, yet most guests seemed to straight-up ignore me. I guess they must be religious. This wine was no source of envy anyway.

It was easy to tell everyone was hungry as they now stared at me wide-eyed ready for the grand finale. Quiet guests as they were, I could certainly feel some pleasure fill the room as I now served each person and threw the scraps and leftovers from the cuts into the fire to fill the air with a pleasing scent

Now to eat!

Ceremonious as they were, my guests waited for me to take the very first bite, and I wanted the moment to be perfect.

The music, the taste, the friendship we all shared, the memories… Memories?

As I was about to sink my teeth into the tender steak I felt as if something was very wrong. The music had stopped, and I could only count 12 guests now. I felt nauseous with unease. tried to figure out what was wrong, but I couldn’t quite pinpoint it. Not at all. There was nothing out of the ordinary here… was there?

My thoughts were interrupted by loud knocking and screaming outside. I was freaked out now, everyone kept staring at me silently and the food had been left untouched, and now someone outside was more than determined to come inside.

The door was knocked down and various men barged in and pinned me to the ground and attempted to bind me.

I kicked one as hard as I could and tried to fend off the others. They were all armed.

I had heard of bandits, rapists, and even a raving lunatic in the region but I’d never expected a close encounter like this.

I fought and flailed desperately but they had me in a headlock. I managed to slam back against the wall knocking the breath out of the bandit holding me but another one landed a hit right in the back of my head and as I heard a loud crack caused by the hit I knew I was done for.

My life flashed before my eyes, but it was blurry and incomprehensible. I began to notice many strange things. I couldn’t remember the last time I had spoken to my family, the last time I kissed my wife, or even how I met any of the guests at this dinner.

I now had my head rested on the ground and I could see them directly. They all seemed… different.

Lifeless. Some were missing limbs even.

My vision slowly faded. I was bombarded with regret and a myriad of other emotions as sanity slowly returned to me. I couldn’t defend them. This was how I would repay them all.

I’m sorry…

So… So sorry…



The home of serial killer, Dean Whitmoore aka “Killer Chef” was discovered on Sunday, 26th of may 2019.

Along with the murderer himself, various corpses, one of which had been butchered, were found inside the living room next to large fire.

As he struggled against the police, Dean received a concussion which in turn caused his death as later confirmed by the forensic department.

Dean Whitmoore had 24 confirmed kills from 2015 – 2019 the latter of which had been the very same man who had brutally slaughtered Dean’s wife and children on the 15th of December, of the year 2014. Most of his victims were strangled to death.

Dean Withmoore died at age 31 on Sunday, at approximately 6:30 PM.

  • The Great Corrupter

    Great job.

  • Justin Gamble

    that’s f****d up, I like it

  • Justme410

    Nice twist!!! Great story!!

  • tevan

    So,the host was the killer? nice ending

  • Brandon Barrett

    The ending could’ve been predicted but the story was meh