PSA Short Story

I sat on my couch, watching television and texting my girlfriend at the same time. She texted me a winky face. I texted back a heart. I continued watching TV until the screen went fuzzy and displayed an error message. I texted, “My TV is broken, so I have nothing better to do than text you ;)” She responded, “Same here.” Suddenly, the TV went to a man. I tried to change the channel, but nothing happened. I couldn’t even turn the TV off. The man started to talk.

“Hello. If you are watching this, you are in danger. Do not go outside.”

I texted my girlfriend, “This is creepy. Do you see a strange man on your TV?” She responded, “Yes. I’m coming over. I don’t want to be alone.” I texted back, “He told us not to go outside!” She texted back, “I Don’t Care.”

The man started talking again. “If you are wondering why this PSA is here, there has been a strange gas released in the area. Close all vents, windows, and doors immediately. The gas has a strange chemical inside. The chemical can do very dangerous things to the human body. Time will appear to slow down, sound will get distorted, and hallucinations are very common.”

I was scared. These symptoms were starting to happen to me! I texted my girlfriend “Where are you!? Are you okay?” No response. I heard loud banging on my door. I ran into my bathroom to hide, bringing a butcher knife with me for defense. I heard the TV in the distance.

“As your senses get more distorted, you will fill with fear.” The door opened. I threw the butcher knife, then blacked out. In the morning I woke, in a pool of blood, my dead girlfriend on the ground with a butcher knife in her throat, and a text. It was from my girlfriend. “I’m here!”

  • Cali_Katrice

    It was a good story, but it is sad at the end…

  • Puddin Tane

    Too rushed.

  • J

    Gotta agree it seemed very rushed. Great concept, could use some refinement, and throw some literary devices in there so its not just super straight foward. Build tension a bit more.

  • Adam Warlock

    You know oddly enough this story had the same effect on me as the gas had on the people in the story.