Patchwork Origins 3: Bad Obsession

Patchwork Origins 3: Bad Obsession

“Sometimes, the worst nightmares are when you are awake

“You can talk to the driver when you two are sitting as he drives, but never ever talk to the bus driver.”

That was the last thing my mother told me before she’s deceased by the Slenderman. Riding in a bus at the front. I confronted at the bus driver and told him that we passed the next bus stop but he was silent, driving, and no one else even bothered to support me here. I talked to him for the 5th time and he slowly faced me at the second then at the 2nd second he faced me quickly and his neck snapped as he hisses at me.

I woke up screaming… it was just a nightmare, it’s 12:00 Midnight and it was the exact same time as I had the same nightmare when I was young when I still had my parents alive.

“At the moment when I nearly stopped crying, I felt a presence in my bedroom, where is it? At the wall, the closet? No, I see a creature that I cannot even understand what it looks like for me to explain it. It was at the pitchblack corner, staring at me. As soon as the lights were opened by my parents hearing me screaming it was gone…”

“Do you wanna see?”

It was at the time when Patchwork decided to go to school to stable his social sanity or else he’ll end up being lonely. With his stitches on his cheeks across his mouth he covered it with a facemask. At the moment of the first day of school, Patchwork doesn’t remember his name so he had to make up his own he named himself Patchy Feaster. Although Feaster is what he remember.

Days passed, so do weeks. He top the class with his supreme intelligence and superiority he became the star of the school, he even got famous until someone asked about his facemask, he said that there was an accident that happened to him that gave a scar so he had to hide it, surely his new friends understand so they just ignored the mask. Patchwork had this mask over his mouth everyday in every second of school.

The girls admired him and had crushes on him on the times he walk pass by the girls they try to call him but he just ignores them just like a famous celebrity would, he even had one paparazzi from the Newspaper club.

Patchy was kind to everyone, was good to the people around him as a savior and a people pleaser but he just did this to hide his true nature. He never wanted to do this, he just wanted to have a social interaction everyday in case he might go crazily wild in the head and f***s him up with mental breakdowns.

Patchy is the ultimate psychopath, he can control himself very well along with society and school works. He thought that doing this will stabilize his sanity but it doesn’t, his mask of sanity is slowly breaking and there’s no way fixing it. Being in society just makes him more insane than he already is. So he became very aloof with people around him in school.

People were wondering why after a month in school that he is silent and not as hysterically standing out as usual. He just became silent.

The days passed and also weeks when he noticed this girl in school which was the appearance of a gothic emo. Her aura is extremely dark. Patchy went to her when she tripped while holding her books as the books fell. Everyone around her laughed at her then he got mad because bullying is something he doesn’t want to feel for everyone like her. He can already see she’s suffering and people are making it worse. Patchwork went to them and took off his facemask and did an intimidating growl to show his scars and they ran away. But the surely the girl didn’t see the scar and he had to put his facemask back on. Patchy asked if the girl is okay and she says that she is fine when obviously she’s not. Patchwork gave kindness to her by helping get her books and get up.

A few days passed and this is the day when he felt someone watching him. He looked around because of the eerie feeling but no one was watching him. Everywhere he goes, the store, the forest, the cemetery, in his house, the coffee shop… he is always having the feeling of being stalked or watched or followed…

He had to make this right so he went to the forest to reveal the creature for good and eliminate it.

“Alright, you finally scared me, but not anymore! Come out I know you’re there.” He exclaimed by holding his knife

Someone came out of the darkness and it was… the gothic emo girl from before.

Patchwork was once nice to her now she’s obsessed with him. Because no one ever in her life was nice to her except for her.


  • Daniel Di Benedetto

    It’s written terribly and the main character is a Gary Stu.